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How to Pick an Affiliate Product to Promote

How do you determine the best affiliate products to promote? First, you want to pick a niche, which will help you decide which products to promote.

Consider going with a topic that has a variety of affiliate products being offered. That way, if one of them doesn’t sell well, you can choose another one and try that.

Once you’ve found the right niche, you then need to determine which product you should promote. A great method for doing this would be to do a search in Google and seeing which products are being promoted via pay per click.

Look for the ones being sold by affiliates. This is very important. If it’s the product creator themselves that is promoting it, they might be making money on the back end and losing money on the front end. As an affiliate, most of the time you only get the front-end money, so the back end is meaningless.

Look for the products that come up again and again. For instance, if there is one program that is being promoted for all of the main keywords in your niche, this is a better option than something that’s there for only one.

How should you test it?

Once you’ve chosen three to five products based on the above method, you will need to see how well they convert. This will give you a good idea of their money making potential.

One option is to throw up a quick pay-per-click campaign. Set a limited budget and test those three to five products on the same keywords, getting the same number of clicks to each. Then see which performs the best. This will be the one you promote.

The reality is that there’s only so much you can tell from reading the sales page. A certain product might appear to have the most convincing sales copy, but the only way you can know for sure is by testing it yourself.

Pick something you believe in.

This is obvious but worth mentioning anyway. Remember: you are probably going to be writing a review for this product and putting a lot of time into promoting it. Do you really want to put in a lot of effort selling a product you can’t get behind?

The bottom line is that testing is extremely important. This is because the best converting affiliate products are often ones you would have never guessed on your own.

If you want to learn more about how to pick the right affiliate products to promote, check out the Super Affiliate Handbook.

How to Create a Link to a Specific Page With Share-a-Sale

I am sure you know that when adding links/images to your affiliate sites, deep linking is by far the most profitable to link. Just think about it: let’s say I am writing a post about marketing with door hangers, and I want to offer some resources to my readers. So, I go to SAS and find a program that is doing great!

printing company

They do offer door hangers, but they don’t offer an easy way to link to them. That’s not going to stop me from linking to that specific page. At the top of your SAS Dashboard you’ll see “Create a Custom Link to a Page” (see image below):

Create a Custom Link to a Page

Click on that, and it will take you to a page where you need to enter some information (see below):

SAS Custom Link form

I picked the company I am creating the link for from the drop down menu, I added specific tracking for this link (I added the initials of this blog and the date), and then entered my destination URL. Make sure you remove http:// from the form, as it’s automatically added for you, and your link will be broken if you leave it there.

Once you filled out all the fields on the form, click on Create Custom Link , and you’ll be taken to another page where you can copy your link from. Here is what it looks like:

SAS html Link

All you have to do now it copy and paste your link into your post.

Check out this link to door hangers to see where it will take you.

Do you have any questions? Please ask below.

Amazing $5 Deals

I am a lifetime member of Mom Masterminds and can’t even begin to tell you about the benefits of having such a great support group. One of these benefits is getting to participate in events like the 10 Days May Madness which started just today.

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How A Keyword Generator Tool Can Help Build A Good Website

Market Samuray Software

When you start an Internet business there is a lot to consider. The first and most obvious is learning how to build a website. Today that is easier than ever because there are so many inexpensive tools at your disposal. The real trick is getting those tools to work for you literally. One of these tools is your keyword generator.

Keywords are really more than just simple words. You aren’t going to get much traffic from a single word search as a matter of fact its pretty safe to say that you wont get any traffic from a single word search because they are too broad. Search engines like phrases that are keyword rich.

Keywords are actually key phrases. Keyword phrases are those phrases that directly relate to your business. If you are an internet marketer, then your keyword phrases will include any phrase that would be used and searched for in the world of internet marketing. Think about how you would search for something. What are the various phrases that you use to narrow your search to find what you are looking for?

How does one choose the right keywords? This is where a keyword generator tool comes in. When you are thinking about your content, this tool takes the guesswork out of the equation for you. You give it your information and it comes back with the keywords and phrases that are most associated with your business.

Because a keyword generator works with known information based on recent web searches, you can be assured that the information it gives you is accurate. Some keyword tools will even show you seasonal statistics, allowing you to change your content during those times when people are most likely to be searching using particular phrases. Many of these tools are free, but if you want to pay a small fee, you can get even more from keyword generator software.

Once you have a list of keywords and phrases, its time to turn them into good web content. Good web content is a big part of drawing the right traffic to your site. While it may seem obvious, the number one mistake that people when optimizing their site is lack of targeted keywords and phrases!

Keywords should be used all throughout your website, not only on the homepage. Remember that people can enter your site from any page, so be sure that you have your keywords on every page.

We have said once before, but we are going to say again for emphasis: write good content. If you don’t feel comfortable writing the content for yourself, hire a professional to do it for you. It will be well-worth the money you spend.

Don’t use Black Hat techniques to try and get better rankings. Black Hat techniques include keyword stuffing, inserting invisible text, and creating fake doorway pages. While using these techniques may get you higher rankings in the beginning, over time you may be penalized for it.

About the Authors
Lena Morrish and Dima Nikolayenko are the publishers of the popular website and the owners of Bridge to Success, an internet marketing company committed to helping you succeed. If you are interested in how to start a small Internet business from home they can teach you how to make websites that are profitable, how to use your keyword generator tools, your marketing tools and much more. Already in business? They have all the latest tips to keep you informed!

Keyword Analysis for Your New Niche


A few days ago, I talked about how to effectively research a niche market and then suggested a few places you could go to start getting the ideas flowing.

Today let’s see how you can do keyword analysis for the new niche you found during your market research.

What is keyword analysis? – It’s basically a “big picture” of your market through thorough keyword research.

To do this, you need a good research tool: Google keyword tool and WordTracker are free, or you can use one of the paid ones. I like and use Market Samurai (BTW, Market Samurai has a free version of their software, which you can get right now at this link).  A good tool can potentially save you a lot of time and money. So it’s worth paying for this service rather than simply using the free tools. Free tools can be a good starting point but can’t really replace proper keyword analysis.

Fire up your keyword tool and type in your niche topic. Your keyword tool should then give you other keyword ideas and include profitability ratings for each keyword phrase.

Most tools let you keep digging even further to find even more profitable keywords. Dig as much as you need to until you come up with a good substantial list of keywords.

Armed with your keyword list, you should now have a good idea for whether or not your market is a viable one.

You can then use these keywords to structure your website, your products, your content, your advertisement, and to help you connect with your target market. Keywords mean so much to your business which is why it’s important to take the time to do this step as properly as possible.

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