Free Niche Research: Triathlon Training

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Today’s niche was inspired by one of my favorite shows: “The Biggest Loser”. One of the past contestants went on to run a triathlon, even though all the odds were against him.

So many of us give up quickly, so when I see someone go for their dream, I get excited! It’s a great push for me to do the same.

Today’s niche is Triathlon Training.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords(from the Google keyword tool)

triathlon online training $1.26

triathlon training camps $1.07

triathlon training software $0.88

triathlon training groups $0.87

triathlon bike training $0.76

triathlon training books $0.75

triathlon training workouts $0.70

kids triathlon training $0.70

triathlete training $0.66

training for triathlons $0.65

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords(all phrases are exact matches in Google)

triathlon training 18,100

triathlon training schedule 3,600

training for a triathlon 1,600

how to train for a triathlon 1,000

sprint triathlon training 1,000

triathalon training 1,000 (misspelling)

sprint triathlon training program 880

ironman triathlon training 720

training for triathlon 720

triathlon training for beginners 720

triathlon training program 720


Here are some great  places to find triathlon information:, Wikipedia,, and triathlete blogs.

You can also research at the library and industry magazines.

Possible Affiliate Programs

As always, has many excellent books, about any subject listed, as well as , triathlon clothing, triathlon bikes, triathlon shoes, triathlon wetsuit and more.

Other affiliate programs for this niche can be found at & for example).

Monetization Suggestions

This niche is not a huge AdSense earner, but that is still an option.

But, the possibilities for affiliate marketing are huge: you can sell everything from informational books, DVDs, bikes, clothing, wet suits, shoes, and even dies information.

Here are some domains available now for this niche: gets 3600 exact searches a month. & .net gets 1600 exact searches a month.

TriathalonTraining .org is a misspelling that gets 1000 exact searches a month, net & .org  are all available: 880 exact searches/month.

IronmanTriathlonTraining .org  gets 720 exact searches/month. & .org, getting 720 exact searches monthly. gets 720 exact searches monthly.

There are some great opportunities here: I wish you success building your niche site.

WordPress Worm To Watch Out For

Do you use “admin” as your user name for your WordPress blog? If so, you may be in danger.  Yesterday, at one of my favorite forums, one of the members brought to our attention a new threat for WordPrewss blogs, coming form a worm (thank you Nathan).

This worm basically generates a list of passwords and tries them all until it gets in. It only works if you have “admin” as your administrator.

There are several ways to change your user name from “admin” to something better suited:

1. You can use this plugin to change the admin username

2. If you doesn’t want to add yet another plugin, change your user name in phpMyAdmin (I think this one is a little more complicated, but some may like it).

3. Probably the easiest method is to just crate a new admin with a new user name  and then remove the original “admin” account. When you delete a user in WP it asks who you want to attribute their posts to, so your posts will be safe.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to create a more complicated, harder to crack user name s and passwords. So many people use their kids names, anniversaries, and all kinds of other personal information, that is easily accessible. One way to create safe use names and passwords is to use a program like Roboform.

RoboForm: Learn more...

Here are just a few of the things Roboform can do for you:

. Manage your passwords and Log In automatically.

. Fill long registration and checkout forms with one click.

. Encrypt your passwords to achieve complete security.

. Generate random passwords to maximize password strength.

. Back up and Synchronize Passwords between computers.

. Fight Phishing and Defeat Keyloggers.

AdWords Tracking Made Easy

We’ve been talking a lot lately about how important tracking is if you want to make money with Google Adwords. But how do you track? Are there any tools that would make it easier? Any step-by-step guides? Let’s go back to Matt Levenhagen and see what he has to say about it.

Any tools you recommend to make it easier to track?

Matt Levenhagen

There are a variety of tools out there to help you track.  I’ll tell you what I use the most, but it’s not limited to that.  I have members that use solutions I don’t, but they build their sites a little differently or have a different overall approach – different solutions make more sense depending on the scripts, website solutions you’re using, and the affiliate program/network tools available to you.

For me “Xtreme Conversions” is absolutely one of my most important tools to help me understand exactly what’s being searched and what’s converting in the markets I’m in.  You can see a review I did for it on my own blog when it first came out.

I still use it today: it’s not perfect, but it does a good enough job… in fact, it’s more integrated into my business today than when I first wrote that review!

It not only helps me understand what people searched to find my landing pages, but it’s also my “go to” tool now for Direct to Merchant campaigns.  I run all the keywords I need to track in detail through XC.

XC will tell you exactly what keyword was plugged in to find your site (how broad, phrase match was modified), it will tell you what the bid keyword was alongside that and the domain it originated from.  Powerful stuff!

I also use Google Analytics extensively… it’s extremely helpful to find out much more detail about your traffic.  It’s great to build something called goals/funnels where you can track the actions your visitors make.  Really good if you are list building like I am because you may have a series of things you have your traffic do and you need to know what’s working!

I recommend finding a good Split Testing script for your website.  We didn’t really get into it here, but not only do you track and test things in your account, but you must be testing your landing pages to improve conversions and action percentages.  So tracking isn’t limited to just inside your account and links.

And then a good spreadsheets program like Excel helps you study your results over time. That sounds really boring and basic, but it’s essential for me.  I spend a lot of time manipulating data, analyzing data, tracking my progress with my account (and projects) and do a lot of planning using spreadsheets.

There are a few other solutions like Link Management tools that help me manage everything.  I won’t get into everything I use here, but the bottom line is to keep it as simple as possible.  There are a lot of solutions out there and it all depends on your focus.  Someone that does mostly list building isn’t going to need the same solutions those building only affiliate product stores use.

Even in my Blast Membership, there are people doing a variety of things.  So when you find your way to our private forum, you’ll find discussions about a wide range of tools.  But that doesn’t mean you’ll use all of them or need them all.

I keep my approach as simple as possible.  I think that’s the real secret to success in this business.  I’ll test new fangled solutions that come out, but that doesn’t mean I force myself to use it long term if it doesn’t help my bottom line.

There are many solutions that come out that just replicate what I’m already doing or I know up front will only derail what I’ve already got in place for my particular model.

My advice is to pick a way of doing things, find the right combination of solutions that work for you and stick with it…. Master that approach.  Over the long haul, you’ll make more money because you are more focused.

It took me a few years to settle on the solutions I’m using.  Start with one, master it, reinvest your profits and grow your tools over time as you can.  But don’t get overwhelmed thinking you need it all in place today to succeed!

It’s the same thing with tracking in general.  Learn how to track one thing, get good at it and learn another.  Your skills grow over time with use. 🙂

Adwords Tracking Helps You Make More Money

We’ve been talking about AdWords Tracking for a while now: it’s important, it’s not hard to do, and best of all, it will help you make money with AdWords.

I asked Matt: How does tracking help you make more money?

Matt Levenhagen

It helps me make money in every way! It helps me make profitable decisions!

It has a tremendous impact on cost savings and also in terms of expanding profits through learning from that information, adding more keywords, modifying how keywords are targeted and more.

This is a decision based business: you can’t just put something up and hope it succeeds on its own power. Only in the testing stage are we really in the dark. Over time, you focus on what’s working in your account and track things in more and more detail. So it’s a process that expands as your campaign ages and grows.

You have to become intimate with each keyword term that is contributing to your bottom line, learn everything you can about it and mold its influence.

Not tracking at all is like throwing money out the window. You might as well pull out a stack of $100 bills, go out on the sidewalk, set the bills on the sidewalk and walk away. Because that is the level of impact not taking tracking serious can have.

Beyond learning how to choose and target quality merchants, keywords and how to build campaigns that Google loves, tracking is just as important for the long term health of your account and the ability to make more and more profits.

It can mean the difference between losing money and making big profits.

If you are looking for step-by-step help for your Adwords campaigns, and want to make profitable decisions, Matt’s Campaign Blasts will do that for you and more. There are so many success stories at Matt’s forum, you can’t help but be inspired!

Free Niche Research: Healthy Eating

free niche research

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day with your family.

Since the holidays bring with them lots of great food, many will be soon looking for healthy eating tips, so what better time to start a site on the subject?

Today’s niche is Healthy Eating and in order to be ready for the New Year time, when people start to think about getting back in shape, you need to get started now.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords(from the Google keyword tool)

healthy eating diets $2.31

healthy eating websites $2.30

healthy eating plans $2.24

healthy eating weight loss $2.23

healthy eating dieting $2.03

healthy eating programs $1.98

healthy eating diet $1.82

healthy eating and dieting $1.71

healthy eating program $1.68

healthy eating $1.60

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords(all phrases are exact matches in Google)

healthy eating 40,500

eat healthy 9,900

how to eat healthy 5,400

healthy eating plan 4,400

healthy eating habits 3,600

healthy eating tips 3,600

healthy eating for kids 2,400

healthy eating recipes 2,400

nutrition healthy eating 1,900

healthy eating pyramid 1,600

healthy eating diets 1,300


There are a lot of websites where you can research healthy eating, but please make sure you cross check to make sure your information is sound. This is one niche you really don’t want to give bad information.

You can also research at the library, magazines, and even the nutrition section of hospitals websites.

Possible Affiliate Programs has a lot of books about healthy eating listed, as well as healthy cooking, nutrition, healthy cookbooks etc.

Menu Planning Central is another option. Christine’s been running this program for a while, and she has a healthy menu option, as well as a healthy shopping list.

Monetization Suggestions

As always, AdSense is an option.

Or, you can create an authority site: you can’t really ever run out of information for this niche.

Here are some domains available now for this niche: gets 3600 exact searches a month. gets 1300 exact searches a month. & .org are available: gets 1000 exact searches a month & .org  are available: 720 exact searches/month. & .org  are available: 720 exact searches/month.

Do you have a niche you’d like me to research and post here? I’m here to help. And if you enjoy my free niche research every Friday, please let others know.

Thank you.

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