A few days ago, Matt Levenhagen  talked about Adwords Campaign level tracking and today he is following up with Ad Group level tracking.

What is an Ad Group, anyway?

Each Campaign is broken into what’s called Ad Groups.  They contain common keywords that you group together.

On an Ad Group level you create and manage your ads, default bids, you’ll be able to do bulk changes for that group and more.

As far as what you need to track on this level, the most important things you’ll track are clicks, impressions, conversions, costs and overall CTR of that batch of keywords.

All these stats you can see listed when you go inside the campaign in your Adwords interface and they can also be downloaded into the “Adwords Editor” to manage.

AdWords Editor is a free Google application for managing your ad campaigns. Use it to download your account, update your campaigns with powerful editing tools, then upload your changes to AdWords.

Your Ad Group stats provide a bird’s eye view of each keyword grouping and can help you direct your efforts and make profitable decisions as to where to spend your time or to help you determine what needs to be managed on that level.

The Ad Group is what you might call an “early warning system”.  If there are sales coming from it or you see some sort of actionable stat like a spike in clicks, from there you drill down to keyword level inside that Ad Group to really get a deeper understanding what you need to do with each individual keyword.

You can lean a lot more from Matt and his methods from the campaign blasts forum.

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  1. Once you marry the cost details of Adwords, with the income details of your campaigns you can get a great look at how your business is doing.

    Couple that with Graphs so that you can see the trends and you really have something.

    Great info as always.


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