Video is popular and getting more so this year,  and I hear many asking how to include video in their blogs.

Let’s add the Google’s Love Story Super bowl Ad here, since it’s fresh on everyone’s mind:

Now let’s see how I did that. On the right side of the screen, when you are on the video page, you’ll see this little wheel looking button, as seen below:

embedding wheel

Click on that button, and the space below it will  an expand with more options. Make sure you unclick the related videos if you don’t want more videos to pop at the end of the video. Also, if you’d like to add a border around the video, you can pick any of the color combinations you see there. You can also choose the size of the video.

embedding customization

Once you are done, it’s time to copy the code and paste it into your blog. Click anywhere on the field next to “Embed”, and it will be highlighted.

copy embedding code

Then, click CTRL to copy the code, and go to your HTML view on the dashboard:

html tab

Point to where you’d like the video to show, and paste the code. You are done. And it was really easy, wasn’t it? If you still have questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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