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I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day with your family.

Since the holidays bring with them lots of great food, many will be soon looking for healthy eating tips, so what better time to start a site on the subject?

Today’s niche is Healthy Eating and in order to be ready for the New Year time, when people start to think about getting back in shape, you need to get started now.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords(from the Google keyword tool)

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Top 10 Most Searched Keywords(all phrases are exact matches in Google)

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healthy eating diets 1,300


There are a lot of websites where you can research healthy eating, but please make sure you cross check to make sure your information is sound. This is one niche you really don’t want to give bad information.

You can also research at the library, magazines, and even the nutrition section of hospitals websites.

Possible Affiliate Programs has a lot of books about healthy eating listed, as well as healthy cooking, nutrition, healthy cookbooks etc.

Menu Planning Central is another option. Christine’s been running this program for a while, and she has a healthy menu option, as well as a healthy shopping list.

Monetization Suggestions

As always, AdSense is an option.

Or, you can create an authority site: you can’t really ever run out of information for this niche.

Here are some domains available now for this niche: gets 3600 exact searches a month. gets 1300 exact searches a month. & .org are available: gets 1000 exact searches a month & .orgĀ  are available: 720 exact searches/month. & .orgĀ  are available: 720 exact searches/month.

Do you have a niche you’d like me to research and post here? I’m here to help. And if you enjoy my free niche research every Friday, please let others know.

Thank you.

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