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Free Niche Research: Fish Tanks

Todays niche research is fish tanks, something many will get for the holidays as gift to their loved ones. So, let’s see how we can profit form this niche.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords (from the Google keyword tool)

fish tank cleaning services $2.19

fish tank decor $1.95

biorb fish tanks $1.90

wall mounted fish tank $1.85

fish tank decoration $1.81

fish tank cleaning $1.81

wall mounted fish tanks $1.73

fish tank decorations $1.70

custom built fish tanks $1.59

fish tank air pumps $1.47


fish tank pump $1.42

fish tank chillers $1.39

picture frame fish tank $1.36

custom made fish tanks $1.35

fish tank supplies $1.33

biorb fish tank $1.33

commercial fish tanks $1.28

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords (all phrases are exact matches in Google)

fish tanks 12,100

fish tank 8,100

fish tanks for sale 2,900

salt water fish tanks 2,900

10 gallon fish tank 1,600

fish tank filters 1,600

fish tank stands 1,300

betta fish tanks 1,300

fish tank accessories 1,300

20 gallon fish tank 1,000


fish tank supplies 1,000

fish tanks aquariums 1,000

cheap fish tanks 1,000

55 gallon fish tank 1,000

fish tank decorations 1,000

tropical fish tanks 1,000

saltwater fish tanks 1,000


You can learn more about fish tanks from online fishing forums, fishing magazines, and fishing books. Of course, if you keep fish yourself, or have friends that do, then you have an even better resource.

Possible Affiliate Programs

Amazon offers many fish tank accessories: filter, heater, chiller, light, stands, and more. You can also find a few ebooks on Clickbank, and of course, SAS and CJ have offers you can use as well.

Monetization Suggestions

Most people will be looking for information on how to maintain their fish tank, how to decorate it, how to make sure it creates the best conditions for their fish, etc. Creating informational pages will attract these people, and once on your site, you can direct them to your product pages, as well as offer them ad  report to sign into your list.

You are definitely going to want to build a list, as this market is continuously looking for ways to improve their fish tank.

Remember to create product pages, and in your informational posts you can add links to these page. One of the most profitable ways to create a product page was explained in the Amazonian ebook by Paula and Wanda.

One last thing: once you learn a little more about fish tanks, you’ll want to  create your own product! It shouldn’t be that hard and the rewards are amazing!

Here are some .com domains available for this niche now:




Here are some .org domains available:






And some .net ones:





Resources to grow your new niche site fast:

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Head Keywords – Applying the 80-20 Rule To PPC Campaigns

the 80-20 rules

This is a Guest Post by Justin Freid

Certain keywords get searched more times than others; knowing which keywords these are can help you use your valuable time and focus on keywords that will provide you the best return on your investment. What is known as the 80-20 can be easily applied to paid search, 80% of your traffic is going to come from 20% of your keywords. So wouldn’t t it make sense to spend 80% of your time on that 20% of your keywords?

These keywords often represent a significant amount of your traffic along with most of your conversions and generate the most revenue. It makes sense that your eyes and time should be focused on these keywords more than your long tailed keywords.

While growing a list of quality long tailed keywords through query mining can be beneficial and provide very targeted visitors to your site, the low volume of searches and revenue related to these keywords does not justify a significant time investment.

With that in mind, keeping focused and fine tuning the ad groups that contain your highest grossing keywords is extremely important. It presents you with the best ROI for your time investment. In another post I addressed the practice of keeping branded keywords separated in their own campaign. This would allow for your other campaigns with head and tail keywords to not have their data skewed by your high CTR and converting branded keywords.

Following this methodology, keeping a common structure throughout your other campaigns can be extremely helpful as well. If possible and relevant to the ad copy, try to keep like head terms together within ad groups. If you are consistent with your set up if segmented and relevant ad groups, reporting will be more clear and you will be able to make more justifiable decisions regarding your head and tail terms. This practice should lead to optimizing your account for clicks and cost reduction.

Justin Freid is the founder of Justin Freid Media, a paid search and search engine optimization agency. Justin also runs an internet marketing forum to help others learn and implement SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing.