Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Why Should You Learn Affiliate Marketing Online

Why should you learn affiliate marketing online? Here are 3 reasons to strt today!Many people are making a living from affiliate marketing.  I am one of them.  70% of my current income comes from affiliate marketing and I’m always working to increase that percentage. If you want to make money from home, learn affiliate marketing online. With a little bit of hard work upfront you can have a nice stream of passive income.

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As with any method of making money online, there are cons and pros.  In my opinion the pros outweigh the cons in affiliate marketing.  Here are some pros as to why you should be including affiliate marketing in your online business.

Why Should You Learn Affiliate Marketing Online

  • Low or no start up costs. All you really need to begin affiliate marketing is a website.  You don’t necessarily have to set up a new website. You can use relevant affiliate programs to optimize your income from websites you already have.  Affiliate marketing is easy to incorporate in an existing website or blog.
  • No need to become an expert copywriter.  Many of the tools you need will be provided for you. Most affiliate programs provide you with tools to promote their products with, such as banner ads, text ads, emails promos, articles, sales copy, and blog posts.
  • Low overhead. By promoting someone else’s product, rather than creating your own, you have no inventory to look after, no orders to process and no customer service to provide.
  • Passive income. This is my favorite part.  This means you stop trading hours for dollars. You can review a product once, place the review on your website and that review can potentially make you money over and over again. This is passive income and affiliate marketing is one of the best businesses to get into for anyone who likes the idea of passive income.

Affiliate Marketing Benefits

Affiliate marketing offers many benefits and one of the best parts is that you can fit it into just about any niche.  If your passion is country music for example, you can create an affiliate website about country singers in the Grand Ole Opry. You can then earn money promoting products from those country singers. There’s something very appealing about making money doing something you’re passionate about.

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Courtney Chowning is a Christian entrepreneur, business coach, and webs designer who loves helping people make money online.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy: 5 Tips for Long Term Success

Seems like everyone these days is talking about affiliate marketing. There are some marketers out there making big promises of nearly instant wealth while working twenty minutes a day from your beach house, and while that’s what we all want to believe, the truth is somewhat different.

1. Be prepared to work. Thomas Jefferson said “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” This is as true in modern affiliate marketing as it was of politics in the 18th century. Affiliate marketers who today spend a few hours on their business each week and earn money while on vacation are the same marketers who put in many long hours for months or years before achieving the successes they enjoy today.

2. Don’t expect instant riches. Along with needing to actually work at your business, you need to be realistic in your goals as well. Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. Building a sustainable affiliate income takes time. Among other things, you need to publish content on your affiliate sites, grow your mailing lists, and build a network of links to and from your site to increase traffic. None of these things can be done overnight, but once you start the process you’ll begin to see it snowball.

3. Treat it like a business. A lot of people play at affiliate marketing. They dabble. They flit from one shiny object to the next, never really devoting the time and energy required to make their business work. Affiliate marketing is a business. Just because you do it from your laptop while you watch the Biggest Loser doesn’t mean you should treat it as a hobby. Consider writing a business plan, setting goals, and developing a step by step plan to help you achieve your goals.

4. Don’t be afraid to invest in your business. One of the biggest mistakes new affiliate marketers make is in wanting to do everything for free. While Internet marketing does indeed have one of the lowest start up costs of any business model, you will need to make some small investments. Don’t try to get by with free web hosting, for example, thinking you’ll move your site when it’s making some money. Set your business up with a solid foundation and you’ll have far fewer headaches in the future.

5. Learn from people you trust. There are thousands of products out there that proclaim to teach affiliate marketing, so how do you choose the one to follow? Simple. Find someone you trust, and follow them. Find someone who is demonstrably successful, is approachable, and who is not surrounded by hype, and listen to what they say.

Affiliate marketing can be a lucrative career. If you take the time to learn the strategies that work, put in the effort to build your business, and have the right attitude, you might just find yourself with the title of “super affiliate” one day.