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My son just got home form college to spend some of his vacation with us. He drove form Canada for several days, so last night we were talking about road trips.

Wouldn’t that be a nice niche to research, I thought? With summer almost here, there will be lots of road trips happening and you can benefit.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords (from the Google keyword tool)

road trip software $1.91

road trip vacations $1.66

family road trip $1.64

road trip car $1.55

road trip maps $1.36

Canada road trip $1.27

road trip guide $1.21

northern California road trip $1.18

road trip photos $1.04

European road trip $1.03

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords (all phrases are exact matches in Google)

road trip 74,000

road trip planner 27,100

road trip video 27,100

road trips 6,600

road trip movie 5,400

road trip games 4,400

road trip ideas 4,400

road trip songs 3,600

road trip USA 3,600

plan a road trip 2,900


There are several forums dedicated to road trips, where you can learn just about anything about a road trip. Here is one of them:

You can also get information from travel agencies about the different places to visit, and of course, you can go on a road trip yourself and blog about your experience. That would be a really fun project you could do.

Possible Affiliate Programs has lots of options as always.

Don’t forget to search & for affiliate programs as well.

Monetization Suggestions

Create an information site: WOW! there is so much you could do for this niche! AdSense is decent, and you can use it one you informative pages,  but you can also promote your affiliate offers. Things like tools, clothing, vehicle questions and answers, information about wireless communications and other road trip gear reviews.

Build a list! Once they go on a  road trip, many people are hooked. You’ll be able to build a great relationship with your list by offering then information about how to make they trips better, more enjoyable, how to avoid mishaps, etc.

Here are some domains available for this niche now: is available as well as all the other TLDs, and while that specific key phrase doesn’t get a significant amount of searches, it’s a great domain that will allow you to use all of the monetization suggestions above. & .org with 4,400 exact searches monthly, .info & .org getting 2,900 exact searches monthly, .info & .org with 2,400 exact searches monthly & .org with 1,900 exact searches monthly., .info & .org with ,1300 exact searches monthly gets 1,000 exact searches a month.

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