Today’s niche is very HOT these days. There is no question about it: Solar Panels save money and in today’s economy that’s very important. There is no need for further introduction, so let’s find out what can be done in this niche!

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords (from the Google keyword tool)

Mitsubishi solar panels $3.33

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kyocera solar panels $3.13

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solar electric panels $2.55

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electric solar panel $2.290


solar panel systems $2.17

install solar panels $1.99

solar roof panels $1.81

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords (all phrases are exact matches in Google)

solar panel 165,000

solar panels 165,000

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solar panels for sale 9,900

diy solar panels 8,100

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solar panel system 8,100


solar panel installation 6,600

portable solar panels 5,400

12v solar panel 4,400


There’s a lot of information on the web: many forums have people talking about how to save money, how to “green” their lives, etc. The media is full of info as well. Just get involved in the conversation. Of course, if you’d like “more”, you can always subscribe to some industry magazines, or books about solar panels.

Possible Affiliate Programs

As always, Amazon has everything: from books on how to create your own solar panel, to parts needed to build your own, to the solar panels ready to be installed. CJ and SAS have several programs each, as well as CB. These 2 have a higher gravity than the others: How to Make Your Own Wind Generator & Solar Panels, and DIY Solar Panel Guide

Monetization Suggestions

People are looking for information in this niche, and if you give it to them, and monetize with AdSense you’ll be happy. Mix in some affilaite product pages and some CB guides, and you have the perfect formula for profits in this niche.

Excellent niche to grow a list as well.

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