There are a lot of people all over the world making a good living by providing quality services online. Here are five examples of service-based businesses you can start from home.

1) Content Writer

A content writer writes articles, blog posts and informational reports for website owners who choose to outsource their content creation.

Generally a content writer will make between $3 and $12 per article, depending on experience. To start, you may only be able to do one or two articles per hour, but in time you’ll be able to do three to four in an hour, for up to $40+ an hour.

2) Graphic Designer

A graphic designer’s job is to come up with designs that look great. They can design for web or for print. Jobs may be for logos, for brochures, for site layouts and any number of other things.

A graphic designer can make anywhere from $10 an hour initially to $80+ an hour after a few years of experience.

3) Website Builder

A website builder’s primary skill set is not design, but the ability to put together great web pages in a short period of time.

The primary skills you need to know are CSS and HTML, plus the basic principles of design.

Unless you’re incorporating high-end design with your website-building skills, you’ll generally be making $200 to $500 per site, which would usually take less than a day to build.

4) Link Builder for Site Owners

Website owners who want to rank well in search engines often outsource their link building.

Link building usually entails submitting sites to directories, creating Squidoo lenses, spinning articles, creating forum and blog posts, among many other techniques.

Depending on how much value you can bring to clients, you can make anywhere between $5 an hour to $40+ an hour through building links for clients.

5) Online Personal Assistant

Business owners often times want to have PAs to answer their phones, respond to emails and handle their personal lives. Instead of paying $3,000 a month or more to hire a full-time in-office PA, business owners often choose to hire an online personal assistant instead.

The beauty of being an online PA is that you can generally manage several different clients at once. Although each client won’t pay you as much as you’d make if you were working full time, combined the income can be quite good.

How much you can make per client really varies depending on where you get your clients from. If you get your clients from eLance or Guru, you can expect to make $300 to $600 per client. If you get your clients through personal relationships and recommendations, you could make a lot more.

These are just five examples of service-based businesses you can start from home. If you find a business you love and build a solid client base, you can be making very, very good money in just a few months’ time.