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Update Your Copyright Notice Easily

copyright notice

It’s important to keep your site updated and looking fresh. One of the ways to do this is to have your copyright notice updated, and not showing last year’s date.

With a WordPress site this is a very easy task that can be automated. I LOVE  automation, as it gives me more time to do other things that need my personal attention.

Here is how to set up your WP site to do an automatic copyright update:

– Log into your WP dashboard
– Go to Appearance –> Editor –> Footer.php
– Scroll down to your current copyright and replace it with this:

Copyright &copy; <?php echo date(”Y”) ?>

The above will look on your site like this: Copyright © 2009

Copyright &copy; <?php echo date(”Y”) ?> <a href=”<?php echo get_settings(‘home’); ?>/”><?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?></a>

The above will look like this for my blog here: Copyright © 2009 My Online Business Journey – Internet Marketing Blog

Now, if your site is not a WP site, it will be harder to do, but still possible to simplify for future years. This year, when you change your copyright, make sure you use a sever side include. Of course, you’ll need to ask your ISP to set your web server up to recognize includes.

Create a file on your computer named copyright.html, where you enter your copyright statement, and then include that page on all your pages, wherever you want your copyright to show. Then, next year, you only need to change that one file instead of having to go thr0ough all the pages.

Here is the code you’ll need to include on your pages:

<!–#include virtual=”copyright.html”–>

Hope that helps you. Have a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Cloaking or Redirecting Affiliate Links?

Yesterday, Paul asked:  Can you tell us how to cloak an affiliate link using no cost ways?

That’s a great question, and timely one, as we approach the New Year, and many of us are looking for ways to streamline and improve our websites for a better 2010.

Let’s first see what the definition of cloaking is, from

cloaking definition

As you see, cloaking is hiding something. Cloaking links, or to be correct, pages, is a black hat method you don’t want to use on your site.

Cloaking a link/page, means showing the search engines a page, and the visitor a different page. This is done by framing, and is SPAM.

On the other hand, affiliate link redirection is something you should be doing. Let’s see why:

Makes it Easy to Change Links Across Your Site

Let’s say over the years, as I write on my blog, I suggest Lynn’s Elite Forum, and end up with hundreds of links to her site. If my links look like this: and Lynn decides to change her affiliate program for some reason, I’ll have hundreds of pages to look up and change the code individually. But not if I did a link redirect.

Makes it Easier to Track

If you redirect your affilaite links, you can track how many clicked on your links without having to rely on the merchant. Some merchants do a very good job, and others couldn’t care less if you can track or not. With a redirected link, you can always see how many times that link was accessed through your stats program.

Shortens Long, Unreadable Links

Those long links with all kinds of letters and numbers may scare some people away from clicking on a link, thinking it may be a virus or malware. But if the link is short and has a name they can read, will ease their fears.

OK, now that we know why we should be redirecting links, let’s see how we can do it. There are a few different ways to do it, depending on what you are comfortable with.

.htaccess Redirecting – WARNING! You can mess up your site is you don’t understand your .htaccess file, so be careful!

This is very easy to do, if you are comfortable with your cPanel. Log into your cPanel, and open your .htaccess. At the end of it, add this code:

redirect 301 /oldpage.htm

My favorite way to redirect my links is redirecting from the server side with php, like this:

– create a page with the name of your product.php
– include this code: <?php header(‘Location:;); ?>

– make sure you don’t add any spaces, or your code won’t work.

– now go check the page you created and make sure it redirects to the page you intended it to: you have no idea how many people don’t check and lose a lot of money.

One more thing about redirecting affiliate links: put all you affiliate links in a folder, and create a blank index page in that folder. This way, not everyone can see all the programs you are promoting.

Also  this makes it easy to go in periodically and click on all your links to make sure the merchants didn’t change the landing page.

Go work on your redirects now, and start 2010 with a better, easier to maintain affiliate business.

Do you have any questions? Ask below.

2009 Report Card – How Did I Do?

This morning I posted about my 2010 goals, but Bob the teacher inspired me to post my accomplishments for 2009 as well. So here are some of the things I did…

• Started this blog on October 27 2009 and already had 1567 unique visitors.

• Built several mini-sites

• Submitted over 125 articles  to EZA

• Sold a few sites I wasn’t interested in anymore, and gave away some, just to free up brain space

• Learned how to do redirects and started implementing that on my blog, so now I can easily change my offers if I need to

• Participated in forums more than ever before, especially at Lynn’s elite forum

Outsourced a lot of my article marketing, and a few other things

• Spent 3 weeks in Romania with the entire family, showing the kids places I enjoyed when I was their age

• Bought a fixer upper house with lots of land, where we’ll be building my dream home in 2010 (I would say this is the biggest/best happening of 2009, and we got it on our 22nd anniversary too)

I am sure tere are many more things I accomplished and  don’t remember now. But I am happy wit my progress this year and I am excited for the upcoming year, when I’ll be a lot more organized and will definitely have more/better results.

I’d like to challenge you to take a look at what your achievements were in 2009, and make a plan to better those in 2010. Here is to a successful 2010 for all my readers!

2009 In Review & 2010 Goals

setting goals

As we say good bye to 2009, and look ahead to 2010, I am looking at what I did right in this past year, what I didn’t accomplish, and what I want to do in the New Year.

One of the best things I did in 2009 was to re-focus: I sold a few sites that no longer fit my long term plans, and finally took action on my desire to blog about my internet journey and started this very blog.

There are places where I took steps in the right direction, but I need to make a better effort to take full advantage, which is what I’ll be doing in 2010: twitter, list building (and nurturing), etc.

Setting goals is easy: working consistently towards achieving them is not. So, my main goal for the New Year is to be more consistent towards achieving these goals…

Blogging Regularly

This is one of my biggest struggles, and not because I don’t know what to write about, but because I panic if someone else posted similar content, and then struggle to make myself post mine anyway. I’ll have to work hard on this one, but I am sure I’ll make it happen.

Building Links

Again, I know exactly how do get links, but it’s a matter of doing it consistently. In the past couple of months I learned to value of guest blogging for link building, as well as concentrated effort to build links to a specific blog post. Seeing those results encourages me to continue even when it feels like a lot of work.

Get Back Into PPC

I used to do very well with PPC a while ago, but some life circumstances made it hard to do it properly for the past 2 years. I am planning to revisit the Campaign Blasts method and get back into it.

Case Studies

2010 will also be the year of doing case studies. After all, my blog is about my online journey, and I’d like to share with you, my readers how I do things and the results I get. That way, we can all learn from my mistakes and victories.

I am very excited about the New Year! I feel good about my plans, and I am encouraged to succeed, especially with the help of my mastermind group.

Have you made plans for the upcoming year? Feel free to share them below.

How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

increase traffic to website

So you have just successfully launched your website and you are feeling extremely good about yourself for such an achievement. Of course, you have just jumped one hurdle (building your website) and are now moving towards the next one which is actually getting internet users to view your website daily. How many visitors would you like to get to your site daily? 100? 500? 100? More? Let’s see how you can increase traffic to your website.

There are several effective ways to increase traffic flow to your website: PPC, article marketing, video, social media, etc.

Increase Traffic With PPC

Many website owners don’t use PPC at all for fear of costing too much. But if you really think about it, PPC could actually save you lots of time and money. How, you may ask? With PPC you can test niches easily without wasting time on the other traffic building methods, only to find out that your pages don’t convert, or the keywords/key phrases you chose are not buying phrases.

Set up a PPC campaign that is very specific to your key phrase, and send a few hundred visitors to that page: then assess if the phrase you chose is profitable. If so, go on to some of the next traffic generation methods.

How Article Marketing Can Boost Your Traffic

Everyone knows about article marketing, yet so many ignore its benefits. Try this: write one article a day for the next 3 months and submit it to the top 5 article directories. Then take a look at how your traffic improved. I am sure you’ll see it’s an activity worth taking the time for. Of course, make sure your articles have a great call to action, or you’ll waste your time. Forget about writing your entire life story in the bio: be short and to the point and offer something related to your article that the reader can’t ignore.

If you want to get even more out of your article writing, why not re-purpose your articles? You could create short videos, pod-casts, and even mini eBooks to give away.

Video Traffic

Another excellent method of driving traffic to your site is creating video. If you have an ecommerce site, you can create product review videos. If you sell software, you can create a video about how to use it, and if you have an info product, you can create a video with all the benefits you’ll get from reading the eBook.

Of course, there are the fun videos that serve to endear YOU to your audience, and Lynn Terry does this beautifully with her mail opening videos. If you can come up with your own “get to know me” fun video, take that opportunity!

Social Media Traffic

There are lots visitors to be had from the social media: from twitter to Digg, Squidoo and Hubpages, and everything else in between. Of course, you can’t just throw a link on twitter and hope to get a lot of visitors: you need to build relationships, participate in discussions, be helpful, etc.

What is YOUR best traffic generation method?

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