Month: November 2009

Adwords Tracking Helps You Make More Money

We’ve been talking about AdWords Tracking for a while now: it’s important, it’s not hard to do, and best of all, it will help you make money with AdWords.

I asked Matt: How does tracking help you make more money?

Matt Levenhagen

It helps me make money in every way! It helps me make profitable decisions!

It has a tremendous impact on cost savings and also in terms of expanding profits through learning from that information, adding more keywords, modifying how keywords are targeted and more.

This is a decision based business: you can’t just put something up and hope it succeeds on its own power. Only in the testing stage are we really in the dark. Over time, you focus on what’s working in your account and track things in more and more detail. So it’s a process that expands as your campaign ages and grows.

You have to become intimate with each keyword term that is contributing to your bottom line, learn everything you can about it and mold its influence.

Not tracking at all is like throwing money out the window. You might as well pull out a stack of $100 bills, go out on the sidewalk, set the bills on the sidewalk and walk away. Because that is the level of impact not taking tracking serious can have.

Beyond learning how to choose and target quality merchants, keywords and how to build campaigns that Google loves, tracking is just as important for the long term health of your account and the ability to make more and more profits.

It can mean the difference between losing money and making big profits.

If you are looking for step-by-step help for your Adwords campaigns, and want to make profitable decisions, Matt’s Campaign Blasts will do that for you and more. There are so many success stories at Matt’s forum, you can’t help but be inspired!

Free Niche Research: Healthy Eating

free niche research

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day with your family.

Since the holidays bring with them lots of great food, many will be soon looking for healthy eating tips, so what better time to start a site on the subject?

Today’s niche is Healthy Eating and in order to be ready for the New Year time, when people start to think about getting back in shape, you need to get started now.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords(from the Google keyword tool)

healthy eating diets $2.31

healthy eating websites $2.30

healthy eating plans $2.24

healthy eating weight loss $2.23

healthy eating dieting $2.03

healthy eating programs $1.98

healthy eating diet $1.82

healthy eating and dieting $1.71

healthy eating program $1.68

healthy eating $1.60

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords(all phrases are exact matches in Google)

healthy eating 40,500

eat healthy 9,900

how to eat healthy 5,400

healthy eating plan 4,400

healthy eating habits 3,600

healthy eating tips 3,600

healthy eating for kids 2,400

healthy eating recipes 2,400

nutrition healthy eating 1,900

healthy eating pyramid 1,600

healthy eating diets 1,300


There are a lot of websites where you can research healthy eating, but please make sure you cross check to make sure your information is sound. This is one niche you really don’t want to give bad information.

You can also research at the library, magazines, and even the nutrition section of hospitals websites.

Possible Affiliate Programs has a lot of books about healthy eating listed, as well as healthy cooking, nutrition, healthy cookbooks etc.

Menu Planning Central is another option. Christine’s been running this program for a while, and she has a healthy menu option, as well as a healthy shopping list.

Monetization Suggestions

As always, AdSense is an option.

Or, you can create an authority site: you can’t really ever run out of information for this niche.

Here are some domains available now for this niche: gets 3600 exact searches a month. gets 1300 exact searches a month. & .org are available: gets 1000 exact searches a month & .org  are available: 720 exact searches/month. & .org  are available: 720 exact searches/month.

Do you have a niche you’d like me to research and post here? I’m here to help. And if you enjoy my free niche research every Friday, please let others know.

Thank you.

Google Adwords Tracking – Keyword Level

keyword level tracking

Continuing with the Google AdWords tracking series, today we’ll talk about keyword level tracking.

Check out the other  AdWords tracking posts:

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Now here’s Matt’s take on keyword tracking:

Matt Levenhagen

To me, this is the most important tracking area.  This is where you can have dramatic affects on your bottom line. One keyword if neglected can soak you for a lot of costs if you aren’t careful.  And one specific keyword could boost your profits tremendously overall if you know it exists and you determine it’s responsible for bringing in the sales. Knowing that information will allow you to make profitable decisions about it.

The most important thing for someone to get down pat when they get started with Adwords is learning how to gather detailed tracking information about each keyword. This becomes even more important with broad and phrase match.

The way broad and phrase match are served is they can be added to and modified depending on the search environment. So what you see in the interface is only part of the story. You MUST use tools to determine exactly how they were modified, exactly what was actually plugged into the search by the visitor so you can make better decisions.

By knowing exactly what was searched, you can use that information to add negative keywords to the mix and also to find more ideas for phrases to test in Adwords.

Also, on this level you do need to consider some of the Campaign Level stuff like geographical considerations and what networks and search sources each keyword is successful on.

Make sure to check out Matt’s Adwords training forum for more detailed information regarding your AdWords campaigns.

Google Adwords Tracking – Ad Group Level

A few days ago, Matt Levenhagen  talked about Adwords Campaign level tracking and today he is following up with Ad Group level tracking.

What is an Ad Group, anyway?

Each Campaign is broken into what’s called Ad Groups.  They contain common keywords that you group together.

On an Ad Group level you create and manage your ads, default bids, you’ll be able to do bulk changes for that group and more.

As far as what you need to track on this level, the most important things you’ll track are clicks, impressions, conversions, costs and overall CTR of that batch of keywords.

All these stats you can see listed when you go inside the campaign in your Adwords interface and they can also be downloaded into the “Adwords Editor” to manage.

AdWords Editor is a free Google application for managing your ad campaigns. Use it to download your account, update your campaigns with powerful editing tools, then upload your changes to AdWords.

Your Ad Group stats provide a bird’s eye view of each keyword grouping and can help you direct your efforts and make profitable decisions as to where to spend your time or to help you determine what needs to be managed on that level.

The Ad Group is what you might call an “early warning system”.  If there are sales coming from it or you see some sort of actionable stat like a spike in clicks, from there you drill down to keyword level inside that Ad Group to really get a deeper understanding what you need to do with each individual keyword.

You can lean a lot more from Matt and his methods from the campaign blasts forum.

start building your AdWords business today!

Free Niche Research: Grand Piano

Today’s niche is Grand Piano: a little more competitive, but oh, so worth it! I’ll explain later how you can really find success with this niche.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords(from the Google keyword tool)

grand piano repair $6.95

grand piano parts $4.70

grand piano lamps $3.56

grand piano rental $2.60

grand piano bench $2.43

grand piano lamp $2.22

Steinway grand pianos $1.83

Wurlitzer baby grand piano $1.82

Steinway grand piano $1.80

baby grand pianos for sale $1.78

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords(all phrases are exact matches in Google)

grand piano 40,500

baby grand piano 18,100

grand pianos 5,400

Steinway grand piano 5,400

Yamaha grand piano 5,400

baby grand pianos 3,600

digital grand piano 2,400

Kawai grand piano 1,900

Yamaha baby grand piano 1,900

square grand piano 1,600

Steinway baby grand piano 1,300 (this is so good, I had to include  it, so you get a bonus)


You can learn about pianos from their own sites, from,, etc.

Here are some public domain books about pianos that may be useful:

Piano Tuning – A Simple and Accurate Method for Amateurs

How the Piano Came to Be

Possible Affiliate Programs has many foam grand pianos listed, as well as piano music, piano benches, piano books, piano sheet music etc. has lots of piano and piano accessories, and a 5% – 10% commission, depending on number of sales you make. offers 7% commission.

Monetization Suggestions

This niche has huge AdSense payouts on some of the keywords, so there are lots of opportunities if you like writing and don’t mind doing some research, or have a good ghostwriter.

Or, you can create mini niche sites revolving around the different piano types.

Here are some examples that don’t have copyright issues:, .net & .org are all available: gets 1300 exact searches a month., .net & .org are all available: gets 880 exact searches a month., .net & .org are all available: gets 1300 exact searches a month (lower price point, but probably a lot easier to sell) & .org  are available: 1600 exact searches/month. & .org  are available: 1300 exact searches/month., .net & .org are all available: gets 720 exact searches a month.

The above are very targeted domain names, and you probably need only a few pages for these sites. Visitors coming to these types of sites already know what they want to buy.

Let me know if you have any questions. And if you enjoy my free niche research every Friday, please let others know. There is a tweet button below.

Thank you.

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