In my quest for a more focused, less stressful life & business, I’ve been selling or giving away some of my sites, or just letting them go as the domains expire.

Today I have 2 sites that are well aged, have PR and are expiring soon, so I decided to give them away. They have been neglected for years, so they are ready for some action.

No need to delay it any further, so here they are, with a little bit of information about each: – 9 year old, PR1 site. This used to be my husband’s business site when he first started in real estate. It was hacked a couple of years ago, and Google stopped serving ads, and I never tried to talk to them about it (it used to get really good payouts). I haven’t added anything to this site in a couple of years, and it’s not monetized. 1720 unique visitors for 2010. It has some very good links pointing to it, and with new content and some back links could turn a nice profit. There are good search numbers for “Virginia home” related key phrases.

Suggestions for improvement/monetization:

  1. You can change the theme and instantly make it look better
  2. You can start posting regularly and traffic will increase for sure
  3. Acquire some links: I never did anything intentional to get links, so this option is wide open

There are lots of searches for variations of Virginia home, and if you decided to go that way, you could probably connect with some real estate offices and sell leads.

virginia home – 8 year old, PR2 site, great name: 1167 visitors in 2010!

If you want one of these sites, please comment below and tell me which site you want and why I should give it to you: what are you planning to do with it. On Wednesday evening I’ll decide who gets the sites.

Now here is the small print: the sites come “as is” (I’ll take off my ebay info form, so that will only have the link pages and site template/logo) . I’ll send you the files and the database and you take care of it. If you need help moving he site to your host, it can be arranged for $25 if your host has Cpanel.

One comment per person: please don’t spam with comments. I’ll choose someone who has a plan for the site, not based on how many comments you left. Good Luck!

3 comments on “Giving Away 2 Aged Sites”

  1. Hello,

    I live in virginia. I have a lil experience with seo and i own
    Its gets 1700-2000 daily visitors. My site too has been removed by adsense for no reason.
    But my site has survived as i have found alternative monetization options.

    I am interested in

    I have a reseller hosting account with hostgator, so i will give your domain a good home!

    My plans for the domain is this.

    I have been wanting to create a game webiste that reviews game consoles and games and may be expand it to smaller other smaller niches.

    I can send you all my keyword research and game plan for the site.

    The domain name age is crucial for ranking and the age of this domain is an A++.

    I am into seo for the long run and i can make this work.

    I hope i get it.

  2. I have a client of mine (and friend) who designs houses in Virginia. She is very good, but has no website. This would be the perfect domain for her. If I get it, I would give it to her as a bonus and thank you. She has very little money, but lots of talent, so I am trying to help her change that (the money part, not the talent part!). Thanks! Ed

  3. Emeka, and Ed, you got the sites. I’ll contact you at your email.

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