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How to Use Facebook to Promote A Business

Facebook is growing rapidly and boasts millions of users with several millions new users each week. This makes it a ripe opportunity to use it to boost your business. Today you’ll learn how to use Facebook to promote a business.

How to Use Facebook to Promote A Business

The first step to promote your business with Facebook is to create a business profile. Facebook offers you the ability to separate your personal and professional social networking activities and offers a number of settings, which you can adjust to meet your needs.

To set your privacy settings, visit

How to Use Facebook to Promote A Business

Before you start promoting your business, make sure you figure out who your audience is. Spending time to promote your business to the wrong audience will backfire.

I recently took Rachel’s Facebook Growth Strategies Course and revived one of my pages I let go last year. I started with almost 8000 likes, and no engagement, and after 6 weeks, I have over 13000 likes and a very engaged audience (lots of of likes, shares and comments on all my posts)

Some of the things I learned:

  • figure out who my audience is
  • ways to target that audience
  • how often to post on my page for maximum effect
  • the value of a viral post and how to create one
  • how larger pages can benefit me, even if they  aren’t directly promoting my page
  • schedule posts ahead of time in an organized fashion and recycle posts that did well (this will change your life!!)
  • how to use Facebook ads to grow my page without losing my shirt

Want to explode your Facebook page? Rachel is reopening this course on March 6th for 3 short days. Get on the waiting list here, and get her course as soon as it opens.

How To Use Facebook Applications For Your Business

Facebook offers a number of applications including creating and joining groups. Adding and joining groups is another way to connect with a very specific target audience. If, for example, you are a dog trainer and your market are new dog owners, you could create a group for puppy owners and share helpful tips, links and information with them.

The group function allows you to also see the groups your friends and associates are participating in so you can make the decision about whether or not it’s a group you too want to participate in.

There are a large number of applications and with Facebook continually growing new applications will be added every day.

Applications to consider include:

Twitter – Allows you to publish your Twitter posts on Facebook.

BlogNetwork – This application is a great way to publicize your blog and gain new followers.

Advertising – Facebook allows you to advertise on their site and to also sell ad space on your profile/fan pages.

Facebook Pages – A Facebook Page is a public profile that makes it possible for you to essentially create a business profile page right on the site. You can share products, sell ad space and market to your audience.

You can also invite people to like your page (you’ll learn a really new trick in Rachel’s course 😉) . Each person who liked your page  is now someone you can market to directly by sending them promotions, information, downloads and so on – much like you would an opt-in list.

Want to see some proof? Take a peek at these case studies for Rachel’s course. Some of them will blow your mind!

Mobile Facebook – allows you to use Facebook from your mobile phone. Great for sending on the fly messages but also good to remember that many people use this feature on their mobile phone and you can market to them specifically.

Facebook is an active, thriving and growing community and it’s not just for teenagers anymore. In fact, middle-aged men and women are one of the largest growing communities online and they’re a lucrative audience.

The Facebook Era: Tapping Online Social Networks to Build Better Products, Reach New Audiences, and Sell More StuffThe Facebook Era: Tapping Online Social Networks to Build Better Products, Reach New Audiences, and Sell More StuffFacebook Marketing: An Hour a DayFacebook Marketing: An Hour a Day

how to grow your facebook business page

Social Media For Beginners

Learn how to use social media for beginnersWhether you started a blog to promote your real estate business, restaurant or flower shop, one thing is clear: Social media is a key ingredient in your overall marketing efforts. As outlined on countless blogs and sites, social media plays a big role in “search” and in being found online.

In other words we no longer can do one without the other. They both go hand in hand. So let’s take a look at a few social media for beginners tips to help you use social media as part of your overall blog marketing arsenal.

5 Social Media Tips for Beginners

1. Integrate Social Media From The Beginning

Don’t wait till you’ve become established and popular. Add social media to your blog from day one. You never know who will be listening or who might pick up an interest in your site and want to connect with you via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Plus. So we consider it a smart move on your behalf to include social media on your blog right away from day one.

2. Make Your Content Easy To Share

There are lots of plugins, add-ons and widgets that allow you to place Google Plus, Twitter or Facebook on your blog. However some work better than others and some are more streamlined than others. Find the tool that works best for you and your specific blog design, colors, size and so on. Also it might be best not too add to many buttons and widgets, as a reader might get confused on which one to use. Make it easy: the easier the better. Never underestimate the power of EASY.

3. Use It Yourself

Are you an active user of one (or more) of the social networks? We understand that each one is time consuming and therefore you might not be able to contribute regularly to each. In this case, it might be necessary to “cherry pick” and decide which one you prefer and will become an active member of. Whichever one you choose, go for it – at full throttle.

Need help with Facebook? This quick and easy to read report will give you the facts.

4. Keep Up With Changes

Another constant in social media is the myriad of changes that take place. Facebook alone is known for their constant upgrades and changes. This can be hard to manage and or keep up with, however no one wants to be “behind the ball”. So in this case, one thing you can do is to subscribe to the various blogs and sites that keep up with the changes for you. Mashable comes to mind, they usually report on the various changes from the big three in social media.

5. If You Don’t Have Time, Outsource Social Media

If you simply do not have the time to incorporate social media for your blog at this time. Then it might be necessary to outsource the task. Look in the various job boards that have job listings in social media such as the Problogger Job Board. This one only charges $50 for a listing that last 30 days. A good deal since this is a job board visited daily by web professionals who are experienced and savvy with social media.

Using a blog today to promote a business has become commonplace and for good reason. It works. When used correctly and strategically it can bring you traffic, sales, clients, prospects, leads, etc. When combined with social media it can bring about untold wonders.

Guest article written by Missy Diaz who works for various clients including a website builder tool on the web.

Social media for beginners

How To Gain Pinterest Followers Case Study

How To Gain Pinterest Followers

I had a personal Pinterest account for a few years, but never really used it for anything: just added a few things here and there for fun. A couple years ago, there was discussion about traffic from Pinterest in one of the FB groups I belong to, and I was intrigued. So, when I started a new niche site earlier this year, I decided I had to learn how to gain Pinterest followers.

Why gain more Pinterest followers? Here’s the reason: this is my site’s traffic form Pinterest in its first 6 months of existence.

Want to see what Pinterest can do for you? This is traffic my niche site received from Pinterest in the first 6 months of its existence.

Here’s a bit of my Pinterest story, so you see where I’m coming from.

I started this Pinterest account on May 9, knowing almost nothing about Pinterest. Ten weeks later, I passed 1000 followers, and 2.5 months later I reached 3000. Here’s me asking questions and sharing victories in a private FB group.


here's when I opened my pinterest accont

2 months after opening my account

How To Use Pinterest For Business Marketing

Since I knew absolutely nothing about how to use Pinterest for business, I decided learn from someone who knew what they were doing. I have no idea how I came across it, but I bought Pinaffiliate Masterclass (probably heard about it in a FB group! These groups are very helpful for small business owners like me), which worked great for me, since I am an affiliate marketer. This course showed me step by step how to set up my Pinterest account, and how to use it to grow my business, rather than wonder aimlessly in internet land looking for free information.

With the course, I received access to a private Facebook group too, and it proved to be very helpful to a Pinterest newbie like me.

Want to grow your Pinterest following faster? This course helped me get where I am today!

How to Set Up a Pinterest Account

Getting started on Pinterest is not hard at all. Since we are talking about Pinterest for business, I suggest you start a business account: all you need to do is go to and follow the prompts: enter your email address and a password, then go on to set up your account. Here are a few important settings you need to know about:

  • take time to write a compelling “about you” on your profile. Make sure it’s clear what you’ll be pinning about. Don’t be too wordy here: there isn’t a lot of room, so you need to be concise and convincing.
  • verify your site
  • enable rich pins: this one step makes a world of difference in visibility and click through (see examples below)
  • keep your pins specific to your niche. It’s a lot easier to attract followers in your niche if they know exactly what they are getting. My personal account, which includes pins in several niches is still very small: it’s a lot harder to grow a diverse niche account.

This is how a rich pin looks compared to a non-rich pin

Choosing Your Pinterest Board Names

Once you set up your profile, it’s time to add some boards. I set up a different board for each of the categories on my blog. Create a board that will include only pins leading to your site. I didn’t know to do this in the beginning, but learned about it later.

While choosing  a name for your Pinterest boards, think of a way to say what the board is about in as few words as possible. Make sure you include keywords and phrases your audience is searching for.

Again, create a well thought out board description that includes search terms your target audience is looking for. you have a bit more room here, so use up the space to really drive home the theme of your board.

Pin at least 5 images to each board to begin with: no one likes to look at an empty board.

How To Get Pinterest Followers

Now that you have your boards set up, you’re ready to start using Pinterest to grow your business. At first, it will be slow, but as you create more pins fore your site, and find amazing pins from fellow business owners, you’ll get into a routine and things will get easier.

Many wonder how to get Pinterest followers fast, some even looking where they can buy Pinterest followers. I suggest you stay away from these types of practices, and just keep pinning great content regularly.

Here are a few things I did to get Pinterest followers fast:

  • I re-pinned wildly popular pins: ones with thousands of re-pins and hearts.
  • before re-pinning anything, I actually took the time to click through to the site and make sure the link wasn’t broken.
  • in the beginning, I’d pin about 10 to 15 pins in the morning, and then again as I remembered throughout the day
  • I requested to be added to group boards. I believe this was one of the best actions I took to grow my Pinterest following. In the beginning, it was hard to get accepted, because of the low number of followers. but once I hit 1000 followers, it became much easier. See below for my method to find group boards 😉
  • I signed up with Board Booster, which helped my pinning consistency without sitting in front of the computer all day long. This was a game changer. The Pinaffiliate Masterclass Course had a great bonus of 2000 free pin schedules in Board Booster. It’s now more than 6 months later, and I still have about 500 to use.

How To Find Pinterest Group Boards

Many will tell you to go to and search for boards in your niche. I tried that and unfortunately, I didn’t find many boards in my niche. So, I had to find alternative ways.

I first looked for Facebook groups related to Pinterest. I joined a good number of them (probably a dozen or so). In these groups, you can either respond to someone offering inclusion in their group boards, or you can create your own post requesting invites form others who have groups boards. This yielded a good number of group board invitations for me: somewhere around 15.

Once you are part of several group boards, your pins will get a lot larger audience, and will get shared more.

Later on, I found another way to look for group boards: I looked up other bloggers in my niche and checked out all their group boards. This was again very good for me, as I found several really good boards this way. Each board has rules you MUST obey, if you want to participate: make sure you read the rules and don’t do anything that will jeopardize your participation.

Some group boards will, have clear instructions how to request to be added, while others don’t. I usually don’t let that deter me form trying. I go to their website, find a contact link, l introduce myself and request to be added. Not many people try this, so my chances are pretty good.

Here’s how you’ll know it’s a group board: see the circle on the bottom left of the image? It tells you it’s a group board.

how to know a group board on Pinterest

How To Start a Pinterest Group Board

how to add collaborators to Pinterest group boardStarting your own Pinterest group board is good for your account: you can invite fellow bloggers, and their followers will then see your pins posted to that group board. You’ll need to create rules for your group board  and keep an eye out for spammers and inappropriate pins.

To create your own group board, all you need to do is click on the plus sign next to your profile picture on that board you’re trying to make a group board, and there you can invite people to your board. you need to know their Pinterest address, or their Pinterest profile name.

How I Create My Pinterest Images

I use Canva to pretty up my images. I add my seal on the bottom left of every image I create for Pinterest (for branding purposes), and use 2 specific fonts I chose to represent my site. Canva is very easy to use and it has templates you can use to crate images fast.

Elements Of a Good Pinterest Imagepinterest image with wrong file name

  • the image is taller than wider
  • it uses some type of branding (it can be specific colors, fonts, your URL, or a seal like I have)
  • use bright colors
  • when uploading images to your post, make sure to write an interesting description of the image, a compelling reason for others to want to learn more about your subject. The description you use for your images shows up as the description of your pin (see image to the right for how bad it will look)
  • your image file name is a keywords rather than numbers or nonsense you get from your camera

Make sure you create a specific image for pinterest. If your theme doesn’t allow for a long image in your post (because it doesn’t look good), add it to the bottom of your post and then hide it with this code: <div style=”display: none;”> image info </div> (use this code in the “text” area of your blog, not the “visual”). I do this for my site.

Many times I’s love to pin an interesting blog post, but there’s no pinnable image, so I don’t, and they miss out on some free promotion.

Make It Easy For Visitors To Pin Your Images

Your site visitors will help you grow your pinterest reach if you let them. Add some way for them to easily pin your images. I use SumoMe and I’m happy with it.

I have several pins that others pinned from my site which went viral. One day in June, about 6 weeks after starting my site and Pinterest account, I had a pin that took off and sent me about 1700 visits in one day, and the next morning, by the time I woke up, I already had 1000 visits to my site. You have no idea how good that felt for a new site.

A Few Last Suggestions

  • create more than one pinnable image for each post: one might do better than the other. Even if you don’t do it initially, periodically recreate your images for pinterest: change the photo, the text, the font, create a new concept for the same theme, etc.
  • remember to be consistent
  • don’t only pin your content: be generous with other’s content, as long as it’s quality.
  • if a pin takes off, create a similar pin
  • Get Board Booster: you won’t believe how much it will help your growth!
  • take a paid course: it will give you actionable steps and it will make you work harder. I loved the Pinaffiliate Masterclass Course

I hope you know a bit more about how to gain Pinterest followers quickly. I’d love to hear YOUR story! And I’m here if you have questions.

Want more Pinterest followers? Find out how I went from 0 to 3000+ followers on Pinterest in just 5 months!

Twitter Language

140 Characters: A Style Guide for the Short Form140 Characters: A Style Guide for the Short FormDo you have trouble understanding Twitter? Whether you want to use it for marketing or social purposes, you still have to understand the language. Here is a list of the more popular terms to get you up to date.

TweetYour 140-character or less message. This is the backbone of the site.

Twitterism – Any word that is only used by the Twitter community. They are generally formed by putting the letters TW before a basic word, like Twaffic in place of traffic.

Twitterjacking – Where people hack other twitter accounts and pretend to be that person. Celebrities are particularly vulnerable to this.

Twitterer – Any user of the site. Also called Tweeple on occasion.

Twitterverse – The whole society of people who use the site. This includes both those using it for business and those just using it for social reasons. Also sometimes called the Twitosphere.

Twittersona – Someone’s Twitter persona.

Retweeting – Alerting those following you to another person’s tweet. You are basically quoting that person’s tweet and re-posting it on your account. Just make sure it’s clear you didn’t originate it. You must add RT at the beginning and then provide the user name of whoever you are quoting. For instance, if you are quoting LynnTerry, you would say RT @LynnTerry and then the message. If you don’t format it this way, you are actually claiming their tweet as your own. This is a violation of Twitter policies, and could get you in serious trouble.

Followfriday – This is where you provide the user names of people that your followers should follow themselves. You don’t necessarily have to include a reason. You format it #FF @the user name of whoever you are suggesting.

Twaffic – All the visitors you get from using Twitter.

Tweekend – When you devote an entire day of the weekend to using the site.

De-Follow – When you stop following someone. It’s a play of the standard “de-friend” term used by most social sites.

Hashtag – Tagging a specific tweet by placing the hash prior to the tag. For instance, you would put #pgatour if you were talking about the PGA Tour.

Mistweet – When you send one of your messages to someone you didn’t intend to.

Tweeps – Used to describe people following you that you also interact with on other social sites.

There are many more terms to learn, and this just gives you a rundown of the essentials. You will discover the rest as you start using the site more regularly.

Twitter can be a very effective marketing platform for your business. Did I miss any? Please post any other twitterisms you are familiar with in the comments.

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