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It’s Time To Create Your Information Products

Many people want to become information publishers. Yet they don’t want to write a book. Good news. You don’t have to!

However, before we talk about how to get around creating the product yourself let’s take a look at a few reasons you might want to write it yourself.

  1. You know your niche topic better than most.
  2. You’ll get the book/product you want.
  3. If you can talk you can write a book.
  4. You don’t have to write a book you can create a video series.
  5. Writing it yourself doesn’t have to take long or cost any money. In fact, you can write an ebook in a week.

The process is simple:

  • Choose your topic
  • Create a plan/outline
  • Write on your topic. Don’t edit or research. Make notes about where you need more information
  • Fill in the blanks. Edit and polish
  • Add graphics, disclaimer, and copyright
  • Save as a secured PDF
  • Sell

And, if you’re not convinced, then here are a few ways you can create a product without having to do it yourself.

happy outsourcing


You can hire a ghostwriter to create an information product for you. There are some truly wonderful ghostwriters. You can provide the topic and the outline to them and they do the rest. You have 100% rights to the product once it’s been created and paid for.

Before hiring a ghostwriter or contractor be sure to review samples of their work. Sign a work for hire agreement that stipulates your rights. Make sure it also covers delivery dates and fees.


PLR stands for Private Label Rights. You can buy ebooks and other information products and the rights to them. Depending on the rights you buy it generally means you can modify and brand the book however you want. You can then resell it. PLR quality varies from company to company. Some companies have a great reputation for quality. Research your potential PLR provider before you buy.

Before we talk about the money making aspect of info publishing it’s important to reiterate that you can create your own information products. If you have an hour a day for thirty days you can create your product and have it polished and ready to go at the end of the month. Faith in yourself and a commitment to the process is all you need.

Resources for  creating information products:

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What You Need To Start Publishing Information

Getting started in info publishing is a pretty straight forward process. You need:

  • A niche
  • Home office with computer
  • A business plan
  • Business operation software
  • Marketing strategy

Let’s take a look at each of these items a little more closely.


Your niche is your specialized topic. It’s important to choose a niche because it’ll be easier to be competitive. It’ll be easier to be profitable. For example, there are many books on home organization. However, there may not be a book on how to organize your garage for maximum efficiency. Or garage organization for single women. That’s even more specialized.

Choosing a niche may be the most important step you take. You’ll want to make sure you’re choosing a topic that you’re passionate about. What’s your passion? Make a list. Choose ten to fifteen topics you love. The more enthusiasm you have for your topic the easier it’ll be to make money. Now research demand. How many people are looking for your information? Finally, you’ll want to see how much competition there is. Keyword research tools can help you find a profitable niche.

Home Office

It’s nice if you can have a quiet and organized place to work. It’ll help you get and stay productive. However, if you don’t have room for a home office you at least need a computer. Your computer will be ground zero for your business operations so make sure it supports you r needs and consider investing in a backup system.

Business Operation Software

In adding to software to create your information product, like Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF maker you’ll want to consider:

  • Auto-responder
  • Shopping cart software
  • Website analytics
  • Bookkeeping software

Business Plan

Once you have a niche it’s also time to begin planning your business. What type of information products are you going to publish? There are a number of products you can create. The most common is the ebook. You can also create:

  • Home study courses
  • Workbooks
  • Online courses
  • Video series.
  • Informative interview series (recorded and delivered via audio download)
  • Workshops and seminars (recorded and delivered via audio or video download)
  • Reports
  • Checklists, templates, blueprints, mind maps and other smaller downloads.

You can also decide to create one book on one niche topic or a series of products on one niche topic. Your business plan is where you set out your vision and goals for your business. Research your competition. Document your target audience. Plan how you’re going to market and sell to them.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Your sales and marketing strategy will be part of your business plan. However, they’re important enough to isolate as an independent step in the business creation process. You’ll want to take a look at various marketing strategies and tools. For example, do you want a website or blog? What’s your domain name going to be? What tactics will you use to promote your information product?

You’ve chosen a niche. You’ve set up your home office and created a comprehensive business plan. It’s time to get busy creating that product that’s going to line your pockets with money.