1. Content – The first and most important way to attract incoming links is through great content. When you publish content that is entertaining, valuable and informative people will naturally link to your website or blog. Content can be video, audio, print or any combination. The essential element is that it is worthy of being linked to. If you are having a hard time coming up with great content, try outsourcing to someone who loves writing. Check out Happy Outsourcing by Rachel Rofe: a great step by step plan that anyone can use right away.
  2. Social networking – Once you have great content on your website you can use social networking to generate attention. Post links to your best content on your social networking site of choice. Interact. Generate awareness and attention for your website. People will notice your website and again they’ll naturally link to it.
  3. Blog (and guest blog) – Blogging is another natural way of creating content. When you publish guest blog posts then you are reaching a new audience. The more attention you generate for your website, the more people will link to you. Additionally, you can create a blog to support your website. This blog can link to relevant content and web pages to help increase incoming links.
  4. Online directories – There are a number of online website directories. Simply register with the directories. They can provide a few powerful incoming links.You can also list your business website with local search directories like Google Places. It’s free. It’s easy. And it’ll generate a few quality incoming links.
  5. Social bookmarking – Social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon and Digg can provide incoming links. Join a few bookmarking sites. Create a profile. Interact with others much like you would on a social networking website. Bookmark web pages that you like. Also, when appropriate and relevant, bookmark a few top-notch pages on your own site. This process boosts awareness for your website. Other people will bookmark your pages. And the pages you bookmarked will receive attention and incoming links.
  6. Content marketing – Publish articles on article directories and other people’s websites. This actually generates a substantial amount of incoming links. Also consider creating syndicated content. You might publish a newsletter. In each newsletter you’ll have an article or two. You can include a snippet that tells others they can publish the article if they don’t change it and if they keep your links and bio. When your content is top level, people will publish your articles on their site with the links intact.
  7. Press releases – Finally, consider publishing press releases when you have news to share. Use services like PRWeb to distribute them. It’s another great way to generate incoming links.

Incoming links help you climb your way to the top of the search engine rankings. They boost traffic. Create a plan today to start increasing your links and grow your business.

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