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What You Need To Start Publishing Information

Getting started in info publishing is a pretty straight forward process. You need:

  • A niche
  • Home office with computer
  • A business plan
  • Business operation software
  • Marketing strategy

Let’s take a look at each of these items a little more closely.


Your niche is your specialized topic. It’s important to choose a niche because it’ll be easier to be competitive. It’ll be easier to be profitable. For example, there are many books on home organization. However, there may not be a book on how to organize your garage for maximum efficiency. Or garage organization for single women. That’s even more specialized.

Choosing a niche may be the most important step you take. You’ll want to make sure you’re choosing a topic that you’re passionate about. What’s your passion? Make a list. Choose ten to fifteen topics you love. The more enthusiasm you have for your topic the easier it’ll be to make money. Now research demand. How many people are looking for your information? Finally, you’ll want to see how much competition there is. Keyword research tools can help you find a profitable niche.

Home Office

It’s nice if you can have a quiet and organized place to work. It’ll help you get and stay productive. However, if you don’t have room for a home office you at least need a computer. Your computer will be ground zero for your business operations so make sure it supports you r needs and consider investing in a backup system.

Business Operation Software

In adding to software to create your information product, like Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF maker you’ll want to consider:

  • Auto-responder
  • Shopping cart software
  • Website analytics
  • Bookkeeping software

Business Plan

Once you have a niche it’s also time to begin planning your business. What type of information products are you going to publish? There are a number of products you can create. The most common is the ebook. You can also create:

  • Home study courses
  • Workbooks
  • Online courses
  • Video series.
  • Informative interview series (recorded and delivered via audio download)
  • Workshops and seminars (recorded and delivered via audio or video download)
  • Reports
  • Checklists, templates, blueprints, mind maps and other smaller downloads.

You can also decide to create one book on one niche topic or a series of products on one niche topic. Your business plan is where you set out your vision and goals for your business. Research your competition. Document your target audience. Plan how you’re going to market and sell to them.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Your sales and marketing strategy will be part of your business plan. However, they’re important enough to isolate as an independent step in the business creation process. You’ll want to take a look at various marketing strategies and tools. For example, do you want a website or blog? What’s your domain name going to be? What tactics will you use to promote your information product?

You’ve chosen a niche. You’ve set up your home office and created a comprehensive business plan. It’s time to get busy creating that product that’s going to line your pockets with money.

7 Reasons to Become an Info Publisher

Becoming an information publisher offers a number of benefits. In fact, it’s one of the few business models that you can essentially set and forget and still make money. You can publish a book, put your marketing into place and earn profits for decades. It’s a fantastic stand alone business model. It works well as a supplementary business model too.

Profit from your Passion

Choose a topic you love. As an info publisher you’re able to create an information product like a book or a home study course. Your information helps people live better lives. It solves their problems. It provides value and benefit. You’re helping people. You’re sharing your passion and making a profit.

Credibility and Authority

Boost your image. Many people venture into information publishing because they want to enhance their careers. Publication helps establish you as an authority. For example, if you’re a sales consultant your business might receive a great boost in clients if you publish a book on how to be a better sales person. It can also lead the way to a future career. That same sales consultant who published a book may become a sought after public speaker.

24/7 Profits

One of the most compelling reasons to become an information publisher are the round the clock profits. Once your marketing system is in place you can essentially set it and forget it. Of course you can also continue to create more information products and increase your profits.

It’s not unheard of for an information publisher to make money from a book they wrote five years ago. With a sales page, strategically placed advertisements, good SEO and an automated sales process it’s easy to sit back and relax. Of course, you can add more products and grow your business too.

Automated Sales and Fulfillment Process

If you create digital products then the sales and fulfillment process is 100% automatic. With the use of shopping cart software and an autoresponder you don’t have to lift a finger. Your customer buys the product. They pay for it and they automatically receive a download link in their email in box. You can even automate or outsource customer service to manage any technical difficulties or returns.


Want complete control over your life? Information publishers can live a very relaxed life. You can spend a few months setting up your business. Then you can take a few months off. You can work three weeks a month and then take a week off. You’re able to choose your work schedule. You’re also able to choose when to work. If you’re a morning person you might choose to work in the mornings. That leaves the afternoons open for playing. As an info publisher, you control your life, your career and your business.

Great Income Potential

Want unlimited income potential? If you write a book and publish via traditional means you make only a small percentage of the total sales. If you write a book and have it printed via a print on demand fulfillment system you make about fifty percent of the cost of the book.

If you become an information publisher and create digital products then you earn 100% of the profits. And you get to choose the price of the book. If you want to sell the book for twenty dollars you can. If you want to sell it for a hundred dollars. You can. Yes, people have priced their books at a hundred dollars and sold them effectively. People will pay a lot of highly specialized information.

High Return on Investment

Want a small investment and a high return? There’s a generally low startup cost to get started as an information publisher. In the next chapter we’ll take a look at what you need to get started. However, before we move on consider that:

  • You can write or create your info products yourself.
  • You can create your own sales copy and marketing messages.
  • Your shopping cart software and autoresponder only cost a few hundred dollars a year maximum and you can pay by the month.
  • You can create your own website or blog. Customized graphics or a template will help you brand your business and you can hire someone to create them for less than a few hundred dollars.

In short, you can get started as an information marketer for less than $1000. And many people start for less than $200. You’ll earn back your investment and start profiting in no time.

How to Stay Passionate and Focused in 2011

With the New Year here, it’s time to look back and see how 2010 was for you personally as well as for your business. If things didn’t go your way, or could have been better, you can essentially wipe the slate clean and start over. If you want to be more passionate and focused this coming year, then this is the perfect time to get started.

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Analyze why you’ve struggled to stay passionate and focused

Are you working too hard? Are your goals not being met? Are you struggling? Any or all of these things can affect your ability to stay passionate and focused.

Before you can make a change it’s important to assess what has gone wrong in the past. Spend some time contemplating why you’ve struggled to stay passionate in your business. It’s entirely possible that you’ve chosen the wrong business for your personality and interests. That’s okay. The New Year is the perfect time to make things right.

Identify habits you’d like to adopt to support your resolution

A steady system of positive and supportive habits will help you make a change for the better. For example, one of the reasons you may have trouble staying focused could be because you don’t have a quiet workspace.

You can create a workspace and then create the habit of spending time there each day. If you’re trying to be productive from the kitchen table or living room couch, it may be difficult. Create habits that support your success.

If you’re struggling to stay passionate about your business because you’re overloaded with tasks you dislike, outsource the tasks you can unload. Then create a habit of managing the uninteresting tasks and then rewarding yourself with some fun. By adding a positive reward to the task, you can approach it with a better attitude.

Slow and steady wins the race

One of the reasons most New Year’s Resolutions don’t stick is because people expect too much right away. The secret to achieving your goals is to manage them in smaller, bite-sized chunks. Break your goal down into smaller and more manageable steps. Determine why you’re not passionate about your business. Identify why you’re unfocused. Create smaller goals to help you change your habits.

Embracing positive habits and making lifestyle changes will help ensure you achieve your New Year’s goal. Your business will be much more successful when you can embrace it passionately. It’ll be more fun too!

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How to Make Your Business More Profitable In the New Year

The New Year brings with it tremendous opportunity. For many it’s an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start over. It’s also an opportunity to let your imagination seek new heights and set new goals. For business owners the New Year offers a prime planning and growth opportunity.

As a business owner you can take advantage of the New Year to plan for growth. What do you want to achieve? Anything is possible!

If you’re looking for inspiration or advice on seizing the New Year to grow your business then here are 17 exciting ways to make your business more profitable – 17 possible resolutions for you to capture and make your own.


Great! Let’s get started!

The New Year is the perfect time to take a renewed interest in boosting your business profits. If one of the 17 resolutions mentioned here doesn’t appeal, create your own resolution. The secret to resolution success is to plan for it, set achievable and measureable goals and to track success. Small changes lead to big results.

As 2011 draws closer so too does your opportunity for a bigger and better business. To your success!

How to Balance Your Work Schedule during the Holidays

Once the holidays come around it seems schedules and staying on task fly right outside the window. Not only do you have your regular business tasks which may increase due to the holiday season, but family is often off work and out of school. And then of course there are the holiday festivities, which means preparation time. Is balance possible, or do you just throw up your arms and give into chaos? Don’t give up! Here’s how to balance your work schedule during the holidays.

Set realistic goals

No matter how you might like it to be otherwise, there are only 24 hours in a day, and it may seem like there are actually much less. While a standard week’s goals might be to implement a marketing strategy, hire a contractor, and bill 20 hours of work, during the holidays you’re going to want to cut back and focus on the essential tasks, the tasks that make money. And your goals may need to be reduced. If you normally bill 20 hours of coaching, for example, then you may need to cut back during the holidays and bill only 10 or 15.

Alter your schedule

With family in town, or if you’re traveling out of town and have holiday outings to tend to, it’s likely that your schedule is going to have to change. If for example, you normally work from 9-1 during the day, then you may want to shift your hours to when family members are asleep or are less active.

Automate and seek outside help

While the holidays isn’t a great time to try a new contractor, it is a great time to hand off some work to someone you’re familiar with. Hiring a new employee during the holidays only makes it harder on you and they may not be as available as you’d like. And remember how wonderful technology is.

You can schedule your blog posts and email marketing in advance. And you can use a voicemail and an email autoresponder to let customers and prospects know you’ll get back to them. This means you won’t miss potential business and you can enjoy family time without having to be chained to the phone.

Balancing your work schedule during the holidays can be difficult. However, it is possible with a little planning and dedication. You’ll want to cut back, focus on specific and attainable goals, goals that are directly related to your bottom line. You may also need to adjust your schedule and of course take advantage of technology and your contractors – they’re there to help! Lighten your load as much as possible and enjoy the holiday season. You deserve it!

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