I don’t know about you, but challenges, especially public ones get results. Last month, Lynn Terry challenged all her Elite Members to an office clean up. I am very happy with my results for that challenge, so this month I am challenging myself publicly to increase traffic to this blog.  How much? I am going to shoot for 75% increase in unique traffic (I was going to do 50%, but noticed I am on track for that anyway, so it wouldn’t stretch me too much). My blog is fairly new (only started it at the end of October last year), but already has a good number of daily visitors.

So, in order to keep myself accountable, here are my January stats:

January 2010 stats

This means, I need 2084 unique visitors in February in order to accomplish this challenge. I need to get to work immediately, as I only have 379 unique visitors for February as of now, so I am way behind.

I noticed that my daily visitors are dependent on my posting schedule: if I post, regularly, my visitor number grows exponentially.

So, in order to accomplish getting 2084 visitors this month, here is what I am plannign to do:

– post 5 times a week, no matter how hard that will be. I tend to write about 3 posts a week, but need to be more disciplined and post more.

– submit one article each week to EZA, Go Articles, Idea Marketers, etc

– guest post at least once

That’s yet for now. I’ll be back at the beginning of next month with my results.

Do you need more traffic to your blog/site? Why not join me in this challenge? Let me know below if you’d like to join my challenge, and we can keep each other accountable.

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