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With all the winter celebrations around me, I thought it would be fun to do something related to the season.

Even though Sleigh Beds are not used only during the holidays, LOL, it’s still fun to look at this niche now, in the middle of the holiday season.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords(from the Google keyword tool)toddler sleigh beds $2.73

kids sleigh bed $2.71

bob mackie sleigh bed $2.61

white sleigh beds $2.37

single sleigh bed $2.16

wooden sleigh bed $.05

double sleigh bed $1.99

pine sleigh bed $1.97

cheap sleigh beds $1.90

sleigh low profile bed $1.88

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords(all phrases are exact matches in Google)sleigh bed 22,000

sleigh beds 12,100

king sleigh bed 3,600

queen sleigh bed 3,600

king size sleigh bed 1,600

twin sleigh bed 1,600

full size sleigh bed 880

king sleigh beds 880

iron sleigh bed 720

sleigh bed frame 720


Probably the best place to get information about these is an industry magazines.

Of course, if you can connect with a manufacturer of sleigh beds, you could hit the jackpot.

Possible Affiliate Programs

As always, has over 1000 sleigh beds. has several merchants offering sleigh beds. Here are a few:,

Monetization Suggestions

Great AdSense payout for several key phrases, if you want to go that route.

Of course, affiliate stores for specific beds would do very well.

Here are some domains available now for this niche: & .info get 3600 exact searches a month. gets 3600 exact searches a month., .org & .info get 1600 exact searches a month  & .info are available: 1600 exact searches/month., .org & .info are all available, and the phrase gets 880 exact searches/month., .org & .info are all available, getting 880 exact searches monthly., .org & .info are all available and  get 720 exact searches monthly., .net, .org & .info are all available: 720 exact searches a month.

I think this is an amazing niche: go build your niche site!

Brainstorming Ideas for Your Blog

Earlier today, one of the members at Lynn Terry’s Elite Forum, asked for help with keyword research for his blog about Life Changes. And while trying to help him, I thought of a way to come up with blog post ideas that I never thought about before.

Here is what I suggested to him:

Go to this list of life change books, and look at all those books.

Take a piece of paper and pen, and block an hour or so for research. As you go to each books’ specific page, write down post titles/ideas that stem from the book’s title and description. If the book offers a sample to read, or table of content, look a that as well. Make sure you write the book’s title next to your ideas, so you can actually recommend that book when you come around writing that post.

Then, do the same thing with life change DVD’s, etc. You’ll never run out of post ideas this way.

I then went to the first book, When Life Changes or You Wish It Would: A Guide to Finding Your Next Step Despite Fear, Obstacles, or Confusion and did some research myself.

Here is what I came up with for blog post ideas:

* How to find your life purpose
* Are you holding on to your ideas, even when they create havoc in your life?
* I lost my job: what now?
* Moving forward after a loss
* The effect of success
* How to develop your talents
* Are money issues weighing you down?
* Money management software
* How to manage your money
* How positive thoughts can change your life

And if I wanted to, I could come up with a lot more. Just imagine how much material you can write from this method.

Stephen still had concerns about the keywords not being searched for. So, Ii did a little research on my first suggestion for a post title.

Go to

Enter “find your life purpose” and click on the exact button. You’ll get this:

[how to find your purpose in life] 390
[finding your life purpose] 210
[find your life purpose] 110
[find your purpose in life] 110

For those post titles that don’t have specific searches, you’d write the post, and in it link to those posts or pages that do.

Create some pages for specific items. For example, “dress for success book” gets 170 searches a month. “Purpose driven life books” and “purpose driven life book” get 390 searches each. They are very specific searches, so your visitors would be well qualified.

There are 2 kinds of pages in a blog: post and pages. Use your posts to write about everything, even if they don’t have lots of searches, as long as you can link from those posts to your money pages. These post will attract visitors through key phrases you didn’t even dream about.

Then, create specific pages, like the ones I mentioned above: dress for success book and purpose driven life book/s and then you focus your linking to those pages, but have a lot of great content on your blog as well.

The SSWT Elite Forum, is full of great discussions and brainstorming. I invite you to stop by and see what you can accomplish by participating in a brainstorming group like this.

Understand Your Audience With Google Analytics

Yesterday we learned how to install Google Analytics program. To recap, this tool is free and easy to set up, it will not mess up your site, and it will give you an idea about what is happening with your website.

If you pay attention to what the Analytics tool tells you about what your market is doing, and if you make the appropriate adjustments, you are on your way to higher profits.

So, how can you understand your audience better with the Analytics program?

Firs of all, you can see where your traffic is coming from: on the left side of the dashboard, there is a link for “Traffic Sources”, and once you click on that you’ll see this:

traffic sources

As you can see, there are several types of traffic to check for. Let’s take a look at the traffic I have for this site form referring sites:

Now, do you think that information is important to me? Of course it is: fist of all, I know that my top traffic referrer is Lynn’s SSWT forum. Do you think I’ll be inclined to participate more in the forum there? You bet!

M6y second source of traffic is Twitter, so there I have an incentive to continue to build relationship over there.

Now, if you click on the “Content Link”, located under the “Traffic sources” link, you can see your top visited pages, which are also called entry pages. How can you use this information? Two ways:

1. Create specific pages for keyword phrases you were found through, but you don’t have a specific post for.

2. Check your top entry pages to make sure your visitors gets the best experience when they land on that page. Do you have broken links? Is the page monetized porp0perly? Do you have a call to action?

Are you using Google Analytics? Do you have questions? Do you use it differently than mentioned above? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

How to Install Google Analytics

google analytics

You probably know by now that in order to grow your internet business you need visitors, and lots of them. But what if you have visitors to your site, but not making money yet?

Do you know how your visitors are finding you? Which pages they enter your site through? Which pages they are leaving from? All this information is important and can make or brake your business.

Google Analytics is free and will give you a lot of information about your site. Here is a quick review of how to install it on your sites.

Go to to get started. If you already have a Google account, you are all set to go. If not, get a Gmail address.

Once you are logged into your Gmail account, you’ll see this:

After that, it’s really just following the prompts you see on the page.

Here is what you’ll see after clicking on the sign up button:

Fill out your website URL, name , etc. and aftyer you agree to the terms of service, you’ll get some code you need to upload to your site.

Here is how it looks right after you signed up:

Placing the code on your site

Once you arrive at the code, highlight & copy it, then go and place it before your </body> tag on all of your website pages. If you have a static site, you’ll need to use a multi-file find and replace tool, like Dreamweaver of FrontPage.

If you have a WordPress site, it’s as easy as editing your footer.php file and you are all done. You still need to see if your data is flowing. Go back into your analytics account, click on “edit”, and you’ll see a link that says “check status”. Click on that and you should be all set.

Then, after a day or so, you can start seeing data come in that will help you make the right decisions for your business. Don you have any questions? Let me know.

Is Outsourcing Part of Your Business?

outsourcing help

It’s a fact: outsourcing is the wave of the future.  If you want to be able to grow your business, you need to learn about outsourcing, and give it a try.

What Can You Outsource?

Just about every aspect of your business can be outsourced, but most people will start with those activities they don’t enjoy, or take to much to perform.

Here are some examples of outsourced jobs for internet marketers:

Website Design – when starting out (and even later), you may not know how to create an appealing website. Sure, you can spend hours upon hours and come up with something, but why not let an expert create a professional looking website that will help your business grow?

Sit down and come up with a plan for your site, and then hand it over to a good web designer, and while you are waiting for your site to be created, go on and start working on your content, make marketing plans, etc.

Website Content – if you have a hard time coming up with content for your sites, or, if you get frustrated just thinking about sitting down to write for your sites, don’t waste your energy. Find someone who is good at writing and hire them to create your content.

Great content writers are fairly easy to find these days, but I suggest you start out with a small test just to make sure your writer is a good fit for your business.

Customer service – this would include managing email, sending out quotes, product support, answering the phone, etc. Can you even imagine how much more you can do in your own business if these tasks were handled for you by a professional, and you didn’t have to worry?

Niche Research – Doing proper niche research before starting a new site is the best insurance for a successful business online. Too many newbies get excited and start their business before doing their research, only to find out later, after spending time and money, that they are in the wrong niche or that there is too much competition.

There are many more outsourcing opportunities, but this is a start. When you are ready for more, you can also outsource list building, traffic, product creation and more.

Nicole Dean’s product, Outsource Weekly can help you avoid costly outsourcing mistakes. Learn TODAY how you can build a better, stronger business.

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