Have you been watching the news lately? It sounds like the awful bed bugs have returned everywhere. These pests have made an appearance in movie theaters, offices, hospitals and colleges, nursing homes and even cruise ships.

People are desperately looking for ways to prevent getting infested, and others unfortunately, are looking for ways to get rid of the nasty bugs.

Let’s see how you can get help these people and make some money in the process.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords (from the Google keyword tool)

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bed bugs spray $2.66

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bed bug control $2.49

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bed bug problem $2.37

bed bug removal $2.27

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords (all phrases are exact matches in Google)

bed bugs 450,000

bed bug 90,500

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how to kill bed bugs 14,800

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what do bed bugs look like  12,100

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bed bugs treatment 8,100


kill bed bugs 5,400

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bed bug infestation 3,600

bed bugs extermination 3,600


There’s a lot in the news about this lately, so if you make a point to watch the news, or search Google news, you’ll learn a lot about this.

Possible Affiliate Programs
Dead Bed Bugs Contact Killing Bed Bug Spray, Safe - Non-Toxic 32 ozDead Bed Bugs Contact Killing Bed Bug Spray, Safe – Non-Toxic 32 ozYou can find bed bugs spray, bed bug mattress covers,¬† bed bug powder, and more at Amazon. Clickbank has Bed Bugs Uncovered as well as Bye Bye Bed Bugs and a few more. you may want to get a review copy so you can review it well, and make sure it’s worth promoting.

Monetization Suggestions

Information is what people are looking for. Bed bugs are somewhat new in this day and age, and most people have no clue how these bugs spread, what they look like, etc.

You can also create some Iproduct page reviews for bed bug spray, bed bug mattress covers, etc.

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