Hello Kelly, you recently decided to change your business. What prompted this decision, and how much different is it compared to your previous business?

My ‘business’ as a whole is always going through some kind of change it seems.  I add something new, drop something old, tweak something here, boot something there.  One of the things I love about an internet based business is that it’s so easy to make adjustments to.

I am making a big change this week though.  I’m rebranding my podcast.  Work at Home Moms Talk Radio has been ‘on the air’ since November 2003, I’ve published over 325 episodes.  It’s the oldest and most prolific WAHM podcast ever and I’m so proud of it.

What prompted my decision to rebrand it?  That is a great question.

When I started the show, my son was eleven.  I worked full time but couldn’t pay my bills.  Desperate to make some extra money, I started exploring ways to make money online.  Being a single mother, I did not want to have to take another job outside of the home – so I threw myself into the WAHM community and learned all I could.

For many years, business and motherhood were pressed together in my life – as it is for others who work at home.  I loved starting and hosting WAHM Talk Radio, it let me connect with other work at home moms on a regular basis.

My son is 20 now and hasn’t lived at home for a year and a half.  I’ve been foot loose and fancy free for all that time, never having to think about fixing him some dinner or reminding him to get his school work done.  It took awhile, but I sat down to do my show one day, and realized that every topic on my mind, had nothing to do with being a work at home mom.

This was an existential crisis for me, if I no longer fit in with WAHMs, where did I fit?  I sat down and asked myself who I was and how this changed things for my business.
After much consideration, I decided that a rebrand was the best idea and I that I felt a strong kinship with the term ‘solopreneur’. That is what led me to a new domain name and brand, Solo Smarts.

What can you tell others thinking about changing directions like you did?

My decision to rebrand has led to a lot of discussion about building a business around a ‘role’ that we currently have or a ‘group’ that we are a part of.  Roles change and we’re not part of the same group forever.  What fits us as a description today, may not tomorrow.  We should all be careful about branding our business in a way we may grow out too soon.

This process of rebranding has been wonderful.  I’ve taken advice from great people and feel confident about my choices.  I’ve got some terrific guests lined up and new topics to cover, I can’t wait to share them.

Operating from a position of strength and authenticity is the foundation that I need to enjoy and build my business. We change in this life and shouldn’t be afraid to make changes in our life and business when they’re needed.

Check out Solo Smarts and see how it can help your business grow!