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3 Ways to Earn Money with Article Marketing

You’ve probably heard about article marketing and maybe you’ve even used it a time or two to drive traffic to your website. Article marketing is the practice of publishing articles on article directories and other websites to promote your business. It’s a great way to drive traffic and boost credibility. However, did you know you can earn money through article marketing? You can! Here’s how:

#1 Use Article Marketing to Promote Affiliate Products or Services

If you’re an affiliate marketer you may want to look into article marketing as a tool to boost your commissions. Articles are a wonderful way to pre-sell products and services. You can write reviews, comparison articles, or simply informative or “how to” articles.

Some article directories allow embedded links in your article content. Others don’t. Take care to find directories that help you meet your goals. If you’re not allowed to embed links, make sure to link to your website or include an affiliate link in your author box.

#2 Use Article Marketing to Promote Your Own Products or Services

Just like you can use article marketing to promote affiliate products, you can use it to promote your own products as well. Take care, when writing, to not write a sales page. You want to provide informative content and to establish your credibility and authority. Link to your relevant products or services in the content to drive traffic to your sales page. Use your content to presell the product by providing information or a solution to your prospect.

#3 Use Article Marketing to Build Your Opt-In List

An opt-in list is where you transform visitors into prospects. Each prospect then has the potential to turn into a customer. Therefore, the larger your opt-in list, the more potential you have for sales and profits.

You can use article marketing to build your opt-in list. Create helpful and informative content. Motivate people to visit your website or send them to an opt-in form or squeeze page. Provide valuable content, content that solves a problem and offers a solution, and your prospects will be hungry for more. They’ll sign up for your list without hesitation and you’ll be raking in the dough.

Article marketing is a fantastic tool to build your business and increase your bottom line. Choose your article marketing sites wisely. Make sure they support your goals and objectives. Then write great content and watch your profits grow.


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Tips for Disclosing Affiliate Links

The FTC recently added bloggers to its guidelines about endorsements and testimonials in advertising. For bloggers this means any product review or endorsement that contains affiliate links must be treated with full disclosure.

Full disclosure is nothing more than transparency about the fact that a click on a link could potentially earn the blogger some money. It’s a simple process to provide the needed transparency, either in plain text or with a bit of information placed in the HTML for the link.

Plain text

A sentence or two at the beginning or the end of an article containing affiliate links will be satisfactory. This would do: The links to the product reviewed in this article are affiliate links. If you buy this product after clicking one of my links, I’ll make a small amount of money.

It wouldn’t hurt to add another sentence saying that the possibility of earning something from the affiliate link has not influenced the objectivity of the review and that your opinions are honestly offered.

It’s also a good idea to have a full out disclosure policy somewhere on your blog that explains how you get products, if you keep the product or return it after reviewing it, if you get paid for the review in some way other than by the affiliate link and anything else that might be relevant. You can add a link to this longer disclosure statement to each individual review you write.

In the link code

Use an HTML title attribute in the link to create a tooltip that the user will see when using the link. For example, say you were linking to a book at You could add the title attribute to the link, like this:

<a href="somewhere.html" title="affiliate link to Amazon">Book Title</a>

If the link is an image of the product, say an image of a book cover, mention the affiliate link in both the image’s alt text and with a title attribute. Here’s how:

<img src="image.jpg" alt="affiliate link to Amazon" title="affiliate link to Amazon">

With the plain text disclosure statements and the link tooltip, you cover everything in a blanket of transparency that satisfies all the FTC requirements.

About the author: Virginia DeBolt blogs at Web Teacher about web design education, web standards, accessibility, and general technology topics.

How to Pick an Affiliate Product to Promote

How do you determine the best affiliate products to promote? First, you want to pick a niche, which will help you decide which products to promote.

Consider going with a topic that has a variety of affiliate products being offered. That way, if one of them doesn’t sell well, you can choose another one and try that.

Once you’ve found the right niche, you then need to determine which product you should promote. A great method for doing this would be to do a search in Google and seeing which products are being promoted via pay per click.

Look for the ones being sold by affiliates. This is very important. If it’s the product creator themselves that is promoting it, they might be making money on the back end and losing money on the front end. As an affiliate, most of the time you only get the front-end money, so the back end is meaningless.

Look for the products that come up again and again. For instance, if there is one program that is being promoted for all of the main keywords in your niche, this is a better option than something that’s there for only one.

How should you test it?

Once you’ve chosen three to five products based on the above method, you will need to see how well they convert. This will give you a good idea of their money making potential.

One option is to throw up a quick pay-per-click campaign. Set a limited budget and test those three to five products on the same keywords, getting the same number of clicks to each. Then see which performs the best. This will be the one you promote.

The reality is that there’s only so much you can tell from reading the sales page. A certain product might appear to have the most convincing sales copy, but the only way you can know for sure is by testing it yourself.

Pick something you believe in.

This is obvious but worth mentioning anyway. Remember: you are probably going to be writing a review for this product and putting a lot of time into promoting it. Do you really want to put in a lot of effort selling a product you can’t get behind?

The bottom line is that testing is extremely important. This is because the best converting affiliate products are often ones you would have never guessed on your own.

If you want to learn more about how to pick the right affiliate products to promote, check out the Super Affiliate Handbook.

How to Create a Link to a Specific Page With Share-a-Sale

I am sure you know that when adding links/images to your affiliate sites, deep linking is by far the most profitable to link. Just think about it: let’s say I am writing a post about marketing with door hangers, and I want to offer some resources to my readers. So, I go to SAS and find a program that is doing great!

printing company

They do offer door hangers, but they don’t offer an easy way to link to them. That’s not going to stop me from linking to that specific page. At the top of your SAS Dashboard you’ll see “Create a Custom Link to a Page” (see image below):

Create a Custom Link to a Page

Click on that, and it will take you to a page where you need to enter some information (see below):

SAS Custom Link form

I picked the company I am creating the link for from the drop down menu, I added specific tracking for this link (I added the initials of this blog and the date), and then entered my destination URL. Make sure you remove http:// from the form, as it’s automatically added for you, and your link will be broken if you leave it there.

Once you filled out all the fields on the form, click on Create Custom Link , and you’ll be taken to another page where you can copy your link from. Here is what it looks like:

SAS html Link

All you have to do now it copy and paste your link into your post.

Check out this link to door hangers to see where it will take you.

Do you have any questions? Please ask below.

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