We’ve been talking about AdWords Tracking for a while now: it’s important, it’s not hard to do, and best of all, it will help you make money with AdWords.

I asked Matt: How does tracking help you make more money?

Matt Levenhagen

It helps me make money in every way! It helps me make profitable decisions!

It has a tremendous impact on cost savings and also in terms of expanding profits through learning from that information, adding more keywords, modifying how keywords are targeted and more.

This is a decision based business: you can’t just put something up and hope it succeeds on its own power. Only in the testing stage are we really in the dark. Over time, you focus on what’s working in your account and track things in more and more detail. So it’s a process that expands as your campaign ages and grows.

You have to become intimate with each keyword term that is contributing to your bottom line, learn everything you can about it and mold its influence.

Not tracking at all is like throwing money out the window. You might as well pull out a stack of $100 bills, go out on the sidewalk, set the bills on the sidewalk and walk away. Because that is the level of impact not taking tracking serious can have.

Beyond learning how to choose and target quality merchants, keywords and how to build campaigns that Google loves, tracking is just as important for the long term health of your account and the ability to make more and more profits.

It can mean the difference between losing money and making big profits.

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