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Continuing with the Google AdWords tracking series, today we’ll talk about keyword level tracking.

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Now here’s Matt’s take on keyword tracking:

Matt Levenhagen

To me, this is the most important tracking area.  This is where you can have dramatic affects on your bottom line. One keyword if neglected can soak you for a lot of costs if you aren’t careful.  And one specific keyword could boost your profits tremendously overall if you know it exists and you determine it’s responsible for bringing in the sales. Knowing that information will allow you to make profitable decisions about it.

The most important thing for someone to get down pat when they get started with Adwords is learning how to gather detailed tracking information about each keyword. This becomes even more important with broad and phrase match.

The way broad and phrase match are served is they can be added to and modified depending on the search environment. So what you see in the interface is only part of the story. You MUST use tools to determine exactly how they were modified, exactly what was actually plugged into the search by the visitor so you can make better decisions.

By knowing exactly what was searched, you can use that information to add negative keywords to the mix and also to find more ideas for phrases to test in Adwords.

Also, on this level you do need to consider some of the Campaign Level stuff like geographical considerations and what networks and search sources each keyword is successful on.

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