I know it’s late into the month, but it’s never too late to start a challenge. Lynn Terry is challenging her elite members to double their traffic to a site. And since I did that for this site only a couple of months, I decided to take on this challenge for a niche site I have been neglecting, but nonetheless is getting some traffic. As a matter of fact, traffic on this site increased over 50% last month. Here is a screen shot of my stats as of today:

April starts for niche site

This challenge will go on for an entire month, until May 12th, 2010. I am looking to get 2904 unique visitors between now and then.

Here is what I’ll do:

– add at least 20 pages to the site (products pages, as well as blog posts, as the site has both)

– guest post once (this is not in the IM niche and guest posting is not popular, but I’ll do my best to find a spot to guest post)

– submit 5 articles to several article directories

– build some incoming links

Now, that’s what I’ll do for my niche site, but I will also submit 5 guest posts for this site: I’d really like to get to a consistent 5K monthly visitors by the end of this year.

What are YOU doing this month to grow your business? Public challenges are amazing: you’ll automatically be more productive, since there are others following your success or failure. Would you join me this month in growing your traffic? Post below and I promise I’ll check with you to see how you are doing.

Here is to SUCCESS!

10 comments on “April Challenge”

  1. Adriana,
    Sign me up! I will do the challenge with you!
    I need to get some traffic so I am willing to take the challenge!

  2. it is a brilliant idea. I would love to double traffic for 2 sites
    How to join up… can you join me up

  3. Hi Adriana, When i compare traffic numbers on awstats on the cpanel versus traffic numbers on Google Analytics, there is a huge difference. the number on awstats is 10 times more than google analytics.
    What could be the reason. Is it all the robots and spiders making the difference?
    Wondering if you can help with some suggestions to follow up as I would like to get the bottom of this difference

  4. I'm in the elite forum too and I'm with you in this challenge especially now that my website re-design is finally at a place where I can market it. Here we go!

  5. Yes, Awstats counts lots of extra things, robots & spiders included. Just pick one of the programs to check on your stats, and double your traffic as stated by that program.

    I use Awstats for quick overview, but when I want to go deep into my stats I use Analytics. Just pick whichever you are more comfortable with. What's important is that you take action: add some content, submit some articles, get more links, etc.

    Wishing you success,

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