How To Gain Pinterest Followers Case Study

How To Gain Pinterest Followers

I had a personal Pinterest account for a few years, but never really used it for anything: just added a few things here and there for fun. A couple years ago, there was discussion about traffic from Pinterest in one of the FB groups I belong to, and I was intrigued. So, when I started a new niche site earlier this year, I decided I had to learn how to gain Pinterest followers.

Why gain more Pinterest followers? Here’s the reason: this is my site’s traffic form Pinterest in its first 6 months of existence.

Want to see what Pinterest can do for you? This is traffic my niche site received from Pinterest in the first 6 months of its existence.

Here’s a bit of my Pinterest story, so you see where I’m coming from.

I started this Pinterest account on May 9, knowing almost nothing about Pinterest. Ten weeks later, I passed 1000 followers, and 2.5 months later I reached 3000. Here’s me asking questions and sharing victories in a private FB group.


here's when I opened my pinterest accont

2 months after opening my account

How To Use Pinterest For Business Marketing

Since I knew absolutely nothing about how to use Pinterest for business, I decided learn from someone who knew what they were doing. I have no idea how I came across it, but I bought Pinaffiliate Masterclass (probably heard about it in a FB group! These groups are very helpful for small business owners like me), which worked great for me, since I am an affiliate marketer. This course showed me step by step how to set up my Pinterest account, and how to use it to grow my business, rather than wonder aimlessly in internet land looking for free information.

With the course, I received access to a private Facebook group too, and it proved to be very helpful to a Pinterest newbie like me.

Want to grow your Pinterest following faster? This course helped me get where I am today!

How to Set Up a Pinterest Account

Getting started on Pinterest is not hard at all. Since we are talking about Pinterest for business, I suggest you start a business account: all you need to do is go to and follow the prompts: enter your email address and a password, then go on to set up your account. Here are a few important settings you need to know about:

  • take time to write a compelling “about you” on your profile. Make sure it’s clear what you’ll be pinning about. Don’t be too wordy here: there isn’t a lot of room, so you need to be concise and convincing.
  • verify your site
  • enable rich pins: this one step makes a world of difference in visibility and click through (see examples below)
  • keep your pins specific to your niche. It’s a lot easier to attract followers in your niche if they know exactly what they are getting. My personal account, which includes pins in several niches is still very small: it’s a lot harder to grow a diverse niche account.

This is how a rich pin looks compared to a non-rich pin

Choosing Your Pinterest Board Names

Once you set up your profile, it’s time to add some boards. I set up a different board for each of the categories on my blog. Create a board that will include only pins leading to your site. I didn’t know to do this in the beginning, but learned about it later.

While choosing  a name for your Pinterest boards, think of a way to say what the board is about in as few words as possible. Make sure you include keywords and phrases your audience is searching for.

Again, create a well thought out board description that includes search terms your target audience is looking for. you have a bit more room here, so use up the space to really drive home the theme of your board.

Pin at least 5 images to each board to begin with: no one likes to look at an empty board.

How To Get Pinterest Followers

Now that you have your boards set up, you’re ready to start using Pinterest to grow your business. At first, it will be slow, but as you create more pins fore your site, and find amazing pins from fellow business owners, you’ll get into a routine and things will get easier.

Many wonder how to get Pinterest followers fast, some even looking where they can buy Pinterest followers. I suggest you stay away from these types of practices, and just keep pinning great content regularly.

Here are a few things I did to get Pinterest followers fast:

  • I re-pinned wildly popular pins: ones with thousands of re-pins and hearts.
  • before re-pinning anything, I actually took the time to click through to the site and make sure the link wasn’t broken.
  • in the beginning, I’d pin about 10 to 15 pins in the morning, and then again as I remembered throughout the day
  • I requested to be added to group boards. I believe this was one of the best actions I took to grow my Pinterest following. In the beginning, it was hard to get accepted, because of the low number of followers. but once I hit 1000 followers, it became much easier. See below for my method to find group boards 😉
  • I signed up with Board Booster, which helped my pinning consistency without sitting in front of the computer all day long. This was a game changer. The Pinaffiliate Masterclass Course had a great bonus of 2000 free pin schedules in Board Booster. It’s now more than 6 months later, and I still have about 500 to use.

How To Find Pinterest Group Boards

Many will tell you to go to and search for boards in your niche. I tried that and unfortunately, I didn’t find many boards in my niche. So, I had to find alternative ways.

I first looked for Facebook groups related to Pinterest. I joined a good number of them (probably a dozen or so). In these groups, you can either respond to someone offering inclusion in their group boards, or you can create your own post requesting invites form others who have groups boards. This yielded a good number of group board invitations for me: somewhere around 15.

Once you are part of several group boards, your pins will get a lot larger audience, and will get shared more.

Later on, I found another way to look for group boards: I looked up other bloggers in my niche and checked out all their group boards. This was again very good for me, as I found several really good boards this way. Each board has rules you MUST obey, if you want to participate: make sure you read the rules and don’t do anything that will jeopardize your participation.

Some group boards will, have clear instructions how to request to be added, while others don’t. I usually don’t let that deter me form trying. I go to their website, find a contact link, l introduce myself and request to be added. Not many people try this, so my chances are pretty good.

Here’s how you’ll know it’s a group board: see the circle on the bottom left of the image? It tells you it’s a group board.

how to know a group board on Pinterest

How To Start a Pinterest Group Board

how to add collaborators to Pinterest group boardStarting your own Pinterest group board is good for your account: you can invite fellow bloggers, and their followers will then see your pins posted to that group board. You’ll need to create rules for your group board  and keep an eye out for spammers and inappropriate pins.

To create your own group board, all you need to do is click on the plus sign next to your profile picture on that board you’re trying to make a group board, and there you can invite people to your board. you need to know their Pinterest address, or their Pinterest profile name.

How I Create My Pinterest Images

I use Canva to pretty up my images. I add my seal on the bottom left of every image I create for Pinterest (for branding purposes), and use 2 specific fonts I chose to represent my site. Canva is very easy to use and it has templates you can use to crate images fast.

Elements Of a Good Pinterest Imagepinterest image with wrong file name

  • the image is taller than wider
  • it uses some type of branding (it can be specific colors, fonts, your URL, or a seal like I have)
  • use bright colors
  • when uploading images to your post, make sure to write an interesting description of the image, a compelling reason for others to want to learn more about your subject. The description you use for your images shows up as the description of your pin (see image to the right for how bad it will look)
  • your image file name is a keywords rather than numbers or nonsense you get from your camera

Make sure you create a specific image for pinterest. If your theme doesn’t allow for a long image in your post (because it doesn’t look good), add it to the bottom of your post and then hide it with this code: <div style=”display: none;”> image info </div> (use this code in the “text” area of your blog, not the “visual”). I do this for my site.

Many times I’s love to pin an interesting blog post, but there’s no pinnable image, so I don’t, and they miss out on some free promotion.

Make It Easy For Visitors To Pin Your Images

Your site visitors will help you grow your pinterest reach if you let them. Add some way for them to easily pin your images. I use SumoMe and I’m happy with it.

I have several pins that others pinned from my site which went viral. One day in June, about 6 weeks after starting my site and Pinterest account, I had a pin that took off and sent me about 1700 visits in one day, and the next morning, by the time I woke up, I already had 1000 visits to my site. You have no idea how good that felt for a new site.

A Few Last Suggestions

  • create more than one pinnable image for each post: one might do better than the other. Even if you don’t do it initially, periodically recreate your images for pinterest: change the photo, the text, the font, create a new concept for the same theme, etc.
  • remember to be consistent
  • don’t only pin your content: be generous with other’s content, as long as it’s quality.
  • if a pin takes off, create a similar pin
  • Get Board Booster: you won’t believe how much it will help your growth!
  • take a paid course: it will give you actionable steps and it will make you work harder. I loved the Pinaffiliate Masterclass Course

I hope you know a bit more about how to gain Pinterest followers quickly. I’d love to hear YOUR story! And I’m here if you have questions.

Want more Pinterest followers? Find out how I went from 0 to 3000+ followers on Pinterest in just 5 months!

Why Should You Learn Affiliate Marketing Online

Why should you learn affiliate marketing online? Here are 3 reasons to strt today!Many people are making a living from affiliate marketing.  I am one of them.  70% of my current income comes from affiliate marketing and I’m always working to increase that percentage. If you want to make money from home, learn affiliate marketing online. With a little bit of hard work upfront you can have a nice stream of passive income.

Want to start right away? Try the Affiliate Marketing Masterclass!

As with any method of making money online, there are cons and pros.  In my opinion the pros outweigh the cons in affiliate marketing.  Here are some pros as to why you should be including affiliate marketing in your online business.

Why Should You Learn Affiliate Marketing Online

  • Low or no start up costs. All you really need to begin affiliate marketing is a website.  You don’t necessarily have to set up a new website. You can use relevant affiliate programs to optimize your income from websites you already have.  Affiliate marketing is easy to incorporate in an existing website or blog.
  • No need to become an expert copywriter.  Many of the tools you need will be provided for you. Most affiliate programs provide you with tools to promote their products with, such as banner ads, text ads, emails promos, articles, sales copy, and blog posts.
  • Low overhead. By promoting someone else’s product, rather than creating your own, you have no inventory to look after, no orders to process and no customer service to provide.
  • Passive income. This is my favorite part.  This means you stop trading hours for dollars. You can review a product once, place the review on your website and that review can potentially make you money over and over again. This is passive income and affiliate marketing is one of the best businesses to get into for anyone who likes the idea of passive income.

Affiliate Marketing Benefits

Affiliate marketing offers many benefits and one of the best parts is that you can fit it into just about any niche.  If your passion is country music for example, you can create an affiliate website about country singers in the Grand Ole Opry. You can then earn money promoting products from those country singers. There’s something very appealing about making money doing something you’re passionate about.

Do you want to start making money with affiliate marketing?  Check out this blogging and affiliate marketing course for beginners. where you’ll learn how you can start making money online by promoting other people’s products.

Courtney Chowning is a Christian entrepreneur, business coach, and webs designer who loves helping people make money online.

Amazon Discount Finder Will Increase Your Amazon Commissions

This Amazon discount finder will help you increase your Amazon affiliate commissions

I LOVE adding Amazon links to my sites. They sell just about everything under the sun, and Amazon knows how to convert! If you monetize your website with Amazon affiliate links, this Amazon discount finder will increase your conversions.

Everyone loves a discount! And everyone loves Amazon. How do you add your links  to Amazon? I use a few methods, and I’m happy to add this one.

How to add Amazon affiliate links

1. The easiest way to add amazon affiliate links is to use the SiteStripe at the top of amazon. You look up your product, choose the ID for your specific site, and you get the link: quick and easy.

How to easily add Amaozn tect links to your website

2. You can also create image links by choosing image instead of text. And you can also choose a combination of text and image for your affiliate links.

3. My favorite way to add Amazon affiliate links to my posts is using a little program called Easy Product Displays. This program is responsible for most of my Amazon sales. Take a look here to see how it more than doubled my Amazon sales

4. This plugin can be installed and customized in just a few minutes to offer your site visitors a deal of up to 90% off.

Now, you might thing that selling discounted product won’t make you any money, but let me show you how it will benefit you.

First of all, even if some of your visitors only purchase the discounted products they find with this plugin, your “sold” number will go up, and it will bring up your commission percentage.

Also, as you know, Amazon is great at up-selling, so once a visitor searches for something with your little weapon, they are “cookied” to you by Amazon. And whatever thy buy, even if their initial time was at a discount, the rest probably won’t!

For a short time, you get the developer license at the regular price. This WILL change very soon, so don’t procrastinate!

Get your own copy of Zon Discount Finder before the price goes up.

How To Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Links

Learn how to make money with Amazon affiliate links

There is a lot of talk about making money with the Amazon affiliate program: some people (like Robin and Leslie, who make money with Amazon affiliate links) love working with Amazon and promoting physical products, while others complain that because the cookie is so short, there is no way to make good money.

Which camp are you in? Have your efforts failed to produce the income you wanted? Or are you successful in your efforts to make money with amazon?

Can You Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Links?

I’ve been promoting physical products from for a few years , and never made a lot of money, but recently, after I found Pajama Affiliates and started following their methods, this past month I made a few hundreds from a blog that’s only about 6 months old. I know it’s not a lot, but I literally just started to follow their methods at the end of August, after concentrating on getting ad income (which didn’t work so well).

This year I expect to have a very good fourth quarter.

Mistakes to avoid while making money with Amazon

I’ve made some mistakes along the way, and I’ll list them here, so you can avoid them:

  • went after niches that were way too tight, so traffic was not enough to make a huge difference
  • promoted items that were too expensive (while you want to promote items over $100, going for luxury watches, for example, you won’t see too much activity).
  • got into too many micro-niches, spreading myself too thin. It’s a lot easier to promote one or two niches, as opposed or 10 or 15.

How to make money with Amazon’s affiliate program

Now, here are some of the things that will help you succeed in promoting physical products from

  • choose products with varied prices: low priced items are impulse buys and those increase your monthly affiliate percentage, while the higher priced items will give you a higher per product commission.
  • make sure the products you want to promote have at least 10-15 good reviews: social proof will help you sell more
  • write a detailed review, rather than copying the short description from the product page. Add lots of pictures you take (if possible), and talk about your experience with the product you’re reviewing. Tell stories, and transport the reader to an imaginary world where they have to have your product
  • sprinkle some customer reviews in your review (just pick a sentence, not the whole review, since that is against the rules, and give the proper attribution with a link to the rest of the review)
  • use Easy Product Displays to create your Amazon displays. I’ll share a display below, so you can see how it looks. This made a HUGE difference in my Amazon sales!

Adult Coloring Book: Magic Christmas : for Relaxation Meditation Blessing (Volume 8)Adult Coloring Book: Magic Christmas : for Relaxation Meditation Blessing OliaDesign Christmas Decorations Happy Santa Toilet Seat Cover and Rug SetChristmas Decorations Happy Santa Toilet Seat Cover and Rug SetChristmas-opolyChristmas-opoly –  the perfect game for Christmas gatherings!


There is a lot more detail that you can put into promoting with the Amazon affiliate program. My best recommendation is to get Robin and Leslie’s Affiliate Marketing for Amazon Masterclass! You’ll love it and your income will increase. They also have a Facebook group where they give daily encouragement and feedback.

Wondering if you can make money with Amazon affiliate links? Let me show you how to make the best of the Amazon affiliate program.

Growing Blog Traffic Challenge

It’s been a while since I updated this blog, but I recently got inspired to  come back to sharing my online journey. Since I haven’t been blogging, my traffic for this blog has dwindled down to almost nothing (see a snapshot of my traffic of the last 30 days below). So today I’m going to start a 90 days growing blog traffic challenge.

growing blog traffic

Looking at my posts from the past, I see I haven’t done a very good job at optimizing my posts for traffic. I just started using the Yoast plugin and will be updating my posts with the right information. I’m also going to create Pinterest images to each post.

I recently discovered the power of Pinterest, and have had amazing success in one of my niche sites. I started this site on April 18, 2016, and it already has great traffic (see below: a far cry from this blog!).

how to increase web traffic to your site

What I will do to get more blog traffic?

I don’t want to commit to do too much and burn out. I’m going to take things slow and strategically work on things that I think will have the biggest impact. Here’s my plan:

  1. Revisit top 10 most visited posts of every month: update the content, meta description, check on keywords, update images, etc.
  2. As I revisit these oils posts, take time to interlink posts on my site. I did a bit of interlinking before, but not enough. This time I will be intentional about it.
  3. Create pinnable images for every post I review. I need to come up with a branded look for my images: pick a couple fonts and colors to represent my blog.
  4. Turn my personal Pinterest account into a business account. My main reason is analytics and rich pins. My Pinterest account has 123 followers at the moment: my goal is 1000 followers by year end.
  5. Interact with other bloggers: this doesn’t come easy to me, but I’ve been making an effort and the relationships I’ve made have helped me learn and grow.
  6. Start to build a list. I will start from scratch, so we’ll see how that goes. This is another one of my weaknesses, but I know it’s important.

That’s about all for now. I’ll check back in here in a couple weeks probably.


I just looked up my most visited post this month: it’s a short review for a soap written a couple years ago. The specific soap isn’t even available anymore, so I need to be creative with the update of that post. Off to see what I can do.

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