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I have an ulterior motive for doing today’s niche research: I have a site I built on a whim, and don’t care to continue with it. I’d like to sell it, so I am offering some insights into the niche to see if I may interest you.

Since we are in full summer, and the weather has been perfect for cycling, Motorcycle Helmets are a must for biking enthusiasts.

Let’s see if this niche appeals to you!

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords (from the Google keyword tool)

nolan motorcycle helmets $2.75

afx motorcycle helmet $1.77

harley motorcycle helmet $1.68

icon motorcycle helmets $1.65

kbc motorcycle helmet $162

full face motorcycle helmet $1.52

simpson motorcycle helmet $1.51

discount motorcycle helmets $1.47

closeout motorcycle helmets $1.41

motorcycle helmet headsets $1.40


motorcycle racing helmets $1.37

cheap motorcycle helmet $1.34

hjc motorcycle helmets $1.31

motorcycle helmet speakers $1.25

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords (all phrases are exact matches in Google)

motorcycle helmet 165,000

motorcycle helmets 135,000

full face motorcycle helmet 12,100

vintage motorcycle helmet 9,900

pink motorcycle helmet 8,1000

german motorcycle helmet 6,600

helmets motorcycle 6,600

custom motorcycle helmets 5,400

cheap motorcycle helmets 4,400

full face motorcycle helmets 4,400


motorcycle helmet speakers 4,400

motorcycle helmets for sale 4,400

womens motorcycle helmets 3,600

modular motorcycle helmet 3,600


Bikers are very passionate about their motorcycles. Sign up to some of the bikers forums, and become active. You can also subscribe to some bikers magazines to see what’s new and/or popular, and of course, if you are a biker yourself or have friends who own a motorcycle, that’s even better.

Possible Affiliate Programs

Amazon has all types of helmets, as well a motorcycle accessories, like: motorcycle jackets, motorcycle boots, motorcycle gloves, carrying racks and more. CJ has several merchants selling motorcycle helmets as well: Zappos,,, and more.

Monetization Suggestions

Ebay ads work really well in this niche. AdSense will probably do well also.

But, I’d say the best way to make money off of this niche is to build a list and offer not only the latest advice on safety, but also be the first to let them know when some new gizmo for bikers becomes available. Be their go-to friend.

Here are some .com domains available for this niche now:

Here are some .org domains available:

And some .net ones:

Now if you want an already created site, you are in luck. I have a site related to motorcycle helmets I’d like to sell. I built it a couple of years ago to try a theory, but I have absolutely no interest in the niche. It’s been neglected, never built links to it, I post to it when I remember, and it still getting visitors and making some money (from EBay, so if you want this site you’ll either need to be an eBay affilaite, or change the site completely).

Here are some screen-shots of income:

Income From EBay in 2009

As you see, it made $146.58 in 2009.

Incoem from Ebay in 2010

The income this year is down a little, as I haven’t really done anything with the site: $55.13, but there is still time since we are only 2/3 through the year.

Here are screen shots of traffic:

2009 Traffic
2010 traffic

I also have e twitter account associated with this site (448 followers), and every time I post it gets posted to twitter.

And I have 2 articles ready to post to EZA or any other article directories you want (I just never got around to do it)

Is this your cup of tea? If you are interested contact me with an offer.

If you have questions, feel free to ask below in the comment section.