Month: September 2010

How To Turn AdWords Clicks Into Paying Customers

step-by-step affiliate marketing with AdWords

You want to use AdWords to make money, right?  Then before you even get started you need to consider the following:

  • Is your website up to the job? Don’t just presume it’s okay because you, your OH and your best friend thinks it’s great!  Try a web usability tool such as, record a few user sessions and check that people know how to navigate your website correctly!
  • Have you considered landing pages? If you are selling services, landing pages are a must!  If your website is an ecommerce site, you will be sending people to category pages or to the product pages.  On your landing or product pages, consider including testimonials and make sure you tell people why they should buy from you.  Consider using Google website optimizer to split test landing pages or parts of your landing pages to increase conversions
  • Install web tracking – not just Google Analytics but consider tools to let you watch live traffic such as  This way you will spot problems with the website quickly, as well as identifying new negative keywords quickly
  • How will you track conversions?  Consider tracking call back requests, newsletter subscriptions, sales, leads and catalogue requests.  Look at competitors’ websites to come with ideas!  Do consider offering special offer codes or free whitepapers to entice people to signup for newsletters, as even if they do not buy today, they may in the future!

Okay, so now we need to consider AdWords itself.  Ensure you:

  • Use targeted buying keywords – such as “Nikon 1410 camera prices” – these keywords indicate that people are ready to buy.  Do not bid on general keywords such as “digital cameras” unless your budget for AdWords is big, and your aims include brand building!
  • Use calls to action – figures work well, especially prices if your website is competitive.  Ask them to Visit Now, Buy Today etc
  • Use phrase and exact match keywords rather than broad match keywords if budgets are tight
  • Make sure you include the keyword in the advert heading
  • Edit your destination URL to include the keywords if possible
  • Make sure you have installed conversion tracking code for each of the conversion types you are tracking

Good luck tracking your website, and turning AdWords visitors into paying customers!

Claire Jarrett runs a Google AdWords management company in Bristol, UK

Free Niche Research: Hair Styles

After the depressing niche we researched last week, this week we’ll look at something fun: hair styles!

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords (from the Google keyword tool)

hair style $.62

latest hair styles $.54

prom hairstyles for long hair $.50

ladies hair styles $.43

boys hair styles $.36

new hair styles $.33

black hair styles $.32

natural hair styles$.32

long hair styles for men$.31

Afro hair styles$.31

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords (all phrases are exact matches in Google)

short hair styles 22126

hair styles 18082

hair style 6608

long hair styles 5425

curly hair styles 3616

medium length hair styles 3616

black hair styles 2975

short hair styles pictures 2975

mens hair styles 2433

hair styles for long hair 2433


The best place for information in this niche can be found even in the littlest town around: your hairstylist!

Possible Affiliate Programs

Amazon has many hair style accessories, DVDs, books, and more. Clickbank offers a few ebooks on hair styling. Here is one of them: The Top Twenty Five Formal Updos for Hair You Can Do. Of course, SAS and CJ have offers you can use as well.

Monetization Suggestions

While people may be looking for some information, I think most of them would love to actually “SEE” a step by step of how to do certain styles. Going back to your main resource, get together with your local hair stylist, or even a local beauty school, and shot videos of different types of hairstyles. Then upload those to your sit and offer affilaite links for all the products and accessories necessary to create that style.

Build a list! Send them quick tips on hair style and maintenance, to earn their trust. People interested in hair styles are also interested in beauty tips, and often fashion tips. Nurture that list and you’ll see amazing results.

Don’t forget to create some IPK style product page reviews for hair straighteners, hair extensions & other hair accessories.

One last thing: create your own product! It shouldn’t be that hard and the rewards are amazing!

Here are some .com domains available for this niche now:

Here are some .org domains available:

And some .net ones:

Resources to grow your new niche site fast:

Free & Cheap Traffic

Traffic & Leverage

Advanced Marketing Strategies

7 Minute Article Secrets

Free Niche Research: Bed Bugs

Have you been watching the news lately? It sounds like the awful bed bugs have returned everywhere. These pests have made an appearance in movie theaters, offices, hospitals and colleges, nursing homes and even cruise ships.

People are desperately looking for ways to prevent getting infested, and others unfortunately, are looking for ways to get rid of the nasty bugs.

Let’s see how you can get help these people and make some money in the process.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords (from the Google keyword tool)

bed bugs exterminators $13.17

bed bug exterminators $12.00

bed bugs exterminator $6.25

bed bugs extermination $5.76

bed bug exterminator $5.07

exterminate bed bugs $3.82

pest control bed bugs $3.75

bed bug pest control $3.22

bed bugs spray $2.66

bed bug extermination $2.57


bed bug control $2.49

bed bug spray $2.47

bed bug problem $2.37

bed bug removal $2.27

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords (all phrases are exact matches in Google)

bed bugs 450,000

bed bug 90,500

bed bugs pictures 49,500

bed bugs bites pictures 22,200

bed bug spray 14,800

how to kill bed bugs 14,800

bed bug treatment 12,100

what do bed bugs look like  12,100

getting rid of bed bugs 9,900

bed bugs treatment 8,100


kill bed bugs 5,400

bed bug killer 4,400

bed bug infestation 3,600

bed bugs extermination 3,600


There’s a lot in the news about this lately, so if you make a point to watch the news, or search Google news, you’ll learn a lot about this.

Possible Affiliate Programs
Dead Bed Bugs Contact Killing Bed Bug Spray, Safe - Non-Toxic 32 ozDead Bed Bugs Contact Killing Bed Bug Spray, Safe – Non-Toxic 32 ozYou can find bed bugs spray, bed bug mattress covers,  bed bug powder, and more at Amazon. Clickbank has Bed Bugs Uncovered as well as Bye Bye Bed Bugs and a few more. you may want to get a review copy so you can review it well, and make sure it’s worth promoting.

Monetization Suggestions

Information is what people are looking for. Bed bugs are somewhat new in this day and age, and most people have no clue how these bugs spread, what they look like, etc.

You can also create some Iproduct page reviews for bed bug spray, bed bug mattress covers, etc.

Here are some .com domains available for this niche now:

Here are some .org domains available:

And some .net ones:

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Tips for Disclosing Affiliate Links

The FTC recently added bloggers to its guidelines about endorsements and testimonials in advertising. For bloggers this means any product review or endorsement that contains affiliate links must be treated with full disclosure.

Full disclosure is nothing more than transparency about the fact that a click on a link could potentially earn the blogger some money. It’s a simple process to provide the needed transparency, either in plain text or with a bit of information placed in the HTML for the link.

Plain text

A sentence or two at the beginning or the end of an article containing affiliate links will be satisfactory. This would do: The links to the product reviewed in this article are affiliate links. If you buy this product after clicking one of my links, I’ll make a small amount of money.

It wouldn’t hurt to add another sentence saying that the possibility of earning something from the affiliate link has not influenced the objectivity of the review and that your opinions are honestly offered.

It’s also a good idea to have a full out disclosure policy somewhere on your blog that explains how you get products, if you keep the product or return it after reviewing it, if you get paid for the review in some way other than by the affiliate link and anything else that might be relevant. You can add a link to this longer disclosure statement to each individual review you write.

In the link code

Use an HTML title attribute in the link to create a tooltip that the user will see when using the link. For example, say you were linking to a book at You could add the title attribute to the link, like this:

<a href="somewhere.html" title="affiliate link to Amazon">Book Title</a>

If the link is an image of the product, say an image of a book cover, mention the affiliate link in both the image’s alt text and with a title attribute. Here’s how:

<img src="image.jpg" alt="affiliate link to Amazon" title="affiliate link to Amazon">

With the plain text disclosure statements and the link tooltip, you cover everything in a blanket of transparency that satisfies all the FTC requirements.

About the author: Virginia DeBolt blogs at Web Teacher about web design education, web standards, accessibility, and general technology topics.

Free Niche Research: Baby Toys

Well, it’s time to spruce up your holiday sites, and baby toys are one of the many popular searches over the next 3 months. If you already have a baby site or a Christmas related site, today’s research will be great to help you add to them. And if you want to start a new site, there is still time to make some holiday sales if you get started right away and promote specific items.

Let’s get started and see how you can tap into the baby toy niche.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords (from the Google keyword tool)

tiny love baby toys $2.51

baby educational toys $2.47

baby learning toys $1.97

baby girl toys $1.68

educational toys for babies $1.45

infantino baby toys $1.38

baby gym toys $1.34

newborn baby toys $1.34

baby learning toy $1.26

baby soft toys $1.19


gund baby toys $1.16

organic baby toys $1.14

baby ride on toys $1.08

educational baby toy $1.08

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords (all phrases are exact matches in Google)

baby toys 90,500

baby musical toys 8,100

baby Einstein toys 5,400

toys for babies 5,400

baby dolls toys 4,400

baby doll toys 2,900

fisher price baby toys 2,900

organic baby toys 2,900

baby girl toys 2,400

Lamaze baby toys 2,400


baby learning toys 1,900

best baby toys 1,900

wooden baby toys 1,900

baby boy toys 1,600


There are lots of resources for this niche: from parenting forums & magazines, to manufacturers toy descriptions, and of course, your own experience (if you have kids). You may also want to check out the reviews for toys on
Sophie The Giraffe Teether with a FREE Bonus of Gabin The Teddy BearSophie The Giraffe Teether with a FREE Bonus of Gabin The Teddy Bear
Possible Affiliate Programs

Every major affilaite network has baby toys: check out SA, CJ and of course, Amazon. Make sure you pick baby toys with lots of customer testimonials: use those to your advantage!

Monetization Suggestions

If you like writing and/or can get parent’s testimonials and stories, that would be the perfect way to set up your site/blog. Parents wan to know their baby will enjoy their toys and will have a great time learning from them.  Then  monetize with both AdSense and links to affilaite products. Make sure you use images (lots of them), especially if you can get images with babies playing with the toy you are promoting. Videos will do wonders as well.

Of course, create some IPK style product page reviews, where the focus is on the toy.

Here are some .com domains available for this niche now:

Here are some .org domains available:

And some .net ones:

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