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Free Niche Research: Calendars

free niche research

It’s still the beginning of the year and I was thinking about hoe to better manage my life this year. so, while doing some research for myself, I came across this huge niche: Calendars. There is a calendar for everything, and that makes this a niche full of opportunity.

I have a great idea I can’t wait to share with you when I get to the monetization suggestions, so let’s get on with it!

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords(from the Google keyword tool)

promotional calendars $4.63

custom calendar printing $4.54

calendar printing company $4.25

fundraising calendars $3.88

fundraiser calendars $3.74

personalized calendar $3.64

personalized calendars $3.56

online calendar $3.54

promotional calendar $3.52

custom photo calendar $3.18

Bonus Keywords

photo calendar $3.06

business calendars $2.93

photo calendar maker $2.69

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords(all phrases are exact matches in Google)

ovulation calendar 201,000

printable calendar 135,000

free blank calendars 110,000

pregnancy calendar 110,000

calendar template 90,500

December calendar 40,500

promotional calendars 33,100

photo calendars 27,100

calendar creator 18,100

calendar maker 18,100

Bonus Keywords

baby calendar 6,600

dog calendars 6,600

week by week pregnancy calendar 1,900


This time your resources will be different for the different calendar types.  For example  if you decided to get into the pregnancy calendar niche, you’d need to go to mom/pregnancy forums: I am pretty sure that would suffice, as these forums are really hopping with woman asking questions annd sharing.

If you were going to get into the calendar maker/creator niches, you’d need to find some software developers.

Possible Affiliate Programs
Of course, has most imaginable calendars: pregnancy calendar , 2010 wall calendars for women, calendars for teens, desk calendars, funny calendars and more. has offering 10% commission, offering 12%, offering 10-20%, and lots more: just log in and search for calendars.

Monetization Suggestions

Get into the specific niches, and create free templates to build a list. Once you have that list, it’s so easy to monetize this niche! Let’s take the pregnancy calendars again: if you offer a free printable calendar for this audience, and build a list, just think of all the possibilities for affiliate offers: maternity clothing, vitamins, how to books/ebooks, and as your list ages, you can move them to a baby list, and stat over with your offers: baby cribs, baby bedding, baby strollers, etc. I think you get the message.

AdSense payouts are also pretty good on this niche, and you can apply some of the above ideas: give away free calendar page, templates, etc. and add your AdSense code, as well as links to offers that match your target market.

Here are some domains available for this niche at this time:, .org & .info with 1,900 exact searches/month. The possibilities for this one are endless! & .info: with 6,600 exact monthly searches & .info: 22,200 exact searches monthly., .net, .org & .info, with 4,400 searches a month, .net, .org & .info, with 6,600 searches a month: how about that?, .net, .org & .info, with 4,400 exact searches a month.

WOW! Awesome domains available! Get to work and make some money!

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Oh, I just couldn’t resit. These calendars are hilarious!

What’s Your Poo Telling You? 2010 Daily Calendar

2010 Daily Calendar: 365 Excuses for All Occasions

Wacky Websites Page-A-Day Calendar 2010

Free Niche Research: Digital TV

free niche research

This past year saw a huge move towards digital TVs for everyone.

And it’s understandable: we see more and more quality videos online, so why not want/demand better quality from TV as well.

With that said, there is now a huge interest in everything that has to do with digital TV. Let’s explore how we can take advantage of this trend.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords(from the Google keyword tool)

digital tv offers $8.24

digital tv switchover $7.64

digital tv service $6.02

digital tv coverage $5.37

digital tv information $5.11

digital tv services $4.52

digital tv receivers $4.18

digital tv boxes $3.81

digital tv schedule $3.55

digital tv aerials $3.23

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords(all phrases are exact matches in Google)

digital tv 33,100

digital tv antenna 33,100

digital tv converter 14,800

digital tv recorder 14,800

digital tv tuner 12,100

digital tv channels 4,400

digital satellite tv 3,600

digital tv for pc 3,600

digital cable tv 2,900

digital tv converters 2,400


Follow the news from/about TV manufacturers and you’ll probably have all you need for your content.

Setting up Google Alerts for your keywords would bring up to date news about the industry, and give you a starting point for your content.

Possible Affiliate Programs
As always, has hundreds of Digital TVs, portable digital tv (this is huge niche on its own! Hint: check it out), and everything else you’d need to equip your entertainment center: digital tv tuner, digital tv converter box, digital tv antenna, etc. & Share a Sale are always great alternatives: you’ll just need to find a merchant you like and go with it.

Monetization Suggestions

HUGE AdSense payouts make this a great niche to start an information blog: people have questions about the new technology, and the new types of TVs available, as well as accessories. BE the place to get that information, and then create affiliate pages for specific types of direct TV’s,  tuners, antennas, conversions boxes, etc., where you can point people as you mention them in your informative posts.

Here are some domains available for this niche at this time:, net, .org & .info with 1,300 exact searches/month. WOW! What a great find! & .info: with 1,900 exact monthly searches, .org & .info: 720 exact searches monthly. & .info, with 14,800 searches a month: how about that?, .org & .info, with 880 exact searches a month. gets 1,600 exact searches monthly & .info get 12,100 exact searches a month. & .info get 1,000 exact searches a month.

Lots of great domains available! So, what are you waiting for? Get a domain and start building your site!

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Free Niche Research: GPS Navigation

free niche research

Today’s niche was inspired by a gift I received from my husband this past Christmas.

I get lost easily, and would never leave home without written directions. So, I got a portable GPS navigation system for my car, so I can feel more comfortable going places.

Let’s look at the possibilities for this niche, as I am sure there are lots of other people just like me, who really need a GPS Navigation system.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords(from the Google keyword tool)

tom tom gps navigation $3.79

truck gps navigation $3.50

portable gps navigation systems $3.11

gps car navigation systems $3.00

gps navigation systems $2.85

gps navigation units $2.68

tomtom gps navigation $2.66

vehicle gps navigation $2.50

gps vehicle navigation system $2.50

gps navigators $2.46

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords(all phrases are exact matches in Google)

gps navigation 450,000

gps navigation system 14,800

tom tom gps navigation 14,800

garmin gps navigation 12,100

gps navigation systems 8,100

gps navigators 3,600

tomtom gps navigation 3,600

portable gps navigation 2,900

car gps navigation system 2,400

gps car navigation 2,400

Bonus Keywords (1,300 -2,400 exact searches /month)

gps navigation systems for cars 2,400

gps car navigation systems 1,900

best gps navigation 1,600

garmin gps navigation system 1,600

pioneer gps navigation 1,600

handheld gps navigation 1,300

magellan gps navigation 1,300

portable gps car navigation systems 1,300


Probably some of the best resources will be found in automotive specific magazines & forums.

Also, create Google Alerts for your keywords and see what others are writing about GPS navigation, and use that as brainstorming juice.

Possible Affiliate Programs has GPS systems  of all types: , garmin GPS, gps navigation for car, gps garmin, gps accessoriesand many more! has a few merchants offering these GPS systems, but the payouts are low: 3-5%, so I would stick with for this niche.

Monetization Suggestions

This niche has some great payouts for AdSense, so if you’d like to create a review type site, you could use AdSense, as well as affiliate links.

Here are some domains available now for this niche:, net, .org  & .info with 1,300 exact searches/month. If you get this, you could add pages for all other keywords presented here, plus more, and have the possibility to rank for hundreds of keyword combination, searched for thousands of times. 1,300 exact searches monthly., & .info with 2,400 exact searches monthly each.

Some great opportunities with this technology, and definitely something people need.

Free Niche Research: Winter Boots

free niche research

BRRRRR… It’s been really cold here and in a lot of other places.

So, winter is here to stay for a while, and that brings up today’s niche: winter boots.

There are so many opportunities for sub-niching in this niche, I can’t even begin to tell you. Read on to see for yourself.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords(from the Google keyword tool)

sorel winter boots $2.57

women winter boot $1.90

men’s winter boots $1.68

winter boots for kids $1.48

furry winter boots $1.43

baffin winter boots $1.42

tall winter boots $1.39

kamik winter boots $1.34

insulated winter boots $1.33

women’s winter boots $1.31

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords(all phrases are exact matches in Google)

womens winter boots 74,000

mens winter boots 49,500

winter boots for women 49,500

women’s winter boots 40,500

kids winter boots 14,800

boys winter boots 12,100

girls winter boots 12,100

men’s winter boots 12,100

winter boot 12,100

women winter boots 12,100

Bonus Keywords (2,900 -8,900 exact searches /month)

ladies winter boots

sorel winter boots

winter snow boots

men winter boots

waterproof winter boots

cute winter boots

winter boots for kids

white winter boots

black winter boots


I would go to forums where people talk about their boots. Here is one I found interesting:

Also, create Google Alerts for your keywords and see what others are writing about then boot type you chose.

Shiver Boot

Possible Affiliate Programs has boots of all kinds: boots for women, boots for men, boots for girls, boots for boys, tall winter boots, winter fashion boots, and so many more! has several merchants offering winter boots. Here are some examples:,,,, etc.

Monetization Suggestions

I think this niche lends itself very well to a star gossip type blog: you can follow the latest boot fashion sported by your favorite stars, and blog about what you see. On that blog, have specific pages dedicated and optimized for the specific boots, and link to them from your blog posts. You can also ad an AdSense unit if you want to.

Or, create very focused sites for the specific boots with lots of searches.

Here are some domains available now for this niche: & .info: exact searches/month: 12,100 exact searches: WOW!,  .net, .org  & .info all available: 5,400 exact searches monthly: this is amazing!, & .info and & .info, with 12,100 exact searches monthly each., .net, .org, & .info all available:  3,600 exact searches each month: this .com is pure gold!, .org  & .info with 2,900 exact searches monthly.,  .net, .org  & .info all available, with 2,400 exact searches each month.

This niche is absolutely hot & untapped: ready for you to move in!

Free Niche Research: Weight Lifting

free niche research

Happy New Year Everyone! Have you made any Resolutions for 2009? Even if you didn’t,  millions of people did, or are doing it right now. And many of those people will decide to start exercising, eating better, get in shape, etc.

Today’s niche, Weight Lifting, will address the needs of some of these people. Give them what they need to succeed in their New Year goal, and you have a win-win on your hands.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords(from the Google keyword tool)

weight lifting systems $2.19

weight lifting fitness $2.13

weight lifting equipment $1.95

weight lifting gear $1.92

weight lifting benches $1.86

weight lifting belts $1.84

weight lifting machines $1.79

weight lifting supplements $1.74

weight lifting gym $1.73

weight lifting exercise $1.65

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords(all phrases are exact matches in Google)

weight lifting 60,500

lifting weights 14,800

weight lifting gloves 14,800

weight lifting routine 12,100

weight lifting equipment 9,900

weight lifting belts 8,100

weight lifting exercises 8,100

weight lifting belt 5,400

weight lifting supplements 5,400

weight lifting workouts 5,400


Probably one of the best resources for this niche are industry magazines. Here are just a couple: Maximum Fitness, Muscle & Fitness. Of course, if you are weight lifting yourself, this will be a breeze.

Possible Affiliate Programs has many weight lifting books, weight benches, weight sets, weighted vests and more…. has several merchants offering weight lifting props, like, and

Monetization Suggestions

You can create an authority site: there is a lot of information for this niche. Or, you can specialize in sub-niches, like the ones you see in the top searched for phrases above.

Here are some domains available now for this niche:, .net, .org & .info are all available, and the phrase gets 720 exact searches/month: awesome, very specific niche you can rank for easily

WeightLiftingBelts. net & .info with 14,800 exact searches monthly: WOW!, .org,  & .info with 1,900 exact searches monthly.  & .org with 1,000 exact searches each month. & .info with 1,000 exact searches each month. & .info with 880 exact searches each month.

Lots of great opportunities for building niche sites!

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