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As the affiliate marketing industry continues to evolve, the question arises whether it still possible to make a living as an affiliate marketer. Of course, the answer is a resounding yes. Affiliate marketing is alive and well, and still a very viable way to make a living. Here are a few ideas to make a living as an affiliate.

Do your research. The best way to achieve success is to find a niche market that is in demand. This is going to probably take a bit of time, patience and careful research. There are many still available, so don’t despair. Diligence and creative brainstorming sessions will get you exactly what you’re looking for.

Make it easy on yourself. Choose products and services to represent that are top notch. Look for companies that offer:

o Sales pages that convert
o Quality products and/or services
o Good commission percentages
o Lifetime cookies
o Frequent payment plans (and that pay on time)
o Incentives and bonuses
o Promotions and marketing tools for affiliates to use

Build a content foundation. Content is the single most important tool you have as an affiliate marketer and that means your content foundation is important to your success. Have patience and spend the time and effort to create good, quality content your readers, and the search engines, will value.

Get involved. Yes, you can set up an affiliate website, write a piece or two of content each week and sit back, but you may not make as much money as you want. You can also get involved in your community, participate in social networking, blog, guest blog and make sure you’re noticed. The latter is probably the best way to make a living as an affiliate.

Utilize marketing strategies the pros use. Once you’re up and running, don’t be afraid to really get busy. Publish a newlsetter, advertise, and utilize content marketing strategies to build awareness and your bottom line.

Test and track everything. As you build and grow your business, some tactics and strategies will work and others won’t. Some will help you reach your goals and others won’t. If you don’t test and track your methods and systems, how will you know what is contributing to your success and what is holding you back from achieving your goals? The answer, you won’t. Test and track everything you do online for better business building and decision making.

Have a positive mindset. If you believe you can make a living as an affiliate marketer and you’re ready to put in the time and effort to make it happen, you can do it.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make a living. There’s no other way to live an ideal internet entrepreneur lifestyle. Take the time to set your business up right and the sky is the limit, all your business-building dreams can come true.

2 comments on “How to Make a Living as an Affiliate Marketer”

  1. Great summary of what's required.. and I can 2nd that it is definitely possible. 🙂

    All were good tips.. but that last one is the most important. Attitude.. without a good one in tow, the first sign of struggle or something not going right for you, you'll be jumping ship and won't see that desired income level.

    Keep up the great work Adriana!

    -Matt Levenhagen

  2. I find affiliate marketing quite easier than other forms of online income. Such as Adsense, that is a tricky beast for me.

    I truly think that ANYONE can make an income online via affiliate marketing, once they know the basics. As a good bit of it, is trial and error anyway.

    And yes! I wish some merchants would seriously think about the creatives they put out there, as it can make a BIG difference. Some are very generous, and offer to make custom creatives while others are not quite as accommodating.

    It's definitely an issue.

    But if they don't provide good affiliate tools and such, one has to move on.

    Good article, Adrianna.


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