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How to Use Facebook to Promote A Business

Facebook is growing rapidly and boasts millions of users with several millions new users each week. This makes it a ripe opportunity to use it to boost your business. Today you’ll learn how to use Facebook to promote a business.

How to Use Facebook to Promote A Business

The first step to promote your business with Facebook is to create a business profile. Facebook offers you the ability to separate your personal and professional social networking activities and offers a number of settings, which you can adjust to meet your needs.

To set your privacy settings, visit

How to Use Facebook to Promote A Business

Before you start promoting your business, make sure you figure out who your audience is. Spending time to promote your business to the wrong audience will backfire.

I recently took Rachel’s Facebook Growth Strategies Course and revived one of my pages I let go last year. I started with almost 8000 likes, and no engagement, and after 6 weeks, I have over 13000 likes and a very engaged audience (lots of of likes, shares and comments on all my posts)

Some of the things I learned:

  • figure out who my audience is
  • ways to target that audience
  • how often to post on my page for maximum effect
  • the value of a viral post and how to create one
  • how larger pages can benefit me, even if they  aren’t directly promoting my page
  • schedule posts ahead of time in an organized fashion and recycle posts that did well (this will change your life!!)
  • how to use Facebook ads to grow my page without losing my shirt

Want to explode your Facebook page? Rachel is reopening this course on March 6th for 3 short days. Get on the waiting list here, and get her course as soon as it opens.

How To Use Facebook Applications For Your Business

Facebook offers a number of applications including creating and joining groups. Adding and joining groups is another way to connect with a very specific target audience. If, for example, you are a dog trainer and your market are new dog owners, you could create a group for puppy owners and share helpful tips, links and information with them.

The group function allows you to also see the groups your friends and associates are participating in so you can make the decision about whether or not it’s a group you too want to participate in.

There are a large number of applications and with Facebook continually growing new applications will be added every day.

Applications to consider include:

Twitter – Allows you to publish your Twitter posts on Facebook.

BlogNetwork – This application is a great way to publicize your blog and gain new followers.

Advertising – Facebook allows you to advertise on their site and to also sell ad space on your profile/fan pages.

Facebook Pages – A Facebook Page is a public profile that makes it possible for you to essentially create a business profile page right on the site. You can share products, sell ad space and market to your audience.

You can also invite people to like your page (you’ll learn a really new trick in Rachel’s course 😉) . Each person who liked your page  is now someone you can market to directly by sending them promotions, information, downloads and so on – much like you would an opt-in list.

Want to see some proof? Take a peek at these case studies for Rachel’s course. Some of them will blow your mind!

Mobile Facebook – allows you to use Facebook from your mobile phone. Great for sending on the fly messages but also good to remember that many people use this feature on their mobile phone and you can market to them specifically.

Facebook is an active, thriving and growing community and it’s not just for teenagers anymore. In fact, middle-aged men and women are one of the largest growing communities online and they’re a lucrative audience.

The Facebook Era: Tapping Online Social Networks to Build Better Products, Reach New Audiences, and Sell More StuffThe Facebook Era: Tapping Online Social Networks to Build Better Products, Reach New Audiences, and Sell More StuffFacebook Marketing: An Hour a DayFacebook Marketing: An Hour a Day

how to grow your facebook business page

7 Ways I Will Boost My Online Income This Year

Every now and then it is good to evaluate how your marketing efforts are working with your website. Is your website doing all that it can do for you? If not, then you may want to re-evaluate your website structure. Today I’ll share 7 ways I plan to boost my online income this year.

7 Ways I Will Boost My Online Income This Year

You should ask yourself one question: is my site relevant? If you are using SEO to create page titles, tag lines and anchor text within content, then you are on the right track. But, even an informational website can do more to pay for itself and create income for your business.

7 Ways I Will Boost My Online Income This Year

  1. Affiliate programsAffiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to boost online income. You can promote products that are complementary to yours on your website. Each time someone clicks on the links, they are directed to that site. You are credited based on the way the program is set up. Choose an affiliate program with a full toolbox of aids to help with your promotion and also incentives for top sellers.
  2. Create a newsletter – This encourages others to read and share your site. It is also one way to build your list of potential customers. Create an opt-in page where they can enter their name and email address in exchange for a free monthly newsletter in their in-box.
  3. Use clear navigation – Include a site map so visitors can see at a glance what your site has to offer. Use buttons that clearly tell customers what action you want them to perform. This way there will be no doubt in their minds. Your buttons can be a “call to action” for affiliate programs and your own products.
  4. Showcase your products – Create an online store or catalog where visitors can see your products and read a description before they buy. Offer deals where they can get free items for buying certain products, or referral bonuses.
  5. FAQs page – This is where they can find out about you and your customer service. Use it to answer commonly asked questions so that you aren’t saddled with emails all containing obvious inquiries.
  6. Guest blogging – When you blog for others, you get exposure to a new audience, and links back to your site. A win-win for everyone.
  7. Look around – Find the sites that are the most popular in your niche and on the internet at large and see how they are using their website to maximize earnings. Try a few pages from their book and see how it works for you 😉

Of course, if you are serious about earning more online, join a mastermind group and focus! The ladies at Pajama Affiliates, Robin and Lesley have helped me focus like never before.

7 easy ways to boost your online income this year

How To Make Money With Your Laptop: 3 Savvy Ideas

Do you have web skills? Would you like to learn how to make money with your laptop? Maybe you’re a WordPress fanatic with a new or established blog that rocks your corner of the universe. Perhaps you’re a savvy wordsmith that dishes awesome fashion tips, meal ideas or other great advice and tips.

how to make money with your laptop

If this describes you and you’re well versed in all things web, consider offering your services to others who don’t have – but need these skills. This could be small business owners, individuals who have a site or blog but need help in promoting it or it could be a specific sub niche (say, for example accounting) you’re familiar and experienced with.

You might be surprised to find out how others are willing to pay for your writing, social media and web development knowledge. Don’t underestimate how your deft use of Facebook or better yet Instagram (which according to this 2017 web trends article) is poised for massive business growth this year.

Massive business growth? That means you are or will be in high  demand for sometime. Many small business owners need help as they don’t have the time to manage or learn social media – if you already do; this is a prime opportunity for you. Take it.

Below are three ways to make money with your laptop and web based skills. Read on.

How To Make Money With Your Laptop

1. Pinterest Power User? Offer A Service

When Twitter first came out there was hesitation (for years) to jump on board and this includes bloggers and business owners. As with any new social media site there will always be those who sign up right away (early adopters) and those who wait a bit to see how things pan out.

Same goes with Pinterest. Even though Pinterest has been around for several years now, it doesn’t mean it’s been mastered by users or casual observers. It hasn’t, not by a long shot. I’ve been on it for years and have yet to see a return. Mainly because I spend way more time on Facebook than I do on other networks – which is the case with others as well.

However if you’re a Pinterest power user and have learned how to reap rewards from it, teach others how. They will pay you and pay you handsomely. First thing is to create a page on your blog letting others know how YOU have used Pinterest for traffic, leads, sales, etc. and how you can help others do the same. List your rates, contact information and then promote the page on Pinterest itself.This is where your potential customers are – go there. Try it this week and do let us know how it goes.

Get a free month of tailwind to help you schedule your pins better.

2. Blogging for Small Business Owners

There are a ton of small business owners who either have started a blog but don’t have the time to update it or have not yet started a blog but would like to. This is where you come in. You can go after a very specific niche (such as real estate brokers, if that’s your specialty) or market to a broad audience.

The goal though is to make yourself known in the space and then to reach out and get the word out about your “blogging for small business owners” service. You can charge per blog post or a weekly recurring fee. For recurring payments, you can use Paypal or invoice directly through another established provider. Put your online shingle up straight away and get to promoting yourself; once you net that FIRST client – you’ll be glad you did.

3. Local Niche Writing

This idea is similar to the blogging one mentioned above except you would be focusing on your local market as opposed to web clients. Again it’s always best to niche out and not market to anyone and everyone. Go after a specific client group. This will make your marketing efforts easier and faster. You can try to market by zip code, by category of business (auto repair shops, dentists, coffee houses, etc) or maybe even local home based businesses.

How would you find them? The local chamber of commerce is a great start, as they often publish an updated directory of new businesses in the area by just these metrics – zip code, category of business, new business, local business and so on.

You can reach them via phone calls, emails probably best (as they’re busy) and (you can track your conversations) or in person by visiting the establishment. Again you might be surprised at the results, get your local marketing mojo hat on and give this idea a good go.

Don’t let your savvy web based skills go to waste, earn a side income or more by helping others achieve their online business goals. What you make is up to you and your market.

Missy Diaz writes on many different topics including personal finance for Wealth Kept – a financial education blog that aims to make money topics educational, informative and fun. Wealth Kept is updated weekly – visit us today to discuss other money making and money saving ideas.

Here are 3 easy ways to make money with your laptop