step-by-step affiliate marketing with AdWords

You want to use AdWords to make money, right?  Then before you even get started you need to consider the following:

  • Is your website up to the job? Don’t just presume it’s okay because you, your OH and your best friend thinks it’s great!  Try a web usability tool such as, record a few user sessions and check that people know how to navigate your website correctly!
  • Have you considered landing pages? If you are selling services, landing pages are a must!  If your website is an ecommerce site, you will be sending people to category pages or to the product pages.  On your landing or product pages, consider including testimonials and make sure you tell people why they should buy from you.  Consider using Google website optimizer to split test landing pages or parts of your landing pages to increase conversions
  • Install web tracking – not just Google Analytics but consider tools to let you watch live traffic such as  This way you will spot problems with the website quickly, as well as identifying new negative keywords quickly
  • How will you track conversions?  Consider tracking call back requests, newsletter subscriptions, sales, leads and catalogue requests.  Look at competitors’ websites to come with ideas!  Do consider offering special offer codes or free whitepapers to entice people to signup for newsletters, as even if they do not buy today, they may in the future!

Okay, so now we need to consider AdWords itself.  Ensure you:

  • Use targeted buying keywords – such as “Nikon 1410 camera prices” – these keywords indicate that people are ready to buy.  Do not bid on general keywords such as “digital cameras” unless your budget for AdWords is big, and your aims include brand building!
  • Use calls to action – figures work well, especially prices if your website is competitive.  Ask them to Visit Now, Buy Today etc
  • Use phrase and exact match keywords rather than broad match keywords if budgets are tight
  • Make sure you include the keyword in the advert heading
  • Edit your destination URL to include the keywords if possible
  • Make sure you have installed conversion tracking code for each of the conversion types you are tracking

Good luck tracking your website, and turning AdWords visitors into paying customers!

Claire Jarrett runs a Google AdWords management company in Bristol, UK