How I made Over $1000 With Linqia In A Month

Many of us started blogging to chronicle our lives, or share a hobby, or just as an outlet for our thoughts, without giving monetization any thought. There are many ways to make money from your blogging: through affiliate marketing, your own product, ads, sponsorship, etc. Today I’ll share with you how I made a bit over $1000 in a month with Linqia.

How To Monetize Your Blog With Linqia

What Is Linqia And How Can I Make Money With It?

As I mentioned above, one of the ways you can make money with your blog is through sponsored posts. You can find these by reaching out to brands on your own, or by signing up with an influencer network. Linkia connects influencers (that’s us, bloggers) with brands. What does that do for brands?

  • increase awareness about their products
  • launch a product
  • grow their audience
  • increase sales

This is where you come in: if you have the right audience for a brand, you can work together for mutual benefit.

Linqia is a pay per click (PPC) netwok, which means you make as much money as you are able to drive traffic to the brand during a specific time frame. I first heard of Linqia about a year ago, and dismissed it, because I thought I could never send enough traffic to make it worthwhile.

But I was wrong! I applied some time in November and was accepted into the program in December. I also got my first campaign in December. I’ve since applied for a second account (for another site) and been accepted in it as well. I’ve done 2 campaigns in this second account in the past 2 months and made over $1000 in the last month.

Want to sign up for Linqia now? Here’s my link.

Do I qualify to work with Linqia?

They do have some criteria you need to meet before you can be accepted, but it’s not hard. When you go to the sign up page, there’s a pop-up that will ask you a few questions before you can apply. Here’s a screen short for you:

Here are the requirements you need ot fulfil before applying to Linqia

If you can take care of these requirements, go ahead and  apply. Fill out your profile completely, since that’s how they’ll know what campaigns to send you. And watch your email for a reply from Linqia. Once you are approved, you should start getting invited to campaigns that fit in with your audience.

I received invitation on both of my accounts within the first month after applying. When you get an offer, you’ll need to accept it and the terms that come whit it. Make sure you read that email carefully, as you need to do some very specific things as part of your campaign (nothing too hard, but you need to make sure you can perform).

Some people didn’t get an offer for several months. If you don’t get your first campaign offer in the first 30 days after being accepted,  I suggest you contact Linqia and inquire about any campaigns that fit your audience. Make sure you tell them a bit about your audience in that contact email. Be proactive for best results!

How Much Money Can I Make With Linqia?

How much money you can make depends on the size of your audience. For my first campaign on both accounts I made less than $200. You are initially offered a smaller number of clicks (clicks you need to send to the brand). Depending on how well you do, your next campaign can make you a lot more money.

Here’s an example from my second account, which is a gardening site. My first campaign had a limit of 124 clicks because of my small audience. My blog only gets around 200 visitors a day, and I have a Facebook page with about 15K followers.

I delivered those 124 clicks in the fist 2 days of the campaign (usually campaigns last about a month). But I didn’t stop promoting: I continued sharing my blog post and campaign links to my FB audience. I ended up sending 1349 visitors to the brand’s site before the end of the campaign.

Yes, I only got paid for the first 124 clicks. But 3 days after that campaign was over, I was invited to another one, from the same brand. This time they increased my visitors allowance to 737.

As you can see, how much money you make only depends on you. If you work hard at building an engaged audience, and doing what you can for your brands, you’ll be rewarded.

Linqia Has An Affiliate Program

Another way to make money with Linqia is through their affiliate program. For every person you recommend (and gets accepted) you get $5. When they finish their first campaign, you also make 15% of their earnings (one time only).

I happened to invite a blogger with a large audience, and their first campaign gave me more than $100.

So, between my own campaigns and the money from my referral, I made close to $1200 in a month.

I find it very easy to work with Linqia, and hope I gave you a glimpse into what YOU can do too.

See how easy it is to make money with Linqia. I show you how I made $1000 in one month from a site with only 200 visitors a day!

How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Without consistent and healthy amounts of traffic, your blog doesn’t stand a chance of becoming profitable. It’s a simple concept to grasp, but many still struggle to attain the numbers they want. While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to the problem, there are some general best practices every webmaster should follow to maximize their traffic numbers. Learning how to get more traffic to your blog shouldn’t be hard. Here are five simple steps you can take to increase your daily page views. Follow these tips, and you’ll be guaranteed a noticeable uptick in the traffic you receive.

how to get more traffic to my blog

How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Link To Your Own Content

When Google sees that a site has a lot of internal links, that helps your PageRank because it views your site as having some depth and value to offer. If you have a particular post that’s ranked highly in the search results for a certain keyword, link to that post from other posts in your blog using that same keyword as the anchor text. It’ll boost that post in particular and your website as a whole in the organic results. Do the same with other posts and their main keywords and you’ll see a significant increase in your rank overall.

Interact With Your Readers

Your job isn’t done when you post a great new article. If people react positively to your content and leave comments, you should go out of your way to respond to them and keep the conversation going. It’s always flattering when something you write inspires passion in other people. Capitalize on that momentum by making your blog a site that people remember for being more interactive than most of the others they visit throughout the week.

Ditch The Small Talk, Solve A Problem

Nobody cares about how your day wen. Instead of broadcasting your inner monologue, use your blog to give people a solution to a problem. Write a step-by-step tutorial on something you just learned how to do or give them information that’s not widely known that can save time and money. Our time is precious, and people will pay more attention to you if you cut right to the chase and deliver the goods without the extraneous commentary.

Tweak Your Title Keywords

Sometimes, a post you write gets a decent amount of search engine traffic from people who were using an entirely different keyword than you would have expected. You can see this by looking at your analytics and back-end stats, under your traffic sources section. If that’s the case, change the title of the post to include the keyword that’s getting you that traffic in the Search Engine Results Pages. It’ll boost the ranking of that article even further, bringing in even more unique hits.

Get Social

Social media has been over-hyped to some degree over the past few years. But it’s still a valuable tool when it comes to raising your profile. The key is to take a more targeted approach to attracting new readers. Don’t “friend” everyone you run across on Facebook or follow every Tom, Dick, and Harry on Twitter. Find people with similar interests, and start to build an actual community and following that matters. A hundred like-minded followers are worth more than a million who will never read your blog.

Want to explode your Facebook growth? You must see this!

In Closing – These suggestions are easy to implement, but nonetheless quite effective when it comes to driving more readers to your website. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg and there are many other techniques which you can use to boost your blog’s search engine rankings. You probably won’t see immediate results overnight. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and if you use these optimization methods consistently they’ll begin to pay off in short order. The trick is to just keep at it. As with anything else in life, the key to success in blogging is persistence.

Nicole Rodgers has been blogging in the finance and technology industries for three years; she encourages you to create a website and start blogging today.  Blogging is a great way to increase your business network and Nicole’s small business phone is constantly ringing with incoming leads for new clients. Blogging has definitely changed the way Nicole conducts business.

how to get more traffic to your blog

How to Use Facebook to Promote A Business

Facebook is growing rapidly and boasts millions of users with several millions new users each week. This makes it a ripe opportunity to use it to boost your business. Today you’ll learn how to use Facebook to promote a business.

How to Use Facebook to Promote A Business

The first step to promote your business with Facebook is to create a business profile. Facebook offers you the ability to separate your personal and professional social networking activities and offers a number of settings, which you can adjust to meet your needs.

To set your privacy settings, visit

How to Use Facebook to Promote A Business

Before you start promoting your business, make sure you figure out who your audience is. Spending time to promote your business to the wrong audience will backfire.

I recently took Rachel’s Facebook Growth Strategies Course and revived one of my pages I let go last year. I started with almost 8000 likes, and no engagement, and after 6 weeks, I have over 13000 likes and a very engaged audience (lots of of likes, shares and comments on all my posts)

Some of the things I learned:

  • figure out who my audience is
  • ways to target that audience
  • how often to post on my page for maximum effect
  • the value of a viral post and how to create one
  • how larger pages can benefit me, even if they  aren’t directly promoting my page
  • schedule posts ahead of time in an organized fashion and recycle posts that did well (this will change your life!!)
  • how to use Facebook ads to grow my page without losing my shirt

Want to explode your Facebook page? Rachel is reopening this course on March 6th for 3 short days. Get on the waiting list here, and get her course as soon as it opens.

How To Use Facebook Applications For Your Business

Facebook offers a number of applications including creating and joining groups. Adding and joining groups is another way to connect with a very specific target audience. If, for example, you are a dog trainer and your market are new dog owners, you could create a group for puppy owners and share helpful tips, links and information with them.

The group function allows you to also see the groups your friends and associates are participating in so you can make the decision about whether or not it’s a group you too want to participate in.

There are a large number of applications and with Facebook continually growing new applications will be added every day.

Applications to consider include:

Twitter – Allows you to publish your Twitter posts on Facebook.

BlogNetwork – This application is a great way to publicize your blog and gain new followers.

Advertising – Facebook allows you to advertise on their site and to also sell ad space on your profile/fan pages.

Facebook Pages – A Facebook Page is a public profile that makes it possible for you to essentially create a business profile page right on the site. You can share products, sell ad space and market to your audience.

You can also invite people to like your page (you’ll learn a really new trick in Rachel’s course 😉) . Each person who liked your page  is now someone you can market to directly by sending them promotions, information, downloads and so on – much like you would an opt-in list.

Want to see some proof? Take a peek at these case studies for Rachel’s course. Some of them will blow your mind!

Mobile Facebook – allows you to use Facebook from your mobile phone. Great for sending on the fly messages but also good to remember that many people use this feature on their mobile phone and you can market to them specifically.

Facebook is an active, thriving and growing community and it’s not just for teenagers anymore. In fact, middle-aged men and women are one of the largest growing communities online and they’re a lucrative audience.

The Facebook Era: Tapping Online Social Networks to Build Better Products, Reach New Audiences, and Sell More StuffThe Facebook Era: Tapping Online Social Networks to Build Better Products, Reach New Audiences, and Sell More StuffFacebook Marketing: An Hour a DayFacebook Marketing: An Hour a Day

how to grow your facebook business page

7 Ways I Will Boost My Online Income This Year

Every now and then it is good to evaluate how your marketing efforts are working with your website. Is your website doing all that it can do for you? If not, then you may want to re-evaluate your website structure. Today I’ll share 7 ways I plan to boost my online income this year.

7 Ways I Will Boost My Online Income This Year

You should ask yourself one question: is my site relevant? If you are using SEO to create page titles, tag lines and anchor text within content, then you are on the right track. But, even an informational website can do more to pay for itself and create income for your business.

7 Ways I Will Boost My Online Income This Year

  1. Affiliate programsAffiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to boost online income. You can promote products that are complementary to yours on your website. Each time someone clicks on the links, they are directed to that site. You are credited based on the way the program is set up. Choose an affiliate program with a full toolbox of aids to help with your promotion and also incentives for top sellers.
  2. Create a newsletter – This encourages others to read and share your site. It is also one way to build your list of potential customers. Create an opt-in page where they can enter their name and email address in exchange for a free monthly newsletter in their in-box.
  3. Use clear navigation – Include a site map so visitors can see at a glance what your site has to offer. Use buttons that clearly tell customers what action you want them to perform. This way there will be no doubt in their minds. Your buttons can be a “call to action” for affiliate programs and your own products.
  4. Showcase your products – Create an online store or catalog where visitors can see your products and read a description before they buy. Offer deals where they can get free items for buying certain products, or referral bonuses.
  5. FAQs page – This is where they can find out about you and your customer service. Use it to answer commonly asked questions so that you aren’t saddled with emails all containing obvious inquiries.
  6. Guest blogging – When you blog for others, you get exposure to a new audience, and links back to your site. A win-win for everyone.
  7. Look around – Find the sites that are the most popular in your niche and on the internet at large and see how they are using their website to maximize earnings. Try a few pages from their book and see how it works for you 😉

Of course, if you are serious about earning more online, join a mastermind group and focus! The ladies at Pajama Affiliates, Robin and Lesley have helped me focus like never before.

7 easy ways to boost your online income this year

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