This morning I posted about my 2010 goals, but Bob the teacher inspired me to post my accomplishments for 2009 as well. So here are some of the things I did…

• Started this blog on October 27 2009 and already had 1567 unique visitors.

• Built several mini-sites

• Submitted over 125 articles  to EZA

• Sold a few sites I wasn’t interested in anymore, and gave away some, just to free up brain space

• Learned how to do redirects and started implementing that on my blog, so now I can easily change my offers if I need to

• Participated in forums more than ever before, especially at Lynn’s elite forum

Outsourced a lot of my article marketing, and a few other things

• Spent 3 weeks in Romania with the entire family, showing the kids places I enjoyed when I was their age

• Bought a fixer upper house with lots of land, where we’ll be building my dream home in 2010 (I would say this is the biggest/best happening of 2009, and we got it on our 22nd anniversary too)

I am sure tere are many more things I accomplished and  don’t remember now. But I am happy wit my progress this year and I am excited for the upcoming year, when I’ll be a lot more organized and will definitely have more/better results.

I’d like to challenge you to take a look at what your achievements were in 2009, and make a plan to better those in 2010. Here is to a successful 2010 for all my readers!

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  1. Adriana,

    Can you tell us how to cloak an affiliate link using no cost ways?

    Thank you so much.

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