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Free Niche Research: Vegan Shoes

free niche research

Did you ever hear about Vegan Shoes? I first heard about them a couple of years ago and was fascinated by the idea, but never looked into it further.

Today’s niche was a request by @m38967. This niche looks interesting, so let’s see what opportunities lie ahead.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords (from the Google keyword tool)
new balance vegan shoes $1.69earth vegan shoes $1.28vegan earth shoes $1.28vegan womens shoes $1.24

mens vegan shoes $1.23

vegan men’s shoes $1.13

vegan running shoes $1.11

vegan dress shoes $1.10

vegan baby shoes $1.05

cheap vegan shoes $1.03

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords (all phrases are exact matches in Google)

vegan shoes 14,800

vegan skate shoes 1,000

vegan running shoes 880

earth vegan shoes 720

vegan dress shoes 720

vegan earth shoes 590

vegan shoe 590

women’s vegan shoes 590

macbeth vegan shoes 480

mens vegan shoes 390


I think people who buy vegan shoes are very passionate about the vegan lifestyle and looking for alternative and cruelty-free products. Your best resource will probably be forums specific to the vegan lifestyle: find out what people, are looking for, why and find ways to be helpful.
Saucony Originals Women's Jazz Low Pro Vegan Sneaker,Charcoal/Orange,8.5 M USSaucony Originals Women’s Jazz Low Pro Vegan Sneaker,Charcoal/Orange,8.5 M US
Possible Affiliate Programs

As always, sells everything you ever thought about.

There are also affiliate programs for vegan shoes at CJ and SAS, where you can get a better commission.

Monetization Suggestions

This niche is definitely best suited for a product site. You could also build a list to which you can later promote other vegan items: check out vegan wallets, vegan clothing, sneakers boots, etc.

Here are some .com domains available for this niche now:

Here are some .org domains available:

And some .net ones:

How to Pick an Affiliate Product to Promote

How do you determine the best affiliate products to promote? First, you want to pick a niche, which will help you decide which products to promote.

Consider going with a topic that has a variety of affiliate products being offered. That way, if one of them doesn’t sell well, you can choose another one and try that.

Once you’ve found the right niche, you then need to determine which product you should promote. A great method for doing this would be to do a search in Google and seeing which products are being promoted via pay per click.

Look for the ones being sold by affiliates. This is very important. If it’s the product creator themselves that is promoting it, they might be making money on the back end and losing money on the front end. As an affiliate, most of the time you only get the front-end money, so the back end is meaningless.

Look for the products that come up again and again. For instance, if there is one program that is being promoted for all of the main keywords in your niche, this is a better option than something that’s there for only one.

How should you test it?

Once you’ve chosen three to five products based on the above method, you will need to see how well they convert. This will give you a good idea of their money making potential.

One option is to throw up a quick pay-per-click campaign. Set a limited budget and test those three to five products on the same keywords, getting the same number of clicks to each. Then see which performs the best. This will be the one you promote.

The reality is that there’s only so much you can tell from reading the sales page. A certain product might appear to have the most convincing sales copy, but the only way you can know for sure is by testing it yourself.

Pick something you believe in.

This is obvious but worth mentioning anyway. Remember: you are probably going to be writing a review for this product and putting a lot of time into promoting it. Do you really want to put in a lot of effort selling a product you can’t get behind?

The bottom line is that testing is extremely important. This is because the best converting affiliate products are often ones you would have never guessed on your own.

If you want to learn more about how to pick the right affiliate products to promote, check out the Super Affiliate Handbook.

Free Niche Research: Flash Drives

free niche research

Inspired by a sale I made yesterday on a niche mini-site, today’s niche research will be just a little bit different.

A couple of years ago I purchased Info Product Killer, also known as IPK and put up a few sites. I never used the entire method: just part of it, which I modified to suit my style. I never touched these sites after the initial week they went live. At that time, I wrote one article, and built a few back links (maybe 10). That’s yet! Yesterday one of these sites made a large  sale (commission over $75) from just one click: that’s the power of a very specific keyword. Anyway, let’s get on to today’s niche.

When I am creating a niche mini-site, I research differently. I first go to, pick a category, and off I go looking for that nugget of gold. Today I picked the Electronics category (BTW, most people look there, so you may want to choose a different category).

Once I picked my category, I dug deeper into the subcategories and decided on the “Memory Cards & External Storage” sub-category.  Once in there, at the top of your page you’ll see several tabs: I picked “Most Wished For”.

most wished for at

I scrolled through the items people wish for, and found something that looked interesting.

SanDisk Cruzer Micro at

Some of the criteria I am looking for is:

  • good price: I usually look for $50 or more, but I made an exception for this one.
  • must be a popular item
  • 4 starts or more
  • several customer reviews (the more the better)

My next step was to click through to the item I picked and get acquainted with it. One of the more important thinks I look for is a part number specific to that item (see below).

item number

Nest, I start my keyword research: not for “flash drive”, but for the pat number: SDCZ6-016G-A11

Google shows no searches for the part number, but I know people are buying this stuff. So after a little more looking around Amazon, I see that there are a lot of part numbers starting with SDCZ6. Now I do another Goggle search for the shortened search, and here is what I get:

amazon final item

That first keyword gets 6,600 exact searches a day, and the domain was available: BINGO!

Now, you’ll still need to do some more keyword research to come up with some good topics for your articles. Here are the top searches keywords, as well as the top paying AdSense for the niche, in case you actually want to use AdSense on your site (WOW, with those payouts you may want to :)):

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords (from the Google keyword tool)
personalized flash drives $12.41customized usb flash drives $11.92logo usb flash drives $8.67logo flash drives $8.16personalised flash drives $8.08

custom flash drives $7.82

flash drives with logo $7.27

custom usb flash drives $6.70

customized flash drives $6.46

promotional flash drives $6.27

branded flash drives $6.18

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords (all phrases are exact matches in Google)

flash drives 49,500

usb flash drives 33,100

cheap flash drives 2,900

usb flash memory drives 2,900

custom flash drives 2,400

bulk flash drives 1,900

cheap usb flash drives 1,600

custom usb flash drives 1,600

flash memory drives 1,300

personalized flash drives 1,000

SanDisk 2 GB Cruzer Micro ( SDCZ6-2048-A10, Retail Package)SanDisk 2 GB Cruzer Micro ( SDCZ6-2048-A10, Retail Package)
Possible Affiliate Programs has all types of flash drives: you can’t go wrong with it.

Monetization Suggestions

AdSense payout is amazing! If you enjoy writing, and you know the technical side of flash drives, you ‘ll amazing money in this niche.

This type of site doesn’t need  a lot of content pages. Create your site with the mail product on the home page, and a few carefully selected complimentary pages. You’ll need to write some articles, do some guest posting, create some back links  and you are good to go. If you want to learn step by step how to create these sites, you can learn all you need to know from the  Info Product Killer ebook.

Check out my keyword research offer here
if you need help with your niche research.

How to Create a Link to a Specific Page With CJ

A few days ago I wrote a post about How to Create a Link to a Specific Page With Share-a-Sale. Today let’s see how we can deep link for CJ merchants. A deep link is a link made to a specific product.

Most merchants selling products have deep linking set up already. You’ll see a “View Products” link as shown below. If you can only see “View Links,” deep linking is not set up for that specific merchant.

CJ deep linking

If your merchant does have deep links, once you enter your keyword you’ll see something like this:

CJ deep linking

Some merchants don’t have a list of their products, but you can build a link to specific pages on their sites in the CJ interface (not all CJ merchants have this option available). Let’s take a look at how you can do that:

Let’s say I wanted to create a link to “Biozone 1000 Pure Home and Office Air Purifier” (a product on CJ). I’d click on “View Links” (shown below).

CJ deep linking

On the next page, I can see the offers from this particular merchant in the form of image links, as well as text links.

CJ deep linking

On the right side of the above page, you’ll see the option to get Java or HTML links. For deep linking, we use HTML. Click on “Get HTML”.

CJ deep linking

Next, you’ll see the following screen:

CJ deep linking

Fill out the necessary information here. First, pick the site you are creating your link for. In the SID field, you can create a tracking code so you know where your sales are coming from. In the destination URL field, paste the link to the specific product page. Lastly, click the “Update Link Code”.

Next, look under the “Update Link Code” and you’ll find your code. Click on “Highlight Code”, then copy and paste it into your page. If you look carefully at the code below, you’ll see that the text of the link is “” Change it to your product name: in this case, “Biozone 1000 Pure Home and Office Air Purifier“.

CJ deep linking

That’s all. Questions? Feel free to ask.

Free Niche Research: Summer Camps

free niche research

I absolutely LOVE summer! And summer is definitely here. With it comes time off school for our children, and summer camps are part of this time off.

Some kids, like my daughter, will go to camp once and be done. But other kids will practically camp all summer long. And for you and me, this is an opportunity to help parents make the best of their kids time to camp. Let’s learn about this niche a little more.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords (from the Google keyword tool)
performing arts summer camps $4.11acting summer camps $3.91summer acting camps $3.91Jewish summer camps $3.90

performing arts summer camp $3.80

summer camps for teens $3.75

drama summer camps $3.64

Jewish summer camp $3.56

summer camps for teenagers $3.56

theatre summer camps $3.55


summer camp wilderness $3.06

summer camp for boys $2.99

guitar summer camp $2.69

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords (all phrases are exact matches in Google)

summer camp 74,000

summer camps 49,500

summer camp jobs 14,800

summer camps for kids 9,900

kids summer camp 5,400

summer day camps 3,600

summer camp activities 2,900

summer camp themes 2,900

kids summer camps 2,400

overnight summer camps 2,400


summer basketball camps 1,900

summer camp ideas 1,900

summer camps for teenagers 1,900

academic summer camp 1,300

educational summer camp 1,300


Teachers, educators, camp coordinators, parents of kids who camped at least once, your own kids, and so many more opportunities!
The Night Before Summer CampThe Night Before Summer Camp
Possible Affiliate Programs has lots of books related to summer camps: The Summer Camp Survival Guide: Cool Games, Camp Classics, and How to Capture the Flag, Friends ForNever (Summer Camp Secrets), Basic Camp Management: An Introduction to Camp Administration (7th Edition)
and more: something for everyone getting ready for summer camp. They also have summer camp gear.

Monetization Suggestions

While I think this niche is best suited for information sites, and AdSense payout is great, there are other opportunities as well: summer camp gear, summer camp care packages, and probably best of all, a summer camp directory. It will be more work, but I think you’d be surprised how well that would do. Camp owners/managers woudl love to have a page on your site, and parents woudl have a place to go for all the info they needed: win-win!

Here are some domains available for this niche now:

Here are some .org domains available:

And some .net ones:

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