We all deal with fears, stress and anxiety at times as we expand and grow.  It seems to be a natural part of life and brings our attention to the fact that something is missing for us in that moment.  What is missing during those times is usually a feeling of safety and certainty.

Here are some simple techniques to help create stability and center us during our growth spurts as conscious entrepreneurs.

Break it Down. When facing new challenges that elicit fear, overwhelm or stress the first thing to do is break it down into a series of small steps.  Complete each small step one at a time to make it more manageable and increase your chances of success.

Take a Breath. Sometimes we get stressed when everything seems to happen all at once. When this occurs, take a deep breath and refocus your mind away from the challenge for a few minutes. Get some fresh air, listen to music, or do an activity that will give you a fresh perspective on the situation.

Visualise. At times we can experience fearful thoughts that may be hard to manage. Visualize a Red STOP sign to interrupt the negative thought. Take a breath and replace the thought with a positive affirmation eg. ‘I am always given the courage to move through difficult situations and succeed’.

Get the Facts. When we encounter challenging situations that upset us it is valuable to remember to get all the facts. Gathering the facts prevents us from scaring ourselves with exaggerated and fearful assumptions.  Check out what is real and what is not by asking yourself – ‘Is this real?’, ‘What is the worst that could happen?’ ‘What support could I get to help me with this?’

Re-focus. We always have a choice to dwell on the negative things in life or choose to focus on all the positive things around us and acknowledge and be grateful for those. As they say ‘Energy flows, where attention goes’. Whatever we focus on expands – choose what you focus on.

Take Action. Ask – ‘What small action can I take right now that will make me feel in charge?’ then take it.  Taking action gets you moving rather than going round and round in your head, empowering you to move through any fears and anxieties that pop up one step at a time.

Everyone faces fears at some time in their life especially when trying new things, it is normal. Overcoming fears and anxieties is not always easy and might take some hard work and persistence but by using strategies to face, move through and overcome these fears your trust in your own abilities grows along with your self confidence and self belief.

So, you could look at fear as a positive opportunity to grow and expand as it is moving you towards a stronger believe in yourself, how good is that?

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8 comments on “Managing Fear During Growth Spurts”

  1. Suzanne, I love how you wrote this is such a clear and precise format this is easy to read and something everyone can utilize!
    Great information as we all know how fear creeps in if we allow it to. Thanks!!

  2. Hi Suzanne,

    I love how this is written in such a clear and easy to read format. It is great information on how to deal with the fear that creeps into all of our lives. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for using my article as I feel fear is something that we all experience as we grow and knowing how to overcome it and make it work for you is pivotal to people getting the best from life, especially for conscious entrepreneurs success! Really appreciate all the feedback best wishes Suzanne

  4. Great post Suzanne. I agree with Kathleen, it is really helpful to have a step by step plan and various options so you can call on them when needed. As a contributing Author of ALIGN EXPAND and SUCCEED, and a conscious entrepreneur I have found that you can get in overwhelm and Suzanne’s information would be incredibly helpful for those times. Also thank you Adrianna for posting this important information on your blog. Really helpful and worthwhile.

  5. I love your tip about taking a breath and getting a fresh perspective on fear. I think that is what conscious business owners are–a fresh perspective on business.

  6. Thank you Suzanne for sharing your insights on conscious business and managing fear in simple steps. You have been such a beautiful contribution to all of us!

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