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Free Niche Research: Charcoal Grills

I hope you are enjoying this Labor Day with your family. Since one of the most popular ways to celebrate Labor Day is to host or attend a cookout, I thought I’d research grills today. And even better, I am going to dig a little deeper and check out the searches and competition for charcoal grills. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords (from the Google keyword tool)

discount charcoal grills $8.16

large charcoal grills $8.12

meco charcoal grill $8.06

portable charcoal grill $6.96

cajun charcoal grill $6.32

charcoal barbeque grill $5.92

patio classic charcoal grill $5.84

outdoor charcoal grill $5.79

charcoal grill cooking $5.66

patio charcoal grill $5.16

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords (all phrases are exact matches in Google)

charcoal grill 135,000

charcoal grills 110,000

weber charcoal grill 27,100

charcoal barbecue grill 8,100

portable charcoal grill 6,600

charcoal grill smoker 4,400

best charcoal grill 2,900

charcoal grilling 2,900

stainless steel charcoal grill 2,900

charcoal bbq grills 2,400


Check out “grilling forums” or “bbq forums” and you’ll find a wealth of information. Of course, you can always use your own experience, or that of family members or friends.

Possible Affiliate Programs

Amazon has lot and lots of charcoal grills, many of them with hundreds of very positive reviews/testimonials: works wonders for potential buyers.

Monetization Suggestions

Adsense pays really well in this niche, so if you like writing, go for it.

But don’t forget to create some product page reviews, IPK style.

Also, I encourage you to create a list for grilling fans: there are a lot of searches for grilling: tips, recipes, etc.

Here are some .com domains available for this niche now:

Here are some .org domains available:

And some .net ones:

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Free Niche Research: Loft Beds

Today I’ll tackle the Loft Bed niche: somewhat continuing my decorating theme form last week, when I research Window Treatments.  I have a feeling that this is an untapped niche: let’s see!

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords (from the Google keyword tool)

powell loft beds $3.29

dorm loft beds $2.65

queen size loft beds $2.12

student loft beds $2.12

cheap loft bed $2.06

cheap kids loft beds $1.92

queen loft beds $1.75

student loft bunk bed $1.73

metal loft beds $1.72

loft bed furniture $1.63


loft beds for sale $1.63

low loft beds $1.62

full size loft beds $1.61

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords (all phrases are exact matches in Google)

loft beds 165,000

loft bed 135,100

bunk loft beds 33,100

loft bed with desk 14,800

kids loft beds 9,900

loft bed plans 9,900

full loft bed 8,100

full size loft bed 8,100

loft beds with desk 8,100

loft bunk beds 8,100


twin loft bed 8,100

loft beds for girls 4,400

loft beds for kids 4,400


This niche doesn’t really need a resource other than the manufacturer’s description for the different types of loft beds you’ll be promoting.

Possible Affiliate Programs

Amazon has several loft beds: loft beds for kids, loft beds for kids, loft bed with desk, loft bed with slide, loft bed frame, and they even have loft bed plans for those who love doing it themselves.

Monetization Suggestions

While Adsense is not bad, I am not sure there is a lot of information to be written about this niche. But you can create an e-commerce type site with affiliate links to the different types of loft beds.

Here are some .com domains available for this niche now:

Here are some .org domains available:

And some .net ones:

Free Niche Research: Motorcycle Helmets

free niche research

I have an ulterior motive for doing today’s niche research: I have a site I built on a whim, and don’t care to continue with it. I’d like to sell it, so I am offering some insights into the niche to see if I may interest you.

Since we are in full summer, and the weather has been perfect for cycling, Motorcycle Helmets are a must for biking enthusiasts.

Let’s see if this niche appeals to you!

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords (from the Google keyword tool)

nolan motorcycle helmets $2.75

afx motorcycle helmet $1.77

harley motorcycle helmet $1.68

icon motorcycle helmets $1.65

kbc motorcycle helmet $162

full face motorcycle helmet $1.52

simpson motorcycle helmet $1.51

discount motorcycle helmets $1.47

closeout motorcycle helmets $1.41

motorcycle helmet headsets $1.40


motorcycle racing helmets $1.37

cheap motorcycle helmet $1.34

hjc motorcycle helmets $1.31

motorcycle helmet speakers $1.25

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords (all phrases are exact matches in Google)

motorcycle helmet 165,000

motorcycle helmets 135,000

full face motorcycle helmet 12,100

vintage motorcycle helmet 9,900

pink motorcycle helmet 8,1000

german motorcycle helmet 6,600

helmets motorcycle 6,600

custom motorcycle helmets 5,400

cheap motorcycle helmets 4,400

full face motorcycle helmets 4,400


motorcycle helmet speakers 4,400

motorcycle helmets for sale 4,400

womens motorcycle helmets 3,600

modular motorcycle helmet 3,600


Bikers are very passionate about their motorcycles. Sign up to some of the bikers forums, and become active. You can also subscribe to some bikers magazines to see what’s new and/or popular, and of course, if you are a biker yourself or have friends who own a motorcycle, that’s even better.

Possible Affiliate Programs

Amazon has all types of helmets, as well a motorcycle accessories, like: motorcycle jackets, motorcycle boots, motorcycle gloves, carrying racks and more. CJ has several merchants selling motorcycle helmets as well: Zappos,,, and more.

Monetization Suggestions

Ebay ads work really well in this niche. AdSense will probably do well also.

But, I’d say the best way to make money off of this niche is to build a list and offer not only the latest advice on safety, but also be the first to let them know when some new gizmo for bikers becomes available. Be their go-to friend.

Here are some .com domains available for this niche now:

Here are some .org domains available:

And some .net ones:

Now if you want an already created site, you are in luck. I have a site related to motorcycle helmets I’d like to sell. I built it a couple of years ago to try a theory, but I have absolutely no interest in the niche. It’s been neglected, never built links to it, I post to it when I remember, and it still getting visitors and making some money (from EBay, so if you want this site you’ll either need to be an eBay affilaite, or change the site completely).

Here are some screen-shots of income:

Income From EBay in 2009

As you see, it made $146.58 in 2009.

Incoem from Ebay in 2010

The income this year is down a little, as I haven’t really done anything with the site: $55.13, but there is still time since we are only 2/3 through the year.

Here are screen shots of traffic:

2009 Traffic
2010 traffic

I also have e twitter account associated with this site (448 followers), and every time I post it gets posted to twitter.

And I have 2 articles ready to post to EZA or any other article directories you want (I just never got around to do it)

Is this your cup of tea? If you are interested contact me with an offer.

If you have questions, feel free to ask below in the comment section.

Free Niche Research: Log Homes

free niche research

Let’s do a more competitive niche today: while it’s usually more work to rank , it’s also more likely to be very profitable.

I choose Log Homes for our research today: let’s get right to it and see how we can profit form this niche!

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords (from the Google keyword tool)
suwannee river log homes $4.90log home insurance $4.89log home magazines $3.93luxury log homes $3.21

log home restoration $2.35

log home maintenance $2.17

neville log homes $2.13

log homes illustrated $2.06

log home construction $1.99

stonemill log homes $1.95

luxurious log homes $1.91

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords (all phrases are exact matches in Google)

log homes 27,100

log cabin homes 14,800

log home 8,100

log home builder 8,100

log home kits 8,100

log home plans 8,100

modular log homes 4,400

log homes for sale 3,600

pictures of log homes 2,900

log home floor plans 2,400

luxury log homes 1,900


Many resources are available for this niche: your local builder, a friend/relative who build a log home, specialty magazines, forums, etc.
Build Your Own Low-Cost Log Home (Garden Way Publishing Classic)Build Your Own Low-Cost Log Home (Garden Way Publishing Classic)
Possible Affiliate Programs has books, tools, plans, and more for the log home niche.

You can also find some ebooks at Clickbank.

Monetization Suggestions

AdSense payout is amazing! If you enjoy writing, you can make very good money.

Of course, don’t neglect your product pages, where you can sell books, tools, magazines, plans and more.

You can also build a list: people who build a log home are usually very passionate about the subject, and always looking for a way to make their home better.

Here are some domains available for this niche now: ==> 2,900 exact searches a month ==>Excellent opportunity! Easy to crate site, find pictures of log home and and update regularly: you can even invite people to submit their own log homes.  People looking for pictures of log homes are probably thinking about building or buying a log home, and there is your opportunity to get them on your list and send them pertinent information. Of course, you can have special pages for log home plans, log home kits, etc.

Here are some .org domains available:

And some .net ones:

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Free Niche Research: Golf Club Sets

free niche research

This week I decided to do some research on one of the hottest markets (I have a list of about 50), and since the weather is so nice, and I live close to a golf course, I decided to go for one of the golf niches: Golf Club Sets.

Let’s dig in!

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords(from the Google keyword tool)left hand golf club sets $1.60

hybrid golf club sets $1.48

lady golf club sets $1.28

callaway golf club sets $1.27

golf club sets callaway $1.27

iron golf club sets $1.27

kids golf club sets $1.19

graphite golf club sets $1.19

ladies golf club sets $1.18

adams golf club sets $1.17


men golf club sets $1.15

left handed golf club sets $1.14

junior golf club set $1.14

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords(all phrases are exact matches in Google)golf club sets 90,500

golf club set 30,100

mens golf club sets 6,600

golf clubs set 4,400

golf clubs sets 4,400

used golf club sets 4,400

ladies golf club sets 2,900

complete golf club sets 2,400

womens golf club sets 2,400


junior golf club set 1,900

ladies golf club set 1,300

junior golf club sets 1,000


There are lots of resources for this niche: industry magazines, forums, PLR articles and more.

Possible Affiliate Programs has many products for this niche: golf club sets for women, golf club sets for men, junior golf club sets , left handed golf club sets, Callaway golf club sets and so much more…

Remember to search & for affiliate programs as well.

Monetization Suggestions

I am very surprised AdSense payouts are not higher, but that’s OK. you can use it occasionally on your information pages, and keep it off your product pages.

Clickbank has lots of ebooks in this niche: do your due diligence and make sure the ebooks have accurate info, and the landing pages don’t have leaks that could cost you commissions.

Build a list! This niche is excellent for list building, and if you send them top notch information, your list will grow to depend on your for tips. Of course, once you build rapport with your list you can occasionally suggest new products, or old favorite ones. The possibilities are endless.

Here are some domains available for this niche now: with 90,500 exact searches monthly WOW!

CompleteGolfClubSets .biz gets 2,400 exact searches a month. &  each getting 4,400 exact searches a month. & .info, with 1,900 exact searches monthly, .org & biz, with 1,900 exact searches monthly with 1,300 exact searches and with 2,900 exact searches a month. & .info, getting 6,600 exact searches each month., with 4,400 exact searches. & .biz with 2,400 exact searches monthly.

WOW! Lots of opportunities! Grab one of these avaiable domains and go to work: it’s a profitable, evergreen niche.

If you need deeper keyword research for this, or any other niche, give me a shout: I’d love to help.

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