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Today’s niche was inspired by one of my favorite shows: “The Biggest Loser”. One of the past contestants went on to run a triathlon, even though all the odds were against him.

So many of us give up quickly, so when I see someone go for their dream, I get excited! It’s a great push for me to do the same.

Today’s niche is Triathlon Training.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords(from the Google keyword tool)

triathlon online training $1.26

triathlon training camps $1.07

triathlon training software $0.88

triathlon training groups $0.87

triathlon bike training $0.76

triathlon training books $0.75

triathlon training workouts $0.70

kids triathlon training $0.70

triathlete training $0.66

training for triathlons $0.65

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords(all phrases are exact matches in Google)

triathlon training 18,100

triathlon training schedule 3,600

training for a triathlon 1,600

how to train for a triathlon 1,000

sprint triathlon training 1,000

triathalon training 1,000 (misspelling)

sprint triathlon training program 880

ironman triathlon training 720

training for triathlon 720

triathlon training for beginners 720

triathlon training program 720


Here are some great  places to find triathlon information:, Wikipedia,, and triathlete blogs.

You can also research at the library and industry magazines.

Possible Affiliate Programs

As always, has many excellent books, about any subject listed, as well as , triathlon clothing, triathlon bikes, triathlon shoes, triathlon wetsuit and more.

Other affiliate programs for this niche can be found at & for example).

Monetization Suggestions

This niche is not a huge AdSense earner, but that is still an option.

But, the possibilities for affiliate marketing are huge: you can sell everything from informational books, DVDs, bikes, clothing, wet suits, shoes, and even dies information.

Here are some domains available now for this niche: gets 3600 exact searches a month. & .net gets 1600 exact searches a month.

TriathalonTraining .org is a misspelling that gets 1000 exact searches a month, net & .org  are all available: 880 exact searches/month.

IronmanTriathlonTraining .org  gets 720 exact searches/month. & .org, getting 720 exact searches monthly. gets 720 exact searches monthly.

There are some great opportunities here: I wish you success building your niche site.