information cemetery

As I am slowly getting rid of distractions, removing myself from newsletters I never read, deleting files that I acquired years ago and are no longer pertinent to my business model, I realize my computer has become an information cemetery. No wonder I have a hard time finding what I need.

I’ve been an information pack-rat: saving this, adding that, making plans for this other offer, etc. In the end, all this saving of information had done was to derail me from my original plan.

So, today, I unsubscribed from several newsletters I haven’t opened in more than 6 months and canceled 3 PLR memberships (since I sold a few of my sites, I no longer need these memberships, which were specific to the sites I sold.)

The challenge now is to take inventory of what I have on my hard drive, and use the content I purchased. So, over the next few days/weeks, I am going to find uses for the content from my hard drive, and get rid of the content that doesn’t align with my business.

For example,  I have several articles specific to popular toys, and I’ll be using those to create Squidoo lenses. I have many resale rights products,  and I want to pick at least one and start promoting it.

So what’s on my drive? Here is just a small example: PLR articles, PLR ebooks, software demos, lots of reports, case studies, thousands of articles I saved for one reason or another, and more…

What is taking space on YOUR hard drive, and what are you doing with it? I challenge you to go and assess your own information needs, and free yourself of unnecessary distractions.

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