If you need keyword research services, I am your girl. I am available to do your keyword research, and have an amazing 48 hours turn around (except weekends and holidays).

I absolutely LOVE doing research, and  as a matter of fact, every Friday I do Free Niche Research. Of course, you want research done just for you, and not shared with anyone else, so let me do it for you.

Here is what I’ll need from you:

– your main keyword

– 3 competitor sites (optional, but very useful if you want to learn what keywords they use)

– your website (if you have one)

– let me know why you need the research, as it will change how I do the research: are you looking for keywords to use for your PPC campaigns? Will you use them to generate blog posts? Do you want to create an AdSense site?

Send the above info here.

Here is what you get:

– a list of at least 100 short & long tail keywords (your list may be much larger that that, depending on the niche you are in) with the corresponding searches per month

– 10 top paying keywords for Adsense sites

– 5 domain names available for your niche at the time of the research

If you don’t need the top paying AdSense and/or the domain names available just let me know, and I’ll put the extra time into getting more keywords for your niche.

How much will it cost you? Not much: $30 per keyword researched.

If you need more than 3 keywords researched, contact me and we’ll see how I can make it more affordable for you.

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