Month: January 2010

Free Niche Research: Calendars

free niche research

It’s still the beginning of the year and I was thinking about hoe to better manage my life this year. so, while doing some research for myself, I came across this huge niche: Calendars. There is a calendar for everything, and that makes this a niche full of opportunity.

I have a great idea I can’t wait to share with you when I get to the monetization suggestions, so let’s get on with it!

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords(from the Google keyword tool)

promotional calendars $4.63

custom calendar printing $4.54

calendar printing company $4.25

fundraising calendars $3.88

fundraiser calendars $3.74

personalized calendar $3.64

personalized calendars $3.56

online calendar $3.54

promotional calendar $3.52

custom photo calendar $3.18

Bonus Keywords

photo calendar $3.06

business calendars $2.93

photo calendar maker $2.69

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords(all phrases are exact matches in Google)

ovulation calendar 201,000

printable calendar 135,000

free blank calendars 110,000

pregnancy calendar 110,000

calendar template 90,500

December calendar 40,500

promotional calendars 33,100

photo calendars 27,100

calendar creator 18,100

calendar maker 18,100

Bonus Keywords

baby calendar 6,600

dog calendars 6,600

week by week pregnancy calendar 1,900


This time your resources will be different for the different calendar types.  For example  if you decided to get into the pregnancy calendar niche, you’d need to go to mom/pregnancy forums: I am pretty sure that would suffice, as these forums are really hopping with woman asking questions annd sharing.

If you were going to get into the calendar maker/creator niches, you’d need to find some software developers.

Possible Affiliate Programs
Of course, has most imaginable calendars: pregnancy calendar , 2010 wall calendars for women, calendars for teens, desk calendars, funny calendars and more. has offering 10% commission, offering 12%, offering 10-20%, and lots more: just log in and search for calendars.

Monetization Suggestions

Get into the specific niches, and create free templates to build a list. Once you have that list, it’s so easy to monetize this niche! Let’s take the pregnancy calendars again: if you offer a free printable calendar for this audience, and build a list, just think of all the possibilities for affiliate offers: maternity clothing, vitamins, how to books/ebooks, and as your list ages, you can move them to a baby list, and stat over with your offers: baby cribs, baby bedding, baby strollers, etc. I think you get the message.

AdSense payouts are also pretty good on this niche, and you can apply some of the above ideas: give away free calendar page, templates, etc. and add your AdSense code, as well as links to offers that match your target market.

Here are some domains available for this niche at this time:, .org & .info with 1,900 exact searches/month. The possibilities for this one are endless! & .info: with 6,600 exact monthly searches & .info: 22,200 exact searches monthly., .net, .org & .info, with 4,400 searches a month, .net, .org & .info, with 6,600 searches a month: how about that?, .net, .org & .info, with 4,400 exact searches a month.

WOW! Awesome domains available! Get to work and make some money!

Are you having trouble coming up with keywords for your niches? Let me do your keyword research: click on the buy button below and email me the niche you want research done for, and in 48 hours or less, you’ll have this type of research done just for you.

Oh, I just couldn’t resit. These calendars are hilarious!

What’s Your Poo Telling You? 2010 Daily Calendar

2010 Daily Calendar: 365 Excuses for All Occasions

Wacky Websites Page-A-Day Calendar 2010

Do You Really Need All Those Plugins?

If your blog seems slower lately, you may have too many plugins. These days, you can get a plugin for just about anything, and many people do so before even thinking of how it will affect their blog’s performance.

I am as guilty of it as anyone else: I hear about a new pluguin, or an old one I didn’t know did something “cool”, and download it to my blog. And soon enough I have so many plugins I don’t even know what each of them do.

It’s still the beginning of they year and it’s time to go through your blogs and check to make sure you don’t have any unnecessary plugins added.

So, your first step is to go and check how many plugins you have, and how many you really use. If you don’t use it, remove it!

Plugins are notorious for slowing down your blog, and many can be eliminated with just a little bit of a tweak here and there. See if you have any of the following on your own blog, and how you can replace what they do easily.

Google Analytics Plugins – there is no need for a plugin to include your Google Analytics. You simply open your footer.php, and add the code right before the closing body tag. A 1 minute job, actually faster than finding, uploading and activating a plugin.

The only time you need to be careful is if you decide to change your theme: you’ll need to go into your new theme’s footer.php and do it again.

AdSense Plugins – there are lots of options for presenting AdSense on your site, but unless you want o place your units in the middle of an article, or in some other odd place, you can actually code your AdSense into your template quite easily, removing the need for just another plugin.

After removing all those unneeded plugins you’ll be happily surprised with a faster blog.

How to Create and Upload a Simple Twitter Background

my twitter background

Today I decided to update my Twitter background and logged my steps so I can share.

I used Photoshop Elements to create my background, but you can use another program you have and/or like better.

1. First, I had to decide what size to create my background. I did a little bit of research on the web, and learned that most internet searchers use a resolution equal or greater than 1024×768, so i used that as my guide.

2. I created a new image with those dimensions, and made it look like the background of my site, which is a light gray checkered image. Here is what my images looked like at this point:

light gray checkered background image

3. Next, I created another image sized at 550×125 pixels where I added the URL of my site. I used the same blue background my website header has, and white letters, since I want my Twitter background to have the same theme as my site. I needed to try several sizes for this step, and eventually came up with the above sizes (some were too wide, some were too long, etc.).

Here is this image:

blue background

4. My next step was to add this smaller image to my initial image. I selected the image, copied and pasted it into my first image. I then had to rotate it 90 degrees to the left, so that instead of horizontal, my image now was vertical. I dragged the image to the left of the original image, and here is how my final twitter background image looks:


5. Next, I needed to upload my new twitter background image to Twitter: Click on the “Settings” link at the top of your twitter page.

twitter settings

6. Then, click on the “Design” link:

twitter design

7. Scroll all the way down, and you’ll see this:

twitter change

To upload your image, click on the “Change background image”, and you’ll see this:

twitter browse

8. Click on Browse, locate your image, and then click on “Save Changes”

You are all done with your twitter background. But you still need to change the look of your links, so that the colors match. Here is how you do that: Go back to step 7, but instead of clicking on “Change background image” click on “Change design colors”, and you’ll see this:

Change design colors

Click on each one of those squares, and modify the color, so that it matches your background image and/or your site. For example, I used yellow for my sidebar and red for my sidebar border, so that it ties in with the newsletter sign up on my blog.

Wasn’t that easy? Let me know if you have any questions.

5 Ways to Make Money With Pay Per Click

There are a number of different pay per click networks the most well known being Googles Adwords. Simply because Google gets the most search engine traffic so it’s logical to use them if you want to make money with pay per click. That’s not say you can’t make money with the others, in fact many people do. Just that if your looking to make the most money possible you want lots of people to see your ad. There are a number of different ways you can make money with pay per click. These are building a list, promoting affiliate products, promoting your own product, testing and creating better affiliate promotion material.

1. Building a List – If you’ve been online for more than a minute then you’ll have heard the phrase “the moneys in the list”. An easy way to build a list is by sending pay per click traffic to a squeeze page. This is simply a page which has an opt in box and offers a free gift such as an ebook in exchange for their email.

2. Promote Affiliate Products – This is the easiest way to get started as it doesn’t require you to set up a site. All you have to do is select a product from one of the many affiliate networks such as clickbank or commission junction. Then create an ad which sends traffic to them.

3. Promote Your own product – A step up from promoting affiliate products is promoting your own. Of course this takes longer to set up as you have to purchase a domain, sort out hosting and actually create a product. But the benefits are well worth it as you get 100% of any sales you make. Which not only means you make more money but you can bid more on keywords. As even if you don’t make that much on the front end you can still make money from an up-sell.

4. Testing – Pay per click is a great way of testing as it provides you with a steady stream of instant traffic. Allowing you to tweak your sales copy so that when your site starts showing up in the organic results it’s already converting at a decent rate.

5. Creating Better Affiliate Promotional Material – By running your own pay per click ads you’ll find out which keywords to use along with which ads convert best. Now your probably wondering why you’d want to give that information to your affiliates. Simple sure you wont make as much per sale but it frees you from having to constantly manage your campaign. Also the more affiliates promoting your product the more money you can make on the back-end.

There you go that’s 5 ways telling you how to make with pay per click.

If you need a guide on how to start your first campaign and beyond, check out Matt Levenhagen’s Campaign Blasts.

Free Niche Research: Digital TV

free niche research

This past year saw a huge move towards digital TVs for everyone.

And it’s understandable: we see more and more quality videos online, so why not want/demand better quality from TV as well.

With that said, there is now a huge interest in everything that has to do with digital TV. Let’s explore how we can take advantage of this trend.

Top 10 Highest Paying Keywords(from the Google keyword tool)

digital tv offers $8.24

digital tv switchover $7.64

digital tv service $6.02

digital tv coverage $5.37

digital tv information $5.11

digital tv services $4.52

digital tv receivers $4.18

digital tv boxes $3.81

digital tv schedule $3.55

digital tv aerials $3.23

Top 10 Most Searched Keywords(all phrases are exact matches in Google)

digital tv 33,100

digital tv antenna 33,100

digital tv converter 14,800

digital tv recorder 14,800

digital tv tuner 12,100

digital tv channels 4,400

digital satellite tv 3,600

digital tv for pc 3,600

digital cable tv 2,900

digital tv converters 2,400


Follow the news from/about TV manufacturers and you’ll probably have all you need for your content.

Setting up Google Alerts for your keywords would bring up to date news about the industry, and give you a starting point for your content.

Possible Affiliate Programs
As always, has hundreds of Digital TVs, portable digital tv (this is huge niche on its own! Hint: check it out), and everything else you’d need to equip your entertainment center: digital tv tuner, digital tv converter box, digital tv antenna, etc. & Share a Sale are always great alternatives: you’ll just need to find a merchant you like and go with it.

Monetization Suggestions

HUGE AdSense payouts make this a great niche to start an information blog: people have questions about the new technology, and the new types of TVs available, as well as accessories. BE the place to get that information, and then create affiliate pages for specific types of direct TV’s,  tuners, antennas, conversions boxes, etc., where you can point people as you mention them in your informative posts.

Here are some domains available for this niche at this time:, net, .org & .info with 1,300 exact searches/month. WOW! What a great find! & .info: with 1,900 exact monthly searches, .org & .info: 720 exact searches monthly. & .info, with 14,800 searches a month: how about that?, .org & .info, with 880 exact searches a month. gets 1,600 exact searches monthly & .info get 12,100 exact searches a month. & .info get 1,000 exact searches a month.

Lots of great domains available! So, what are you waiting for? Get a domain and start building your site!

BTW, if you’d like some keywords research done just for you, I now offer that for a small fee. Comment below and I’ll contact you with more information.

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