how to increase web traffic to your site

Who wants a website without traffic? Let’s face it: you need traffic to your site or there is no reason to having it.

But how do you get traffic to your site? Do you know how to increase web traffic to your site? We all know about content, but are there other ways to increase traffic?

How to get more website traffic for free

1. Answer questions – if you see the same question asked over and over again, write an answer to it, and then direct those who asked it to your post. This way, not only do you have new content on your site, but now you have someone happy to find an answer to their question. They’ll promote your post, letting others know about the answer to their problem.You can find all types of questions on Twitter, FaceBook, in forums, etc.

2. Write a Glossary for Your Niche – there is always a term someone doesn’t know: why not write a list of terms specific to your niche and define those terms. This information will be a magnet for links, and it’s not hard to do.

3. Invite Guest Bloggers –  there is a lot of buzz about guest blogging these days, so why not ask people you admire and follow to guest post at your blog? It’s not hard, and the worst that can happen is that they’ll say no. But if they say yes, you’ll have a nice traffic boost when their post goes up, since most people would let their followers know about the guest post.

4. Use Tags for Your Posts – I am not sure how many take advantage of the tags on their blogs, but I get a lot of visitors that come through tags I created for my posts. And  if I see enough visitors come through a specific tag, I create a blog post for that specific term. Give people what they want!

There you have it: all of the above methods are easy to implement. What methods do you use to increase your traffic?

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  1. I can attest to using “tags” to draw in traffic. In fact, it wasn't until I began to analyze the traffic I was receiving from an “organic moms” niche website that I began to see a great deal of traffic was landing on my website through the tags that were indexed in Google.

    From then on, any website I build on WordPress comes standard with tags — or keywords that function as tags. =)

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