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After hearing so much about Nicole Dean’s Blog World Tour, a few days ago I decided to take a peek at it myself. And I am really glad I did, because now, I am ready to tackle a tour of my own in one of my niche sites. This site (not related to internet marketing) could really stand a good increase in visitors over the holidays, so this was the perfect time for me to learn how go blog hopping and get known in my niche.

If you want to gain traffic to your site and a good name in your industry, Nicole explains exactly how to do it with her Online Success Blog Tour.

So who is Nicole and why does her opinion and experience matter?

Nicole is an expert in Affiliate Management, Affiliate Marketing and Marketing with Content. These are all areas in which you can earn an income online and she’s learned a great secret to doing this which involves shortcuts to save her time and money.

What Will You Learn From Nicole’s Ebook?

The first part of the ebook is an introduction from Nicole herself who explains to you who she is and how she came to invent the “Blog World Tour”. She also gives you a case study of this tour and how it worked so you have a better understanding of what this book can provide to you. Through this guide you will see how Nicole Dean is a rock star of internet marketing and how you can be one as well.

The book is well written and fun to read which makes it easier to retain the information contained inside. But of course, the most important part is that actual information and the guide has loads of it for you to learn from. After this short and sweet intro, the book gets right into the meat of what you want to know – how to be an internet rock star.

The ebook will take you through step by step of the process of starting, running and completing a 15-week blog tour. At the end, you will be ready to start your own blog tour and profit. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to complete the plan, the guide gives you several different strategies and schedules to choose from to help you accomplish your goals.

This easy to read guide is 38 pages jam-packed with useful information to help you get started in the world of Internet marketing through blogs. Even if you’ve never written a blog in your life, you can learn techniques and tactics to become the very best. She will even give you tips if you’re the type of person who doesn’t really like to write.

To make this entire offer even more enticing, you can get some great free bonuses when you order the ebook such as daily blog topics and ideas and a day by day blog planner and more. Since it comes in ebook form, you can download it instantly as soon as you purchase- even if it’s the middle of the night. This makes it possible to literally start using it immediately.

Are you ready to begin your Blog World Tour?

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  1. Hi Adriana,

    I grabbed it too and had the same experience as you did. I couldn’t imagine what a blog tour consisted of, let alone everything involved and how to systematically do it. I saw chunks of information that I could even apply to my other internet marketing strategies as well. I kept thinking this is focused effort – making a decision to do something in order to get the results I’m wanting. Great ebook.

  2. I haven’t dove into the guide yet, but I’m really looking forward to it. I followed Nicole’s blog tour (and even got to be one of the stops along the way!) and it was just fantastic. I can’t wait to plan out my own blog tour as well.

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