step-by-step affiliate marketing with AdWords

Did you know that PPC can help your business grow tremendously?  Of course, you need to take the right steps in starting your campaigns, but it’s  possible. Read on to  discover how pay per click can help your business grow.

1. It Provides Results-Driven Marketing at an Affordable Price

Using PPC ads allow you to target your specific audience
– Its pinpoint accuracy can reach a local clientele within a 20-mile radius of your business, if that is your best market.
– You can design ads using specific keywords selected to reach those online buyers already interested in your products or services.
– The price per click is totally determined by you and dependent upon the popularity of the keywords you choose.
– There are no ugly surprises, no hidden fees, simply pay for those whom you draw to your ad and convince to click through.

2. It Equips You with Tracking Tools

Depending on what software you choose for your PPC campaign, there are a wide variety of available tracking tools designed to let you see just how pay per click can help your business grow.

For example, Google AdWords can help you identify the most effective keywords or keywords phrases that will give you the most return on your investment. You may also use Google’s contextual targeting technology that automatically matches your ads to similar ones within their network for greater ad performance.

Placement Performance Report enables its users to see exactly where their PPC ads appear and supplies proven results for future ad development.

Using one or all of these tracking tools lets you hone your PPC ads and help your business grow far faster than yesterday’s traditional, and much more expensive, marketing methods.

3. It Builds Brand Awareness

For as little as a few pennies per click, you can build brand awareness as effectively as your larger, richer, and more experienced competitors. Pay per click actually helps your business grow by equalizing the playing field. You no longer have to take a backseat to the large chains with deeper pockets because your name is less known.

4. Get Results From Day One

Once you start your campaign, you can see results almost immediately: you’ll know within days, if not hours, how your offer is performing. Rather than competing by size or experience, you can now position your business at the top of the market based on quality, performance, price, and ongoing customer service.

5. It Teaches You to Create a Buying Atmosphere

Not only will PPC ads help your business grow by showing you how to reach your targeted consumers, but it will also teach you how to convince interested prospects to purchase by selling the benefits of your products and services. PPC ad campaigns help your business grow by suggesting strong selling words as well as emotionally charged keywords. Words like “free,” “discount,” and “limited weekend offer,” will help you move your prospects to make a buying decision.

If you want to learn more about how to grow your business with PPC, learn form the best. Matt Levenhagen created the Campaign Blasts system, and hundreds of people learned how to build their businesses with his method, me included. Here is a link to Matt’s Campaign Blasts system.

start building your AdWords business today!

2 comments on “How Can PPC Help My Business Grow?”

  1. Hi Adriana, I found out about your blog from your Q&A post with Lynn Terry on her site a while back.

    Actually I have a couple of question that I hope you can enlighten me with. I'm actually trying to use Adwords to drive some targeted traffic to my newly created site but after doing some research (google keyword tool,, my keywords segment (traffic related keywords) are too competitive in the search network, first page CPC estimates is more than $1.50 which is almost impossible to go into.

    So I’m considering using text/image ads for content network solely. Do you know if there is any way I can find out the average CPC for these 2 sections for content network? Would be very grateful if you can advise me on this. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Alex,

    I personally haven't done any content network campaigns, and you'll need to be careful, since content network works completely different.

    I know a guy who wrote a report after being very successful at promoting through the content network. His report is called Ad Infiltration: you may want to take a look at it.

    I'll write a post to address high cost CPC, and see if I can help you with that.

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