Month: May 2010

How To Write a Successful Keyword-Rich Title For Your Website

Your website traffic generation strategy quite likely contains content. However, if you spend time on your title page or home page, you can pull quality traffic there too. Here’s how to write a keyword rich title page for your website.

  1. Make a list of your primary and secondary keywords. These are the keywords people use to find your information. If you don’t know your primary and secondary keywords, spend some time using tools like Google’s AdWords tool, WordTracker, Market Samurai and other keyword research tools to find out what keywords and keyword phrases are used. Also consider installing something like Google Analytics so you know what keywords people are using to find your website.
  2. Categorize your pages including your home page or title page. Outline which pages you’ll use your keywords and keyword phrases on and how you’ll incorporate them into your copy. For your title page, you’ll focus on using your primary keywords and keyword phrases, just one or two, and you’ll choose a few secondary keywords to weave into the copy.
  3. Write your title page copy. Don’t worry about your primary and secondary keywords: simply write the copy or content. However, try to write your copy so that headings and subheadings are a natural part of the structure. These heading components of your copy play an important role with your keywords.
  4. Once your copy is written, return to it and look at it objectively. Where can you fit your keywords naturally? Focus on using your primary keywords in your headline, in your first paragraph and also where they fit naturally throughout your copy. Your secondary keywords will also go into the body of your copy.
  5. Go back and use your keywords and keyword phrases in your headings and subheadings. Search engine spiders look in these key places for keywords and keyword phrases.
  6. Test keyword density. Once you’ve gone back through your title page and placed your primary and secondary keywords in, test it. Use a tool like GoRank’s Keyword Density Analyzer and type in your domain and keyword phrase. It will give you a percentage for specific areas of your page including your copy. Experts recommend a keyword density of more than 5%. However, don’t get too carried away. You want humans to benefit from reading your page too.
  7. Make sure everything is coded accurately. You want to make sure your html code is accurately reflecting your keywords. Double check your title tags, your header tags, your meta tags for the page and your keyword tags. Also, if you have any images, give them a description and an image tag so the search engines don’t completely overlook them.

Writing a keyword rich title page is easy when you follow these steps. While preparing your page for the search engines, remember it is a human that buys your products or services. Make sure to write your copy for them too.

Free Niche Research: Kidney Stones

free niche research

This past week I learned a lot about kidney stones: my mother has been in pain, and I’ve been researching for ways to help her.

People with kidney stones are desperate! And that makes for a great niche to be in. When you are in pain, you want relief now!

Let’s see if the kidney stones niche can be profitable.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords (from the Google keyword tool)

kidney stone cleanse $1.62

kidney stones symptons $1.32

kidney stones natural remedies $1.31

information on kidney stones $1.28

what causes kidney stones $1.28

ultrasound kidney stones $1.23

kidney stone treatment $1.12

remedies for kidney stones $1.05

kidney stones remedies $1.01

causes for kidney stones $1.00

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords (all phrases are exact matches in Google)

kidney stones symptoms 40,500

kidney stone symptoms 12,100

kidney stones treatment 9,900

symptoms of kidney stones 9,900

what causes kidney stones 8,100

kidney stone pain 2,900

kidney stone treatment 2,900

kidney stones cause 2,900

passing kidney stones 2,400

kidney stone removal 1,900


Your best resource will be people who had or currently have a kidney stone: you can find these people on health related forum, looking for relief, or telling their successful or unsuccessful stories.

If you have access to a urologist, you can get their input as well, for things you can learn form people who suffered from kidney stones.

Possible Affiliate Programs

As always, has a little bit of everything: books on how to prevent kidney stones, medicine to help you pass the stone, and even kidney stone strainers to help you catch your stones when you pass them etc.

There are some ebooks at Clickbank, but make sure you either buy one and read it before you recommend it, or get a review copy.

Monetization Suggestions

This is mostly an information niche, so AdSense is a good choice to add to those info pages, but your best monetization will be to create your own product and sell it. I purchased an ebook for $39.95 without even thinking twice, because I hated seeing my mom in so much pain.

Here are some domains available for this niche now: ==> 1600 exact searches a month ==> 1000 exact monthly searches ==>1000 exact searches every month

The above 3 domains while long, are very specific, and easy to rank for. the one I highlighted in red is exceptionally good, if you can come up with your own report to sell, or find a good product you can promote as an affiliate.

Here are some .org domains available:

And some .net ones:

Let me know if you have any questions: I’d love to help.

Are You Making These Marketing Mistakes?

Business is a combination of talent and hard work. The talent can only take you so far, so begin by doing your homework. Every business benefits from advertising in some form or another. The key to becoming a name that people can trust is to let them know who you are and what you stand for. Here are a few marketing mistakes that, if avoided, will spare you much grief and money.

1. Not having a marketing plan. What is a marketing plan? It is the way that you will go about promoting your product or service. Just like you wouldn’t begin to get serious about your business without a definite plan, it is best not to approach the marketing of your product without a plan. When a product is promoted well, sales increase.

2. Putting all your eggs in one basket. This old saying seems to work in a lot of situations and marketing is one of them. You may find a strategy like email marketing that has been successful for you. But, don’t base your entire marketing plan on that one strategy. In order to grow, diversification is the answer. By not exploring other options, your business will become stunted in no time.

3. Ignoring the value of networking. For business, networking is invaluable. It is the way that entrepreneurs get together to pick each other’s brains. During these “meetings of the minds”, partnerships are struck. You can find someone who will complement your business with a new idea. Joint ventures mean more profits for everyone.

4. Working as a force of one. All businesses need support in some form. There are not enough hours in the day to do it all and still make money. Outsourcing can be your best friend. You can outsource for practically anything that you need. Hire someone to design your web page, answer your emails, and organize your invoices. When these tasks are taken care of, more time can be devoted to marketing the product in new and creative ways.

5. Cutting back on your marketing budget. When business is slow, we can panic unnecessarily. We want to save as much money as we can until things pick up again. Since business is down, we might decide that we don’t need to advertise as no one is buying. That is the worst mistake we can ever make. This is the time to use our extra minutes in the day to beef up that marketing plan to appeal to a wider net of customers.

Have you already made some of these marketing mistakes? In this world most things are fixable. Begin again, but this time with the knowledge of what not to do.

Free Niche Research: Blues Guitar

free niche research

Today’s niche research was inspired by Matt McWilliams from Legacy Learning Systems. This week he is holding an amazing contest and giving away prizes, so I thought I’d let you know about it.

On of the courses Matt is promoting is Learn Blues Guitar, so let’s get busy and see what you can do in this niche.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords (from the Google keyword tool)

blues guitar instruction $1.93

online blues guitar lessons $1.81

blues guitar backing tracks $1.63

blues guitar lessons $1.62

blues lessons guitar $1.62

easy blues guitar $1.61

blues guitar books $1.58

how to play blues guitar $1.58

blues guitar play along $1.58

blues guitar course $1.57

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords (all phrases are exact matches in Google)

blues guitar 33,100

blues guitar lesson 9,900

blues guitar lessons 6,600

acoustic blues guitar 2,900

blues guitar solo 2,900

how to play blues guitar 2,900

learn blues guitar 2,900

blues guitar chords 2,400

blues guitar riffs 2,400

blues guitar scales 1,900


There are of course forums, where you can learn what guitar players struggle with, and what they love.

But probably the best resource will be a guitar player, and it;s not hard to find a friend who plays guitar and take him out to dinner and talk guitars!

Learn and Master Spotlight Series Blues Guitar

Possible Affiliate Programs has everything: guitars, books, DVDs, etc.

Don’t forget to search & for affiliate programs as well. Matt’s program is at SAS, and if you sign this week, you’ll get a sign up bonus and the possibility of increased lifetime commission. You can sign up here: Legacy Learning Systems

Monetization Suggestions

Create an information site where you teach everything about guitar playing. It shouldn’t be hard if you go and take a peek at the above guitar forum.

Of course, find some good affiliate programs and create affiliate pages with guitars for sale, guitar music for sale, and even video if you have a friend who plays, or you are willing to learn yourself.

Make sure you build a list and send tips on a regular basis. Your list will love you if you send them good info, and when you suggest something that helps them play better, they’ll trust you and buy.

Here are some domains available for this niche now: is available as well as all the other TLDs, with 1,000 exact searches a month with 9,900 exact searches monthly & .biz getting 2,900 exact searches monthly & .biz with 2,900 exact searches monthly with 2,900 exact searches monthly. with 2,300 exact searches monthly

Today I’d like to do something for you. If you decide to sign up to the Legacy Learning Systems through my link, I’ll do in depth keyword research for you for free. Just sign up, and either leave a comment here, or let me know through my contact page, and I’ll get back to you right away. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Disclaimer: if you sign up through my affiliate link, and make sales for this program, I’ll make second tier commissions.

Free Niche Research: PRK Eye Surgery

free niche research

Guess what? Today’s niche was again, inspired by something that happened in our family. A couple of weeks ago, I presented research on Road Trips the day after my son arrived home form Canada. Yesterday, he had  PRK Eye Surgery (photorefractive keratectomy), a type of laser eye surgery used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism. I think it’s an awesome niche, so let’s dig in.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords(from the Google keyword tool)prk eye surgery $5.04

wavefront prk $5.01

custom prk $4.94

prk eye $4.91

prk surgery $4.46

prk laser eye $4.30

prk laser vision correction $4.19

prk laser surgery $3.96

prk laser eye surgery $3.90

prk versus lasik $3.62


prk vision $3.18

prk laser $3.16

prk lasik $3.00

lasik and prk $2.43

lasek prk $2.35

prk vs lasik $2.27

photorefractive keratectomy prk $1.76

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords(all phrases are exact matches in Google)prk eye surgery 8,100

prk vs lasik 1,900

prk surgery 1,600

prk laser eye surgery 880

prk recovery 880

prk lasik 480

prk lasik 480

prk eye 390

prk laser 390

prk laser surgery 390

*photorefractive keratectomy 720

Bonus Phrases with searches between 46 and 260 exact searches a month:

cost of prk
custom prk
lasek prk
lasik and prk
prk healing
prk laser eye surgery recovery
prk laser vision correction
prk procedure
prk treatment
prk versus lasik
prk vision


I would say the best resource for this is a local ophthalmologist: offer him a free listing  on your site, and pick his brains about all there is to know about this surgery (and others, especially lasik :))

Another resource are people who went through the procedure, and family members of those who went through the procedure.

Excimer Laser Phototherapeutic Keratectomy: Phototherapeutic KeratectomyExcimer Laser Phototherapeutic Keratectomy: Phototherapeutic Keratectomy

Possible Affiliate Programs This is one niche where doesn’t have too much. but you can get creative and still use it (keep reading and you’ll find out how, under the monetization).

Monetization Suggestions

Adsense has very good payouts, but there aren’t a lot of advertisers for the specific key phrases. But, if you expand into lasik surgery, as well as other types of eye procedures, there are plenty of ads, and the payouts are even better (as high as over $10).  Would you like to attack the lasik niche? Use my keyword research service.

There isn’t much affilatae monetization for this niche, but you can be creative and come up with some offers for the people who went through this surgery. Think about it: someone wearing prescription glasses, could never wear sunglasses. So  once they have this corrective surgery, they’ll be looking for some fun, cool, trendy sunglasses. Create an affiliate sunglasses store on your site.

What are other things these people weren’t able to do? Snorkeling, swimming, etc. Come up with an angle to introduce all these things they weren’t able to do before and offer it to them.

You can also have a section for contact lenses: many people are researching this procedure, but are not ready to do it yet, or can’t financially. Offer them an alternative until they can get the surgery.

The best monetization for this niche would be to create a very informative site that attracts potential candidates, and then create a directory of doctors who can perform the surgery. Offer them a listing in your directory for a price.

Here are some domains available to buy today: they are all lower searched for phrases, but very specific.

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