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Free Niche Research: Wisdom Teeth

free niche research

My daughter had her wisdom teeth removed yesterday and since I’ve done some research myself before the surgery, I found out that others in our situation do the same.

Actually there are a lot of searches related to wisdom teeth: from questions people have before they get their wisdom teeth, to searches about how to deal with infected or painful wisdom teeth, to information about removal of these teeth.

Check out the possibilities!

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords (from the Google keyword tool)

oral surgery wisdom teeth $2.78

wisdom teeth out $2.10

wisdom teeth extraction $2.08

remove wisdom teeth $2.08

removing wisdom teeth $1.83

wisdom teeth removed $1.80

wisdom teeth healing $1.79

wisdom teeth removal procedure $1.68

removal of wisdom teeth $1.67

getting wisdom teeth removed $1.67

wisdom teeth extractions $1.59

cost of wisdom teeth removal $1.57

wisdom teeth surgery $1.57

pulling wisdom teeth $1.55

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords (all phrases are exact matches in Google)

wisdom teeth 60,500

wisdom teeth removal 18,100

wisdom teeth recovery 9,900

wisdom teeth pain 6,600

wisdom teeth extraction 5,400

wisdom teeth symptoms 5,400

wisdom teeth surgery 4,400

wisdom teeth removal cost 2,400

wisdom teeth swelling 1,900

wisdom teeth dry socket 1,900

wisdom teeth pulled 1,300

wisdom teeth infection 1,000

dry sockets wisdom teeth 1,000

getting wisdom teeth pulled 1,000


The best resources for this subject would be an oral and maxillofacial surgery specialist, your dentist, orth9odontist. Someone who recently underwent wisdom teeth removal would be another great choice.

Possible Affiliate Programs

Well, for once I found a niche that probably won’t benefit from the  Amazon affiliate program, or any other affiliate program for that matter.

Monetization Suggestions

The best way to monetize this niche is to JV with a local oral and maxillofacial surgery specialist and give them leads. For more  profits, you can create a directory and offer listings, if you don’t mind a little extra work.

Don’t forget information though: most people searching in this niche are people who need to learn how to care for their wisdom teeth, how to get rid of pain, or infection, etc. AdSense is pretty good, so you can nicely monetize your information.

Here are some .com domains available for this niche now:

Here are some .org domains available:

And some .net ones:

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Free Niche Research: Wedding Anniversary

free niche research

This is special weekend for my family: my parents are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow, July 10th. It’s rare to find people like them, who are still together and love each other very much.

Today’s niche idea was sparked by their celebration, so let’s look at the wedding anniversary niche research.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords (from the Google keyword tool)
new balance vegan shoes $1.69wedding anniversary ring $1.64first year wedding anniversary gifts $1.28diamond wedding anniversary $1.24third wedding anniversary gifts $1.23

wedding anniversary present ideas $1.20

silver wedding anniversary gift $1.19

gifts for 50th wedding anniversary $1.16

25th wedding anniversary gift $1.16

first wedding anniversary gifts $1.15

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords (all phrases are exact matches in Google)

50th wedding anniversary 14,800

wedding anniversary 14,800

wedding anniversary gifts 14,800

25th wedding anniversary 6,600

10th wedding anniversary 5,400

25th wedding anniversary gifts 5,400

40th wedding anniversary 5,400

60th wedding anniversary 4,400

wedding anniversaries 4,400

wedding anniversary poems 4,400

Possible Affiliate Programs For Wedding Anniversary

50 Years of Love, #119, Poem Gift Present For A 50th Wedding Anniversary50 Years of Love, #119, Poem Gift Present For A 50th Wedding has lots of options: wedding anniversary gifts by year, wedding anniversary gifts for her, wedding anniversary gifts for him, and more.

Make sure you check out CJ and SAS as well: there are lots of vendors there as well.

Monetization Suggestions

Create an e-commerce type site, with lots of suggestions for gifts for the different types of wedding anniversary.  And of course, AdSesne is not too bad either, so you can write content pages as well to monetize with AdSesne.

Here are some .com domains available for this niche now:

Here are some .org domains available:

And some .net ones:

There ‘s a lot more to this niche than what you see above. Let me know if    you’d like more in-depth research done.  See my offer here.

How To Choose Your Next Niche

It seems as though many of us struggle with picking out a good niche to concentrate on. Here are a few ideas of how to go about finding that elusive profitable niche you want for your next site:

Start by making a list of topics you are interested in and/or passionate about. Don’t rush this process, and don’t try to “think” to much. Just let your thoughts flow and write down everything that comes to mind: you’ll have time later to trim your list.

Once you have your list it’s time to see if there is a demand for the topics on your list. Head on over to the Google Keyword Tool or the Free Wordtracker Tool and do some keyword research. The Google tool give you monthly results, while the Wordtracker tool gives you daily results.

You are looking for topics with a good number of searches. What is a good number of searches? It depends: if the key phrase describes a broad topic, even if your phrase gets a few thousand searches a month, it may be hard to rank for that phrase, and the traffic may not be as qualified. But if the key phrase shows commercial intent, as few as 20-30 searches a day may be all you need.

For example, if I search for “bread machine” I get the following:

bread machine keyword research

As you see, there are 234 searches a day for that phrase, but I would rather go for one of the more specific phrases this search uncovered: Zojirushi bread machine, Welbilt bread machine, Oster bread machine, etc. These more targeted searches, while having less searches, show that the visitors know what they want. I’d probably dig deeper, and search for model numbers for those bread machines, and concentrate on those.

After you find the keywords you want to use, it’s time to research your competition. Go to Google and look at the top 5 sites: check to see how many back-links they have, how large and/or established their site is, how often they update it, etc. How easy/hard would be for you to acquire the same amount of links? Could you get better quality links? Could you do something different to stand out from the crowd? Will you be able to provide lots of content for your niche? If you can do those things, then you may have found your niche.

There is one other thing to check before you go buy your domain name: can you make money in this niche? Are there good affiliate programs for your chosen niche?

If you need a head start on the process of finding new niches, stop by here every Friday to see the new niche research for that week.