Free Niche Research Friday: Foam Insulation

It’s time for another free niche research, and I had a hard time choosing which one to do: I have so many niches I’d like to share with you!

Today’s niche is Foam Insulation.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords(from the Google keyword tool)

spray foam insulation machine $3.56

spray foam insulation equipment $3.31

residential spray foam insulation $3.11

spray foam house insulation $3.02

foam foil insulation $2.99

spray foam roof insulation $2.86

foam attic insulation $2.79

foam roofing insulation $2.74

spray foam insulation kits $2.68

foam insulation companies $2.65

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords(all phrases are exact matches in Google)

spray foam insulation 27,100

foam insulation 18,100

spray foam insulation kits 4,400

rigid foam insulation 2,900

styrofoam insulation 2,900

foam board insulation 2,400

foam pipe insulation 2,400

closed cell foam insulation 1,900

polyurethane foam insulation 1,900

expanding foam insulation 1,600


There aren’t a lot of easily accessible resources about foam insulation, which makes it all the better if you put just a little effort into it. go to the library and borrow some books, or just buy a couple from

You can also look up

Or, you can find some construction contractors to interview.

Possible Affiliate Programs has many foam insulation products, as well as instruction books, equipments, etc. has several suitable products

Monetization Suggestions

This niche has some pretty high AdSense payouts, so you could create a general information site, where you include all types of foam insulation. Add some videos for those who,like to see what they learn, and you have the makings of a great niche site.

You can also create mini niche sites revolving around the long tail key phrases that abound in this niche.

For example Spray Foam Insulation gets 27,000 exact searches a month

* spray foam insulation kits 4,400 ( is available)

* spray foam insulation contractor 1,000 ( is available)

* spray on foam insulation 720

* do it yourself spray foam insulation 590

* spray foam insulation equipment 590 ( and are available)

Questions? Suggestions? I’m all ears. Good luck if you decide to gt into this niche: it’s ripe for the taking.

Please spread the word about Free Niche Friday Research. Thank you.

Make Money with AdWords – How to Get Started

Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords: How to Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes (Ultimate Series)Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords: How to Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes (Ultimate Series)Have you lost money trying to make money with AdWords? I did! And not just a little money, but a lot of money. I’ve probably made every mistake in the book, but I eventually figured it out and recouped what I lost and made a lot more in the process.

As you probably know, there are a number of different pay per click networks out there. But the most well known is Google’s Adwords: simply because the amount of traffic Google gets pretty much guarantees your ability to make money with Adwords.

It’s not quite as easy as just sticking up an ad and watching the money roll in: you have to carefully select what you’ll be promoting. Along with making sure the page you’re sending traffic too has a decent quality score and you’re not blowing your budget.

What Should You Sell to Make Money With Adwords?

When deciding what to promote many find it easy to just select products with a high payout, thinking that you need less sales to make a good income. But, many times you can get a larger volume of sales for lower priced products, making it possible to be wildly profitable.

So price shouldn’t be your only consideration: you should also take into account what the products sales page looks like, how popular an item is, how many others are promoting it, etc.

In a hurry? Check out these Adwords books: you can learn all you need to know in no time!

Your Landing Page is Important in Making Money with AdWords

The first thing you want to do is decide if the sales page is any good. Does the copy make you want o buy, does it trigger any emotions in you? Is it nicely formatted?

Next you want to check for any leaks which are any links that when clicked you won’t get paid. So things like AdSense, links to other sites, affiliate links for other products, etc.

AdWords Quality Score

Google uses a system called a quality score and if you want to make money with Adwords then you need to pay close attention to this. As a high quality score means a lower cost per click and that your ad will show up in a higher position. Of course if you’re sending traffic directly to the merchant then you have very little control over the quality score. To ensure a high quality score you want to make sure your keywords are as targeted as possible and if the page your sending traffic to isn’t that good then create your own landing page.

Make Money With Adwords Instead of Overspending!

make money with adwords

One of the dangers you’ll face when trying to make money with Google AdWords is overspending. As Google is the biggest search engine and thus gets the most traffic, you can go to bed, wake up the next morning and find thousands of clicks on your ad. Which isn’t a bad thing if your ad is targeted and you’re making sales, but when your campaign is new and you’re still testing it you can easily end up spending a few hundred dollars while only making ten or twenty. So you want to set yourself a budget to avoid this.

Start with whatever you’re comfortable losing, and as you find your profitable keywords, you can increase your budget, while cutting your unprofitable keywords.

Tracking Will Help You Save Money

One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting to use AdWords to make money is just throwing a campaign out there, and hoping to make money. Sometimes, they do make some money, but never know which keyword or key phrase made them that sale. And so, they continue to pay for keywords that are losers, instead of concentrating on the profitable ones.

Still need help?  These Adwords books are full of actionable tips!


There are any number of people who make money with Adwords but there are also many people who lose money with Adwords. If you want to be a member of the first group then you need to carefully select which products you promote. Making sure not just to go for products with high commissions and checking the sales page has no leaks, Along with keeping your quality score as high as possible. Even if that means going to the effort of creating your own landing page. Lastly especially when testing new ads you’ll want to keep an eye on the budget.

Free Niche Research Friday

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of niche research, and LOVE doing  it! Unfortunately, I can’t go into every niche I come across: I’d rather get into niches that at least interest me.

So, why let all those niches I came across go to waste, when I can share them and help someone? So  from now on, every Friday I’ll post research for a new niche.

My research will include several things:

– top 10 high paying keywords for those who intend to create AdSense sites

– top 10 most searched keywords

– hot ideas for that specific niche

– resources for that niche

– possible affiliate programs

– monetization suggestions

Today’s niche is Sciatic Nerve. Let’s get started.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywordssciatic nerve surgery $3.13

pinched sciatica nerve $2.92

sciatic nerve pain treatment $2.53

treatment for sciatic nerve $2.34

sciatic nerve treatment $2.12

sciatica nerve treatment $1.96

sciatica nerve pain $1.83

sciatica nerve damage $1.78

pinched sciatic nerve $1.73

sciatic nerve pain relief #1.56

Top 10 Most Searched Keywordssciatic nerve 49,500

sciatic nerve pain 27,100

sciatic nerve treatment 6,600

siatic nerve 5,400 (misspelling of the main keyword)

sciatic nerve exercises 3,600

sciatic nerve pain relief 2,900

sciatica nerve 2,400

sciatic nerve relief 1,900

pinched sciatic nerve 1,600

exercises for sciatic nerve 1,300

Hot Ideas

– create a review site, where you review books about sciatic nerve health,  equipment that will help relive sciatic pain, alternative treatment information, etc.

– add videos about sciatic pain relief, exercises for maintaining a good back etc.

– add an affiliate store with shoes, equipment, etc. that promote a healthy back


YouTube for videos

Possible Affiliate Programs

ClickBank has several offers you could promote: following are just a few examples that have no leaks and look promising.

Lose the Back Pain System has several books about the subject, as well as exercise equipment

Monetization Suggestions

As mentioned above, you can monetize your site with AdSense, affiliate links to products (or CJ or SAS for that matter), Clickbank offers, and of course, if you are willing to put the effort into it, you could create your own product to offer your audience (think JV with local chiropractors, and creating a video product, an ebook, or a report that you give away to your visitors to capture their information for your list): lots of opportunities!


At the time of this posting these domains are available (they all have a good number of searches for the respective phrase):,,

sciaticnervepaincure (.com, .net., .org) are all available

sciaticnervetreatments (.com, .net., .org) are all available

Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions, and if you end up using this research, I’d love to hear about it.

Is Your Hard Drive an Information Cemetery?

information cemetery

As I am slowly getting rid of distractions, removing myself from newsletters I never read, deleting files that I acquired years ago and are no longer pertinent to my business model, I realize my computer has become an information cemetery. No wonder I have a hard time finding what I need.

I’ve been an information pack-rat: saving this, adding that, making plans for this other offer, etc. In the end, all this saving of information had done was to derail me from my original plan.

So, today, I unsubscribed from several newsletters I haven’t opened in more than 6 months and canceled 3 PLR memberships (since I sold a few of my sites, I no longer need these memberships, which were specific to the sites I sold.)

The challenge now is to take inventory of what I have on my hard drive, and use the content I purchased. So, over the next few days/weeks, I am going to find uses for the content from my hard drive, and get rid of the content that doesn’t align with my business.

For example,  I have several articles specific to popular toys, and I’ll be using those to create Squidoo lenses. I have many resale rights products,  and I want to pick at least one and start promoting it.

So what’s on my drive? Here is just a small example: PLR articles, PLR ebooks, software demos, lots of reports, case studies, thousands of articles I saved for one reason or another, and more…

What is taking space on YOUR hard drive, and what are you doing with it? I challenge you to go and assess your own information needs, and free yourself of unnecessary distractions.

How to Host your Own Blog World Tour Review

blog world tour by Nicole Dean

After hearing so much about Nicole Dean’s Blog World Tour, a few days ago I decided to take a peek at it myself. And I am really glad I did, because now, I am ready to tackle a tour of my own in one of my niche sites. This site (not related to internet marketing) could really stand a good increase in visitors over the holidays, so this was the perfect time for me to learn how go blog hopping and get known in my niche.

If you want to gain traffic to your site and a good name in your industry, Nicole explains exactly how to do it with her Online Success Blog Tour.

So who is Nicole and why does her opinion and experience matter?

Nicole is an expert in Affiliate Management, Affiliate Marketing and Marketing with Content. These are all areas in which you can earn an income online and she’s learned a great secret to doing this which involves shortcuts to save her time and money.

What Will You Learn From Nicole’s Ebook?

The first part of the ebook is an introduction from Nicole herself who explains to you who she is and how she came to invent the “Blog World Tour”. She also gives you a case study of this tour and how it worked so you have a better understanding of what this book can provide to you. Through this guide you will see how Nicole Dean is a rock star of internet marketing and how you can be one as well.

The book is well written and fun to read which makes it easier to retain the information contained inside. But of course, the most important part is that actual information and the guide has loads of it for you to learn from. After this short and sweet intro, the book gets right into the meat of what you want to know – how to be an internet rock star.

The ebook will take you through step by step of the process of starting, running and completing a 15-week blog tour. At the end, you will be ready to start your own blog tour and profit. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to complete the plan, the guide gives you several different strategies and schedules to choose from to help you accomplish your goals.

This easy to read guide is 38 pages jam-packed with useful information to help you get started in the world of Internet marketing through blogs. Even if you’ve never written a blog in your life, you can learn techniques and tactics to become the very best. She will even give you tips if you’re the type of person who doesn’t really like to write.

To make this entire offer even more enticing, you can get some great free bonuses when you order the ebook such as daily blog topics and ideas and a day by day blog planner and more. Since it comes in ebook form, you can download it instantly as soon as you purchase- even if it’s the middle of the night. This makes it possible to literally start using it immediately.

Are you ready to begin your Blog World Tour?

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