A few days ago I wrote a post about How to Create a Link to a Specific Page With Share-a-Sale. Today let’s see how we can deep link for CJ merchants. A deep link is a link made to a specific product.

Most merchants selling products have deep linking set up already. You’ll see a “View Products” link as shown below. If you can only see “View Links,” deep linking is not set up for that specific merchant.

CJ deep linking

If your merchant does have deep links, once you enter your keyword you’ll see something like this:

CJ deep linking

Some merchants don’t have a list of their products, but you can build a link to specific pages on their sites in the CJ interface (not all CJ merchants have this option available). Let’s take a look at how you can do that:

Let’s say I wanted to create a link to “Biozone 1000 Pure Home and Office Air Purifier” (a product on CJ). I’d click on “View Links” (shown below).

CJ deep linking

On the next page, I can see the offers from this particular merchant in the form of image links, as well as text links.

CJ deep linking

On the right side of the above page, you’ll see the option to get Java or HTML links. For deep linking, we use HTML. Click on “Get HTML”.

CJ deep linking

Next, you’ll see the following screen:

CJ deep linking

Fill out the necessary information here. First, pick the site you are creating your link for. In the SID field, you can create a tracking code so you know where your sales are coming from. In the destination URL field, paste the link to the specific product page. Lastly, click the “Update Link Code”.

Next, look under the “Update Link Code” and you’ll find your code. Click on “Highlight Code”, then copy and paste it into your page. If you look carefully at the code below, you’ll see that the text of the link is “CleanAir4Life.com.” Change it to your product name: in this case, “Biozone 1000 Pure Home and Office Air Purifier“.

CJ deep linking

That’s all. Questions? Feel free to ask.

2 comments on “How to Create a Link to a Specific Page With CJ”

  1. Adriana, I'm looking creating a blog post about a product in CJ. When I click on the get html link on the next page (which you showed above) there are 3 different boxes of code, do I need to put all three in my post, can I edit any of them for description/formatting?



  2. Jill, you can use one or two of those, depending on your needs. One of the boxes gives you the code for a text link, one gives you code for an image link, and one gives you gives you a form with a buy button. Most of the time I use the text link in combination with the image link. And yes, you can edit them, but be careful so you don't remove any important information from your links. Let me know if you need further help.

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