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When you first start out in any business, especially online it’s easy to do everything yourself. But there will come a point when you have to outsource if you want to grow the business. And just like everything else in life there are advantages and risks of outsourcing. The main advantages of outsourcing are freeing up your time and masking any weaknesses you may have. But there is one major risk which is sloppy work. As this can cause you any number of problems.

There are only 24 hours in a day and you spend 8 of them sleeping which leaves 16 hours for working, leisure and spending time with friends and family. So by outsourcing your most time consuming tasks you free yourself to focus on more high paying work. Or just give yourself more time to spend with your family.

We can’t all be great at everything and being a jack of all trades master of none isn’t that helpful. Instead of wasting time and energy learning a new skill which you hate doing it’s much easier to just get someone else to do it for you. Not only does this prevent the frustration that can come with learning something new but it also allows you to focus on what you do best.

When deciding who to outsource a job to you need to be careful. As a sloppy job can not only mean you waste time but at the worst can cost you thousands of dollars, if, for example, the guy/gal you got to do your graphics used a copyrighted image. So before you hire somebody to do work for you take a look at what other people say about them. Maybe even do a Google search on them.

No matter what the advantages and risks of outsourcing you will have to do it at some point in time. As no one can do everything and if you try you’ll just run yourself into the ground. The advantages of saving time so you can focus on the more high paying work and avoid any weakness you may have are great reasons why you should outsource. But to avoid the major risk of sloppy work you’ll want to pay close attention to feedback and not just hire someone because they are cheap. To be certain of getting a good job done you’ll probably want to get recommendations from people you trust.

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2 comments on “What Are The Advantages And Risks of Outsourcing?”

  1. Great advice per usual Adriana! Totally agree there's a point where you have to take the leap, hire help and let others do some work if you want to build bigger.

    -Matt 😎

  2. Looking forward to the day I can totally outsource. Right now I have to get over the nervous part about giving someone access to personal stuff like hosting account, etc. I might bite the bullet and outsource the upgrade and addition of some WordPress plug in's for now but other than that not much else that I can afford to outsource right now. One day!

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