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Desktop Clutter – How is it Affecting Your Productivity?

desktop clutter

It’s confession time: I can no longer see all items on my desktop. There! I said it. I don’t know how others organize their information, but I definitely have a problem. I want to have everything right there, in front of me, so I can find it. But, by doing that, I am actually making matters worse.

I noticed I waste a lot of time looking for the right document, and many times can’t find what I am looking for.

So, what are all those folders you see on my desktop? Here is just a sampling:

• PLR articles
• PDF documents I “saved” to “read later”
• ghostwritten articles I commissioned as far back as 2 years ago, and still haven’t used
• programs I use on a daily basis
• client website backups
• website projects I started and never finished
• a lot more…

Over the next few days, the plan is to re-organize my desktop folders, delete old or outdated files, and find a better way to keep my desktop organized.

I’d love to hear how you keep your computer organized.

How to Lose $200 a Day

losing money

It’s not something anyone plans to do, but it happens to some of us. As I am pondering over my life as an entrepreneur, I see I’ve made some mistakes that took me off my course.

I started online in October of 2000 with a gift basket site: I knew nothing about building or maintaining a website, SEO, or how to run a business for that matter.

In the process of learning how to bring potential customers to my site, I not only learned how to rank well in Google, but I also learned about AdSense and affiliate marketing.

And with that knowledge, I began to suffer from the “shiny object syndrome”, as some call it. I wanted to test everything I learned, and so I started accumulating a new domain for every new project I thought I needed.

I also started to look for other ways to make money online (sound familiar?), and so I lost my focus. I went from making a consistent $200/day to sometimes only $10/day.

I learned a lot in the past few years, but how is that good if I can’t get out of learning mode? Just learning something new every day will not help me unless I make a decision to follow through and apply what I learned.

So, I’ve been pondering where to take my business form here on, and I decided I need to get back to basics. I already started “trimming the unnecessary fat”:

• gave away several domains I didn’t have time to develop
• sold a site I lost interest in
• let a few other domains expire
• started this blog to share my journey back to a profitable online business

Are you making the same mistake? If so, it’s time to look at your business and decide today to focus: one project at the time!

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