Month: March 2010

PPC Challenge Update – Week 4

ppc results fourth week

It’s now been 4 weeks since the beginning of the PPC challenge, and the end is in sight. While the month is almost over, the challenge will go on for another week.

Let’s see: blasting new campaigns is not hard, but finding the time to sit down and do it, is another matter.

Last week I said I was going for 15 new blasts, and I ended up doing 7. My total count as of now is

– 2 to  landing pages

– 12 direct to a merchant on CJ

– 9 direct to merchants on SAS

And here are my stats:

Impressions: 72,301
Clicks: 631
CTR: 0.87% (it  went up a little more again. BTW, some of my ad groups are getting as high as 4.85$, but some are not getting any clicks))
Cost: $129.90
Commission: $115.82
Profit: – $14.08 I am still in deficit, but I am confident that once the blasting phase is over, and I go into the account and remove those keywords and phrases taht are getting lots of clicks and no sales, I will be in profit.

I made a total of 6 sales from 4 campaigns, and that is pretty good.

This week I went back and got reacquainted with the AdWords Editor, which I’ve used a lot in the past, but forgot how to use it, since I haven’t done much PPC in the past year or so.

My FaceBook campaign is also getting some action, after I increased my bid amount. No sales yet, but I am seeing clicks from there.

Nest week I’ll wrap up this challenge, and will probably give a follow up update in a month or two.

Do you need help stating new campaigns? Do you have questions? Post below and I’ll be happy to help you. Here is to PPC success!

Free Niche Research: Compound Bows

free niche research

Here I go again with a niche I am very unfamiliar with: so much so, that I have no idea what these are used for. But, there are a lot of searches for this niche, and that makes it a great one in my book.

So let’s see what can be done in the Compound Bows niche.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords(from the Google keyword tool)

compound bow cases $1.15

whitetail compound bow $1.02

compound bow package $0.95

compound bow setup $0.94

fred bear compound bows $0.87

cheap compound bows $0.85

how to shoot a compound bow $0.84

discount compound bows $0.83

archery compound bow $0.83

compound archery bow $0.83

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords(all phrases are exact matches in Google)

compound bow 201,000

compound bows 60,500

Hoyt compound bow 18,100

compound bow accessories 8,100

Mathews compound bow 8,100

bear compound bow 6,600

Hoyt compound bows 6,600

left handed compound bow 5,400

pse compound bow 4,400

youth compound bow 2,900


Well, while doing the keyword research, I learned that the compound bows are used in archery, so, you can become a member of some of the many archery forums online: just do a Google search for archery forum, and you’ll find several.

Wikipedia also has some info about it here.

And, of course, you can subscribe to some niche specific magazines to stay up top date with trends.

Possible Affiliate Programs
Yes, has offers for this niche too: compound bows, compound bow packages, mpound bow case, compound bow arrows, etc..

Remember to search & for affiliate programs as well.

Monetization Suggestions

AdSense is not huge on this niche, so I’d use it sparingly, featuring specific product pages instead.

Check out the discussions on the forums, and see what the biggest problems/most asked questions you can spot, and create content around those. then use your site’s links in your signature (of course, make sure you read each forum’s rules)

Here are some domains available for this niche now:, .biz & .info get 8,100 exact searches a month., .org, .biz & .info, with 6,600 exact searches monthly, .org, .biz & .info, with 5,400 exact searches a moth., .org, .biz & .info, with 4,400 exact searches monthly., .biz & .info, with 2,900 exact searches a moth.

There are a lot of opportunities in the “bow” niche: if you’d like to explore it further, let me know: I’d love to help you research the niche and get things rolling.

Bonus: this URL is available:, .org, .biz, & .info, and it gets about 880 exact searches a month. I know it;s not a huge amount , but you can create a hub for all the types of archery bows, and target buyers ;).

Business Lessons From a Jamaican Beach Vendor

Jamaica Beach Braids

If you read my blog, you probably know that I spent last week in Jamaica. My daughter wanted for the longest time to get corn row braids, and we decided to go for it together. In the process, I learned some business lessons that everyone can use, and I want to share those lessons with you today.

Be Where Your Customers Are

There were lots of  vendors on the beach, where people spent a good part of the day. But the vendor who got our business was the closest to our hotel: they probably paid more than the others, but had first access to anyone interested in visiting/buying from any of those vendors.

Connect With Your Potential Customer

Get in your potential customer’s face every chance you get, and make them comfortable with you and what you have to offer. As we were walking on the beach, trying to decide which vendor we would go with, this lady started talking to us even before we arrived at her booth. She asked us what we were looking for, mentioning hair braiding specifically (I am sure she knew how to spot her potential customers by their behavior/appearance), called us to her booth, introduced herself, and assuring us that she would work with us, whatever our need was.

Make Yourself Useful to Your Target Market

She constantly kept an eye on the traffic going by her booth, and started conversations with potential customers. Even if they were not looking for something right now, she asked questions, introduced herself, and offered information for free. I remember a mother & daughter walking by, and she asked them to come and see what she was doing (our braids). They said they just got there, and weren’t interested in braids right now, but she said: “just come and take a look!” Her words were happy, upbeat, encouraging, and when the two left, she said: if anyone else offers you hair braiding, tell them you are all set: I am going to give you a special price.

What Not to Do!

Now, while our “vendor” was very good at getting customers, she wasn’t as good at servicing her current clients. She spoke on the phone a few times during our appointment,  serviced other customers who stopped by to buy some of her trinkets, which I might add, were only a fraction of the cost of our service, and even stopped to feed her son (the father was also there, and could have easily taken care of the child). If I needed her services again, I probably would not go back, nor would I recommend her services to my friends.

Remember to give your current customers your full attention. While getting new customers is important to any business, don’t do it at the expense of your current customers. In the long run, your happy customers will bring new ones your way. I hope you can use these lessons in your own business.

P.S. Would You Do Business With You?

PPC Challenge: How Am I Doing After 3 Weeks?

ppc results third week

It’s time for another update on my PPC challenge. Last week I was on vacation in Jamaica, so no I made no progress in adding more campaigns, but my existing campaigns continued to run.

So, let’s see how I am doing.

So far, I started 15 campaigns

– 1 to  a landing page

– 8 direct to a merchant on CJ

– 6 direct to merchants on SAS

Here are my starts as of now:

Impressions: 56,342
Clicks: 435
CTR: 0.77% (this went up a little bit since my first week, but it’s still to low)
Cost: $99.68
Commission: $72.34
Profit: – $27.37 Yep! I am in the red, but that’s normal during the blasting. As I learn more about what my market is looking for, I’ll add more negative keywords, remove key phrases that are not performing, etc.

What is important is that out of 15 campaigns, I had 4 sales: 2 from the same campaigns, and one each from two other campaigns. this means I have 3 winning campaigns, which I can tweak and improve once my blasting is done.

My 3 FaceBook ads are yet to get a click, but I received an email from them, with suggestions for improvement. I didn’t have time to apply their suggestions yet, but it’s on my list for this week.

Also for this week: I need to step up my blasting, or I won’t be able to do 50 campaigns. I am going to try 15 campaigns this week, and I’ll be back next Monday with another update.

If you’d like to learn how to successfully learn PPC marketing, check out Matt’s Campaigns blast report.

Free Niche Research: Wireless Keyboard

free niche research

I just got back from Jamaica at 1AM this morning, and found I couldn’t get online. Not only was my DSL broken, my son started to update my computer just before we left, and didn’t finish, so I have no access to my documents, where I have my list of niches to tackle here.

So, I went over to Google products to see what people are looking to buy now, and Wireless Keyboard stood out. Let’s see what opportunities we have in this niche!

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords(from the Google keyword tool)

wireless computer keyboards $2.60

wireless computer keyboard $2.53

blue tooth wireless keyboard $2.52

gateway wireless keyboard $2.40

wireless keyboard security $2.33

wireless laptop keyboard $2.07

wireless keyboard sale $1.91

ergonomic wireless keyboard $1.89

wireless ergonomic keyboard $1.89

wireless split keyboard $1.87

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords(all phrases are exact matches in Google)

wireless keyboard 110,000

wireless keyboard and mouse 60,500

wireless keyboards 12,100

wireless mouse and keyboard 12,100

Logitech wireless keyboard 8,100

wireless keyboard mouse 8,100

Microsoft wireless keyboard 5,400

mini wireless keyboard 4,400

wireless keyboard touchpad 4,400

wireless keyboard with trackball 2,900

Check out some of the more popular electronics forums, and see what questions people are asking: then, give them that information on your blog/site.

As for where you can find information about this niche, I would subscribe to some industry magazines and stay up to date on everything. Merchants are also a good source of information: just ask them and they will be more than happy top help you sell their products.

Possible Affiliate Programs
Yes, has offers for this niche too: wireless keyboard with touchpad, Logitech wireless keyboard, Microsoft wireless keyboard and more.

Make sure you check out & for a wealth of affiliate programs.

Monetization Suggestions

Computers are popular these days, and as the Technology advances, people need information about how to use the new technology, where to find it, etc. This is where you come in: create a blog with lots on information  about these wireless keyboards, and include the beta places to buy them from (with your affilaite links embedded, of course)

Here are some domains available for this niche now:

WirelessKeyboardTouchpad .net, .org, .biz & .info get 4,400 exact searches a month., .biz & .info get 2,900 exact searches a month. & .info get 1,900 exact searches a month. & .info with 4,400 exact searches a month., .net, .org, biz & .info, with 1,300 exact searches monthly. & .info have 9,900 exact searches a month., biz & .info have 6,600 exact searches a month. & .biz, with 6,600 exact searches monthly., .net, .org, .biz & .info, with 1,000 exact searches a moth.

Some great possibilities! If you need help researching  further, or keyword research for your own niche, give me a shout!

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